or at least not dead
I am not sure
I live just yet.

my heart securely caught
can barely breath
the lesson has been taught

twisted round your fingers
release me!
yet still somehow I linger

fastened by your lies
barely allowed to think freely
yet when I'm with you I can fly

ripping painfully loose
I may walk alone
but I'll never recover from you

She opened her eyes and marveled at everything around her. The lights and colors as they affected the cloth and patterns fascinated her, as did the variety of shades and textures even in the relatively small area around her. Everything was so… shiny. She could not think of a better description, and for some reason that amused her, and she began to giggle and laugh. She gazed around mirthfully and her eyes caught sight of a tall, thin man sitting in a chair writing with a distasteful expression on his face.

"Man." She said, and pointed at him with a wavering finger. She smiled and named off everything else, delighted as the names unfolded in her mind.

"Chair. Mahogany. Floor. Ceiling. Red. Person. Boudoir. Wardrobe. Looking glass."

The man stood and walked to her side. She switched to verbs and descriptions.

"Stride. Walk. Move. Pivot. Angle. Relativity. Scientific theorem. Face."

He sighed and sat down at her bedside and turned something metal over in his fingers. She reached for it, but could not stretch that far.

"You are entirely unfinished." He said, in a not-unpleasant tone.

"Completion. Finality." She told him. He tapped several parts of the little device in his fingers and her vision went blurry around the edges and the world began to tip sideways.

"Abstract. Focus. Balance." She said, and then her mind went blank altogether.

Keladi opened her eyes and immediately wondered how she knew her name. For that matter, as she looked around, and had instantaneous knowledge of each and every article in the room, as well as unfolding articles of human psychology and studies of the mind that accompanied her mental queries, she puzzled over how she had no memories, and yet all knowledge of social skills, appropriate behavior, and other assorted niceties.

A clearing of a throat caused her to look up, and she noticed Alexir standing over her bed. Instant memories flashed into her mind and flooded her for an indefinite amount of time, giving her a sense of giddy vertigo.

Ashten leaned casually against the tall counter, unusual for its height in an entire house built for tall people. It would have been useless for anything except to store small objects at shoulder height…and for leaning on. He ran his fingers across it and marveled at the intensity of his focus at this time. It was not an easy thing, challenging one's Creator and Father. It was akin to butting heads with a deity. He cleared his throat, drawing the attention, and dreaded ire, of the same aforementioned man.

"You think that you, a mere infant in comparison to my years and intellect knows better?" Ashten formed his perfectly planned response, but all his arguments appeared to only inflame the irate man. Alexir slipped his hands into his pockets and stepped towards him menacingly.

"Recant, and I may not punish you as severely as you deserve."

"I shall never." Ashten said calmly, and threw up an arm in an attempt to defend himself as bright metal flashed through the air and laid a streak of hot pain along his arm and into his neck. He looked up from a dizzying height of flat on his back on the floor and felt a warm trickle down his neck. All his pain left. He stared up, feeling weaker by the moment.

"I'm never getting up from here." He thought to himself, and turned his head with great effort, seeing Alexir swearing and moving things on tables around angrily, but the sight was oddly sideways, and without sound. A large glass tank was on the table, holding his little sister. He was at peace as he saw her small, floating form. She was awake, and looking at him with curious, calm eyes. He locked eyes with her as his mind and vision became more blurred together, and he had the odd sensation of all his memories and thoughts flowing along their visual link.

"Good-bye, sister." He thought, and was content from then on to lie without thoughts, just lost in her eyes that were so similar to his own.

He finally became aware of being lifted by the armpits from behind and dragged from the room, but from an objective point of view; he did not think that his nerves were working quite right. He only had slight tugging sensations and he realized with some surprise that he was likely about to die. His sister's eyes followed him and he held her gaze as a blackness fell over him.

"You killed him. Ashten." Keladi cried, barely able to move her leaden limbs. Alexir sighed.

"Wrong again." He muttered as if to himself.

"All he was doing was arguing, and yet you slew him for the simple error of defying you."

"He was imperfect." Alexir said, and began typing on a set of tiny keys on the side of his device. Keladi's vision spun and faded.

She blinked and the world was completely out of focus. Her arms were cold and she tried to move them, but ended up uncoordinatedly flopping them about . She dropped one arm on her face and bonked her nose painfully. Shocked and hurt, she began to cry loudly, wanting someone to alleviate her pain and unhappiness. Her tummy hurt, and she was cold, and she wanted to see more things, but she couldn't even move. Anger compounded her upsetness and she wailed more loudly. A flicker of movement distracted her for a moment, and she gazed with interest at the flame of red that topped a tall, slim figure next to her side. When he made no moves to consol her, she lustily lifted up her voice again.

"Well, I certainly don't want to deal with that until she learns some practical skills."

She heard, uncomprehending, and moments later, her equilibrium was set on end and a line of black dropped across her sight.

Keladi blinked and stared at the ceiling, feeling like she had just missed something very important that she was supposed to remember. As she concentrated, a flood of images and emotions poured into her mind.

How dare he be so insolent; presuming to know more than he? It rankled. All his work, his research, his intellect, and this child he had created decided he knew better! He lashed out with his words and expected the defenses of his son to crumple, but Ashten stood behind his words and defended them brilliantly. Beside his anger, Alexir was secretly pleased that his son was so bright. But Ashten's newfound knowledge defied Alexir's ability to scourge it from the boy's mind. He had progressed too far, and had too many innate skills for Alexir to be able to accomplish any tampering with his mind.

He decided, with growing anger at the waste this would personify, that he would have to terminate the boy and start more carefully with his sister. Alexir slipped his hands into his pockets and felt the twin knives in them. He was very accomplished with the slim blades, and they were of the highest quality, due to the fact that Alexir himself had invented the new alloy they were crafted from.

Ashten held his ground as Alexir walked towards him threateningly, never imagining until Alexir swung a powerful blow at him that he was in danger of his life. With incredible reflexes Ashten swung his arm up to block, and Alexir split his arm open down the entire length of his forearm. With his left hand, Alexir drove the other knife into the boy's chest, and as Ashten stepped back with shock on his face, he whipped his right blade across Ashten's throat, nearly from one ear to the other. Ashten dropped instantly on the floor and lay unmoving.

Alexir began swearing to himself and stormed to the other side of the room and rearranged all the vials, tubes and implements on the shelves noisily, confusing them in no order in his anger. He stormed up and down the room then sighed and ran a hand through his hair, disheveling it slightly. Fastidiously, he peered in a mirror and ran his fingers through it until it lay flat before turned back to the nearly unconscious Ashten on the floor. He walked behind the boy and picked him up by hooking his arms under his armpits. As Alexir dragged him out of the room, the boy went completely limp and his head flopped to one side, his eyes dulled and lost their brilliancy even as Alexir looked down as the relaxed face. Satisfied that Ashten was dead, he...

Keladi sat bolt upright, nearly falling over from lack of muscle strength, screaming, terrified. She could not bear the conflicting emotions that battled inside her. She could see the situation perfectly from both Ashten's and Alexir's points of view, identified with both, understood both, and she could not imagine feeling more afraid of anyone or anything than she was of Alexir. He stepped into her field of vision and she collapsed backwards onto the bed, unable to hold herself upright and he blurred away into nothingness. His rapidly typing, slim fingers were the last thing to fade out of her vision.

Keladi blinked awake, completely peacefully. She gazed around the room serenely, taking in all the sights with a familiar sense of satisfaction until her gaze fell on the slim, red-haired man sitting watching her intensely.

"Remember me?" he said hesitantly. Keladi smiled widely and let her head loll over to one side. Her mouth was slack, and uncontrolled, a line of saliva began falling out one side of her jaw. She felt as though she should be able to say something, but no words for anything came to mind. She continued studying the room, sure that if she just looked hard enough, she would gain some sort of knowledge as to what something was called and how to say it.

She opened and closed her mouth several times while allowing sounds to issue forth. This was fun! She kept making sounds, experimenting with cutting off air expulsion and had even invented a few sounds that stood for objects she was looking at before abruptly she had no vision, and her mind went inactive seconds later. She never even noticed the man doing anything to cause it.