There was a man who was very ugly. He was rather gruff and large for his size. His face had many scars on it and people spread rumors of how he got them. He was a quiet man and usually the only sound that came from him were grunts.

He lived in a house in the middle of town. People dared not to go near him, in fear of what he would do to them.

One day, on a stormy night, he saw some movement outside of his house. He was curious of what or who it was. He put on a thick coat and hat and carefully went outside. That's where he found her. She was unconscious and soaked to the bone. She had a bag on her but other than that nothing. He couldn't leave her there, so he lifted her up and brought her inside. He set her in his armchair and got a towel and carefully dried her hair. He saw that she had honey-blonde hair and extremely pale skin. She looked young, at least 17.

He got another towel and draped it around her. He added more wood to his fire. She made some sounds and slowly woke up.

"Where am I?" She said. He went to her.

She turned towards his direction. He was waiting for her to freak but nothing happened. He frowned and waved his hand in front of her face.

"Who's there? I can't see you, but I know you're there." She shouted.

"Huh. You're in my house. I found you outside during the storm. Are you blind?" He asks her, and waves his hand in front of her face.

"Oh, thank you and sort of. The doctor said it was more of my mind than an illness causing it." She gestured to her head. "May I ask the name of my savior?"

"Name? It's been a long time since someone asked me that. My name is Rowan. What is yours?"

"Mine? My name is Angela." She blinked. "What town are we in?"


"I see." She smiled and stood up. She felt wobbly and sat back down.

"You are too weak. I will get you some soup."He said as he walked away.

"Thank you." She said gratefully.

He came back and placed the soup on a tray. He put it on her lap and gave her a spoon. She started drinking it ravishingly.

"Why were you outside in such a storm?" He asked her.

She paused. "I didn't realize there was a storm, until it was too late. "

"Oh. Where are you from?"

"Around." She gave a vague answer.


She shrugged. "How about you?"

"None. I won't be getting any straight answers from you, will I?"

She smiled. "No, sorry."

"Well it is late. You may stay here, if you would like."

"Thank you for your generosity, Rowan. I hope I don't impose too much trouble on you."

He took the empty soup bowl and tray from her. "It's alright. I have a spare bedroom. I'll show you to it. Just give me a moment."

He went to put the dishes away. She stood up, shakily, holding onto the arm of the chair. Rowan came back in time to help her. She grabbed onto his arm.

"Wow, you have a nice arm. Thank you." She gave him a sweet smile.

He blushed slightly. "Come this way." He took her bag.

He lead her to a room that was very quaint. It had a bed and a dresser, other than that it was quite bare.

"This will be your room. If you need anything, shout. My room is right next door." He said to her, as he placed her on to the bed. He put her bag next to it.

"Rowan, I cannot express my gratitude to you. Thank you so much." She said to him as he left.

He blushed again. "Good night." He leaves.

"Good night, Rowan!" She shouts cheerfully. She lies down on the bed and feels the comfort, she hasn't felt for a while.

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