Smile for the camera,
Smile for the guests,
Smile for the teachers,

And hell, why not smile for the rest?
Don't you get it?
I'm tired of smiling;
tired of being that good little girl
that everyone expects me to be.

Can't they tell it's fake?
That my teeth are clenched,
and my cheeks have a terrible ache?
Of course they don't notice
because they have smiles of their own.

I can't say no to you,
no matter how I try,
so I smile through the pain,
lying that the flash
caused the tears in my eyes,
and wish this smiling world away.

Hi! This was my first post on fictionpress, but I've posted quite a few stories on fanfiction. Hope you liked my poem. Only about two weeks before school starts again, so I'm gonna try to get as much writing in as possible. Also, my spell/punctuation check is down, so please tell me if I missed something. Reviews are loved, the people who write them even more so.