When over moon and under leaf
comes shining in the dark,
and howling winds slip silently
around bluffs tall and stark

Then shall my life be ended
my own year of jubilee,
ice-coated heart befriended,
then love shall set me free.

A blink, a word, a sigh
importance never known
to they who speed my life
with quiet words foretold.

Pools gleam with fallen rain
a thousand times upon the shore
but now I see again
the moon in the pools once more.

The clouds have truly parted
howling winds now cease to roar.
from the land of the departed
I'll take my leave and go.

With patience await my love,
but they'll not think of me so.
A depraved and evil temptress
is how I now am known.

My story they don't ask.
For "the rumors are always true."
I cannot remove the mask
placed on me by the cruel.

My reign is all despair.
diadem loose on my brow.
they say life isn't fair,
death isn't either, now.

Footsteps ring in silent halls,
peace knocks at my soul's door.
It is my vengeful angel.
My wait is almost over.

Close my eyes with no remorse
a blade sinks deep and low.
It's clear this is my time;
dissolve into a ghost.