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"We split up." Travis said calmly.

"You're fucking retarded! That never works!" Erik exclaimed and Travis glanced at him. The elephant had stopped moving except for a slight sway back and forth everything few seconds while the executioner slowly came towards them.

"Run now!" Yuri ordered suddenly, shoving Nicholai to the ground. The executioner had just lugged the axe through the air. It slammed into the wall behind them as everyone hurried to stand.

They all separated just as the elephant gave a loud bugle from it's trunk and lunged forward.

"Scatter!" Kap ordered and everyone took off in different directions.

Sherri ducked down an alley, running as fast as she could as the ground shook. The elephant trumpeted and slammed into a wall, fighting to enter the narrow alley as Sherri burst onto the street on the other side. The ground rumbled as a portion of the building crashed down and the elephant charged onto the street.


Sherri spun and saw Mandy stumbling forward, a building or so away from the beast. James had fired at her but missed on purpose, unable to kill a young woman. Mandy ran forward and Sherri met her half way, grabbing the girl's hand and running, urging Mandy to move. Sherri stumbled and Mandy let go of her hand, running forward still. Sherri hit the ground with a grimace, holding her knee. She had knee problems, and occasionally her knee would twist and make it impossible for her to move it for a few minutes. Tears slipped down Sherri's cheeks as she accepted that this is where she would die.

"Move!" A voice snarled and someone roughly dragged Sherri to her feet. She stumbled again and dared to glance over her shoulder. The elephant was only 2 car lengths away!

Someone shoved her and Sherri forced her legs to function, limping as fast as she could. She glanced to her right and saw the red haired stranger running behind her. He gestured to Mandy, who had climbed into a city bus and Sherri nodded, hurrying to the vehicle. She got inside and the stranger slammed the door shut as the elephant trumpeted angrily.

"Get down. Don't let it see you!" The man hissed, holding a finger to his lips. Sherri and Mandy dropped to their stomachs and crawled under the seats as the man crouched in the space left open for wheelchairs. Sherri's heart pounded in her chest and Mandy looked like she was going to cry. The man had his head bowed, fists clenched. Sherri crawled forward and touched his boot slowly. The man glanced at her and mouthed, "Keep quiet, it can't see very well."

"How do you know that?" Sherri asked softly, barely audible. The man said nothing, chancing a glance out the window. The elephant stood swaying again. Suddenly, Mandy stood up.

"I won't hide from this thing!" She screamed and ran for the door.

"Mandy! No!" Sherri scrambled to her feet, only to get tackled by the redhead, who forced her to the ground as Mandy flung the door open. Just as she did, a massive tusk slammed into her, jerking her from the bus and spraying blood everywhere.

"Sherri, stay quiet!" The redhead ordered, a hand over her mouth as the young woman, now covered in blood, fought back her sobs. She froze and blinked up at the man in shook. He seemed perfectly calm as he wiped blood from his jaw with his free hand, pushing Sherri against the ground with his weight.

He raised an eyebrow in question and she nodded. The man moved his hand and climbed into a crouch, rubbing his shoulder. During the tackle he had caught his right shoulder on a metal bar used to stand and hang on, and now it throbbed in pain.

"You...know my name..."


"Run, Nic!" Yuri ordered as he grabbed Cliff's rifle, which had been dropped as Cliff fled in panic.

"Screw you, Brat! I'm not leaving you!" Nicholai snarled as he raised his own rifle. The executioner stormed forward to tear his axe out of the concrete as everyone else took off in different directions, the elephant charging after the blonde girl.

"I may die here-"

"Then I die with you! Let's blow this thing to hell!" Nicholai said fiercely and Yuri smiled at his brother. Ben had ran into a small shop. They would have to go get him after they killed this thing.

"You're so smart, my brother." Yuri nodded slowly to a propane tank and Nicholai nodded in understanding. Yuri fired at the creature and then took off for the tank. The monster roared and ran after him, swinging it's axe but never coming more then five feet within the soldier. Nicholai aimed at the tank and waited. Yuri got next to the tank and then rolled under it, narrowly avoiding the flying axe and jumping to his feet on the other side, aiming at the now busted tank. The axe had embedded itself in the tank, ripping apart the metal like it was foil. Both brothers fired at once.

Yuri was flung backwards by the force of 500 gallons of propane going up in flames, Nicholai ducking behind a car as he reloaded and shouted his brother's name. The creature was gone from sight, no doubt obliterated by the explosion. The heat was suffocating and Nicholai was sweating as he glanced around. Pieces of burning metal clinked to the ground as the Russian looked for where his comrade had fallen.

The explosion masked the sound of shuffling feet or angry moans as brainless creatures searched for the source of food that had blown up the monster that had been killing-or re-killing-any zombie that crossed its path. Yuri was dazed and laying in a heap, his gun a few feet away, when the first few caught sight of him.


"They killed it, just like that?" Dimitri snorted into Adrien's hair. The younger man laughed and shook his head.

"You, mon chaton, have no faith in my work. I always have a Plan B." Adrien typed on the computer as he spoke, humming some orchestra music.

"Last Plan B you had didn't go so well." Damian pointed out.

"Hey! I didn't expect the guy to have a bazooka, excuse me if that wasn't in my calculations! If you hadn't thrown the tank at him in the first place, we wouldn't have been exposed!" Adrien exclaimed and then smiled. "There we go. Watch, my boys, at reanimation at it's finest."


"Are we safe?" Cliff asked Kaplan breathlessly. The soldiers slid to a halt and looked around, confused. Absolutely nothing and no one had followed them, and now the street looked empty. Cars on fire and broken windows gave Cliff the chills.

"Damn!" Kap gasped as 50 or so people stumbled onto the street. Cliff reached for his gun and paled as Kap raised his rifle. "What are you waiting for?!"

"My gone."

Kap snarled and then spun on his heel, turning to run. He stopped as at least a dozen more came into view.

"Go into that building!" Kap ordered and Cliff lead the way into a Starbucks. The soldiers slammed the door and locked it, grateful this one didn't have a giant window as the zombies began pounding on the door.

"Don't move, soldier boys." A voice snarled and they heard the distinct click of a shotgun being loaded.


"Get up! Come on...!"

Yuri felt someone tugging on his leg and looked down to see a young boy with a Cars backpack whimpering and looking past him. The Russian sat up with a grimace just as he heard his brother's panicked shouts.

"Yuri! Run! They're coming!" Nicholai was practically screaming, the desperation clear in his voice. Yuri forced himself to stand and the little boy handed him the rifle.

"Can I stay with you? I'm scared," The boy said softly and Yuri nodded, grabbing the kid's hand. Nicholai ran to meet them, having to circle around to avoid the flames of the propane tank. The three of them fled down the street. The kid struggled to keep up with the soldiers and Yuri ended up shouldering his borrowed rifle and picking up the kid, drawing a handgun instead from a holster on his thigh, one of two.

There was a vicious growl and the boys turned to the remains of the propane tank. A massive figure emerged for the flames.

"Oh, hell..."


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