The documents you are about to read were mailed in to various major newspapers across the country in May of 2018, with the simple directions to "Tell the world." Along with the documents, video tapes were also received. This video tapes were uploaded and passed around on You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and several other sites, and played on every news channel in America. Soon, the whole world knew. The United States government dismissed it as a hoax. But as time has passed, people have began to talk. What if this actually happened? These records are extremely graphic at times, depicting sex, rape, murder of humans and so-called zombies, child and animal abuse, and most of all death in various forms. You have been warned.

They didn't ask us if we were able to defend ourselves, if we could shoot a gun or run for long distances. They didn't ask us if we could fight and they certainly didn't ask us if we could survive. They didn't tell us what was coming. They didn't ask us if we were ready.

They didn't ask if we could hunt or grow our own food, if we could navigate the city or if we could find the will to live after everyone around us died. They didn't ask us if we wanted to do this. They told us we were going to.

They didn't ask us if we wanted to be part of an experiment. They didn't ask us if we wanted to change the world. They didn't ask us if we could shoot a person we once knew in the head to make sure they didn't bite us and turn us into whatever they were.

They didn't ask us. They didn't care. In the official files, we were all deemed deceased. Casualties of a biological terrorist attack. That sounds better then an experiment by the U.S. government gone wrong. You can't find record of anything that happened on the island of Jinzo in 2012 other then a virus wiped out everything. The government would have the world blind, would have people believe that everything is okay, safe. The government would have you believe that the virus died on that island.

If you're reading this, you've seen the footage by now. Those were our tapes, our footage of what we endured to survive. Believe us or don't, this is what happened. You think it's over?

It's only just begun.