"911. What's your emergency?"

"Um, yes, this is Claire Kingsley. Oh, God. There's, um, there's a girl walking down the road. She's covered in...God, it looks like blood."

"A girl? Ma'am, is she alone? Does she look hurt?"

"I can't see anyone. My husband is going to go to her. It's raining so I can't see clearly."

"Ma'am, you need to get inside and lock the doors."

"Okay. I'm inside. Alright, she's walking to the house with my husband."

"Alright. We have officers en route. Keep the doors locked and keep the kids hidden. I'll stay one the line."

The little black cell phone rang at ten o'clock at night, just as Detective Riley S. Thomas was laying down to watch a movie and rest. He had just pulled a 26 hour shift and was exhausted. Dead on his feet, really.

"Thomas speaking." He said, stifling a yawn with his large hand.

"Riley, you should get down here." Quickly, Riley's partner, Ashley Baskett, explained the 911 call.

"Was it a rape?" Riley asked, hurriedly getting dressed. He sighed as he pulled on his black slacks and shirt. He had just showered and had been relieved to rid himself of the uniform.

"I don't think so."

"Then why are we being called?" Riley pulled on his jacket, almost dropping the phone.

"Well, sir...we're at the Kingsley residence. The girl says there has been a murder. Dozens, at least. "


"This is wrong."
"Is it? Who says? Who gets to tell us what's right and what's wrong? Who gets the right to write these rules?"
"I-...It's not right."
"Right and wrong, it's all just semantics, Siren. They kill, we kill. The government claims to be better than us, yet they order others to kill people. Don't you see, Siren? This world has no right and no wrong. The government tells the people what they think, and the people believes them. That is wrong."

"Lindsay?" Riley set his hat on the table.

The young woman looked up at him and said, "My name is Siren." She had emerald eyes and short blond hair that fell a few centimeters below her ears.

"Well, Siren, that's a pretty flower you have." Riley gestured to her corsage. Siren caressed the blood red rose petals.

"Thank you." Siren said softly.

"Why are you here, Siren? What happened?" Riley asked, clasping his hands on the table.

"It's not my blood." Siren told him. She looked down and clasped her hands to mimic his. She looked into his eyes. "It's Doc's..." She sounded like a child telling an adult a fact the adult should have known.

"Doc? Who's Doc?" Riley inquired.

"He's my friend." Despite appearing 19, Siren spoke in tones like a child. This time she drawled out the word 'friend'.

"Where is Doc? Where does he work?" Riley gestured to Ashley to start calling hospitals. Ashley nodded. A cop behind Riley radioed something, but all Riley caught was something about a possible homicide.

Siren watched the officer and than turned back to Riley. "I didn't kill him..." Siren whispered.

"Why don't you tell me what happened, then? Did someone hurt you?" Riley took out a notepad as Siren inhaled. She puffed up her cheeks and then exhaled noisily through her lips. Siren giggled and said something. Riley caught one name than stood out. Dahmer.

Certain he had misheard, Riley asked, "What was that, Siren?"

Siren bowed her head than peered up at him, keeping her head down. She smiled evilly and Riley shivered.

"People don't hurt me. Mr. Dahmer would never let anyone hurt me. I came to tell you a story. Are you gonna listen or can I leave?" Siren stood up, straightening her blue dress and boots. She became suddenly mature, sounding like the teenager she was and having the biggest attitude Riley had ever seen a teenager exhibit. She even flicked her hair and brought both hands to her hips.

Riley sat back. "I'll listen." He examined her with a new-found interest. There was more to this girl than he had first thought.

"Good," Siren plopped back down, pointing at him, "now shut up and listen, 'cause I'm only saying this once."

She was upside down, spinning. At one point, she probably screamed. The car slammed into the embankment and tumbled before sliding to a halt on it's roof. She managed to pull herself out of the red vehicle and looked around. Doc had been thrown out a couple dozen feet back and now lay crumpled in the dirt. She ran over and throw herself down by him, trying to stop the bleeding. Doc shook his head, coughing up blood.

"Go, Siren...You're the only one...who can tell the world now...Don't let them...cover us up...Don't let them forget..."