The small cottage was smaller and darker than usual. Its usual appearance is happy and bright but today it is so different. It even looked cruel.

"Harris…let's not go inside…" I whisper hiding behind his back.

"Why not?"

"It's there," my nails began to dig in his back.

"Wait…what're you saying,"

"It's those things, those things you created, the ones that went wrong,"

"Nah there's nothing wrong,"

I moved away from Harris, his dark hair looked dull, even dead. The wind blew a gentle gust of wind. His hair flew away from his neck and that's when I realized the truth. His neck never had a tattoo, not even a simple one…this tattoo was something weird…it was just a white rose with red on its pale petals. This isn't the true Harris. This isn't my brother, it's not the person who would sit down and calmed me down. He would've said I'll be alright and he'd be there to protect me.

"You…Your not my brother!" I scream "Who…Who are you,"

"Well sweet pea…I'm here to take you far, far away" whispered the fake Harris

His pale fingers so similar to my gentle brother's touched my skin. My cold skin, instead of becoming warmer from another touch became icy, almost frozen. I hate that feeling and it remained as I backed away, my hand touched my cheek, as if I was trying to remove that cold, cruel touch.

"No…no you're not going to take me anywhere," I screamed.

Fake Harris grabbed my wrist. His strong hands cut off my circulation in my arms. "What are you doing, let me go! Don't touch me!"

"What makes you think that I'm going to let you go. You are a power source."

"How fantastic! I'm being stalked by some phony that looks like my brother," I growled.

Staring at his once warm blue eyes, I noticed that his eyes slowly, ever so slowly began to change to a steely grey. The gentle features of my brother Harris changed, the jaw line which used to be so smooth and square, became sharp and angular. His once muscular body became longer, and leaner. The healthy, glowing tan of Harris skin became pale, gray, and sickly. His melodic voice sounded as if it was metal being scratched against a rough surface.

"Are you happy now?"It whispered cruelly, "I was going to kill you all nice and gentle like but now…you seem to be craving for some sort of pain."

The thing's lips twisted into a deformed sort of smile, as its other hand reached to grab my throat. The long grey fingers held my neck roughly but then its fingers went slack. Its eyes lost the steely color and became empty. Then with a loud, bone shivering crunch, it fell upon me. Finally I felt a stinging sensation crawl up my leg but not before I saw a dark, tall figure.




Those were the sounds that persuaded me out of my deep slumber. I slowly opened my eyes, white is all I could see. My sheets were crisp, and absolutely pristine, along with everything else in the room. Finally the gentle whisper of words reached my ears.

"Well hey, Honeybunch, how you feeling?" a woman in white smiled at me gently as she pulled up the cover of the sheet closer to my underarms.

No response escaped my lips, I simply watched her as her hand reached for the sack of a clear liquid that was hung on a metal stand next to my bed. That's when I came to the realization that I was in a hospital and this woman was injecting some sort of liquid in the drip. As she refilled the bag with the clear liquid I began to gain full consciousness.

"WAIT! What are you doing?!" I frantically screamed as I tried to claw the drip needle off of my hand.

"No sweetums don't do that, it's only just a pain suppressant, your arm was broken, and you had bruises all around your neck. Only God knows how you received such dangerous wounds all over yourself. Goodness, we must watch your skin so that you wouldn't be scarred I mean how sad would it be if such a pretty girl like you was ruined?" the nurse continued to prattle on.

I stopped listening and simply looked out the window, staring at the now dark, night sky. The stars twinkled gently and seemed to wink at me as if they knew a secret that I might never know. The talkative nurse finally left leaving me alone in the room to stare out that same window with the same secretive stars. That's when he came; I heard the small gentle thud of sneakers hitting the ground. A boy around my age entered the room. He had jet black hair with highlights of midnight blue. On his face was an overly cocky smile which created a twinkle in his icy blue eyes.

"Well well, you look so much better."He smiled.

"Who the hell are you?" I said through gritted teeth.

"What?! Is this the way to treat your savior?" His laughter rang throughout the room.

"Pssh, yeah 'savior' if you were my savior why was I unconscious?"

A strange silence spread throughout the room as the boy got up and walked to the door and locked it shut.

"My name is Beau and I know what you are. You and I are the same…both of us were created for a mission, one that is unique to us and only us."

"Okay what's your power?" I said as I crossed my arms.

As I stared at Beau's blue eyes I saw that same twinkle that was found in the stars, and somehow it had a calming effect. Then Beau did something strange he lifted his shirt slightly on his lower abdomen there was a small tattoo or that's what it seemed of a phoenix rising from its ashes. Then gently he lifted the pajama top and there was that same symbol, a phoenix being reborn. I simply stared at his eyes as he watched me without removing his hand from my abdomen.