"How can I go back with you?"I scream. My face begins to heat up, tears begin to well, "I can't…I can't handle someone who lies and lies to me constantly. You kept me here hidden from the world because you know, you know what I am," I stood on an empty path the wind blows through the trees, then suddenly it rains, the light drizzle wets my black hair. He stared back at me… "Cresta, what do you mean! I haven't lied to you. I…I can't we're family, you're my little sister," Harris hollers. "NO! YOU'VE KNOWN FOR SO LONG THAT I WAS SOME SICK CREATION! IT'S YOU! YOU'RE THE ONE WHO MADE ME!" "What makes you think that?!" Harris growls. Throwing a little auburn book towards his direction I yell "This told me what I am! I've always wondered why…why I was so different with green and lilac eyes, my pale skin, and my small stature." Tears began to run down my face, they felt so cool, the rain water doesn't compare, I felt as if I am becoming free from an inner hell. Once I stop crying the drizzling rain stops but now it began to thunder. "Cresta, I think you should calm down." Harris warns. "Hahaha," I laugh bitterly "Calm down? You want me to calm myself after I find out that for the 16 years I have been with, the 16 years where I thought of you as a kind, truthful brother is a cruel and indifferent man." Lightening begins to spark in the sky, the weather fitting my emotions perfectly. "CRESTA! Don't you know what you are doing! You need to watch your emotions, or the world will end in disaster!" "I absolutely do not care! I am in Hell because of you." Harris begins to run towards me I try to back away from him but I end up falling on the dirt and flower covered ground. I start crying once again but this time the tears hurt, they aren't cool, they aren't refreshing, they sting so much. Harris comes and wraps his arms around me. "It's okay sis, it's going to be alright, we are going to make it through this," I can't handle this alone so I hold on to the back of Harris' shirt as we walk back home. Little did we know that there is a lovely surprise waiting for Harris and me.