Just darkness

This is what he saw. He just stares at the endless abyss. He waited there like something would happened but nothing did. He then moved forward as if there was somewhere to go. He was lost, scared, afraid, and alone in where he is. He didn't show it but he was very terrified.

He barley remembers what caused him to be in here but the moment he tries to figure out why, the memories seem to slip by. This scared him as to how and why is this happening. He looked back and saw that this black landscape seemed to be shattering behind him turning to a dark red color. Not wanting to find out why he started to walk forward, away from the red abyss.

He walked for a long time not even bothering to see if the red sea was close to him. Constant thoughts were going to his mind. Why am I here, when did this happen, how am I supposed to get out. All this eventual was useless as he didn't remember his own life.

He now knew that the red sea was eating at his memories. He now knew nothing about himself except for one thing.

"Hello" He stopped cold as he heard the voice. He turned around but saw the red sea still following but now at a slower pace. He growled as he thought it was mocking him. A tap on his shoulder got him to turn back and almost yell at the sudden person in front of him.

It was a girl that seemed to be his age if he could remember that. She has long black hair that reaches her lower back, red ruby eyes that radiated something weird, and a black dress. He thought to himself 'this is what is called a female right?'

"Who are you and what do you want from me!" she demanded. He blinked at her question before giving a shrug which did not calm her one bit. He just stared at her before sighing knowing that his end was near might as well have one nice talk.

"I have no idea where we are and nothing you might have I would want anyway" he stated before giving a yawn. Hey walking straight for hours really took its toll. Judging by the reaction her face made she was not pleased.

"I asked who you are but that at least tells me you're not behind this" she grumbled before turning to the boy. She then started trembling before falling on the ground to her knees which started the boy. She started to cry which made the boy even more worried.

"Where am I, why am I here, who are you, what the hell's going on!" she sobbed. The boy was now staring at here before looking behind him. The red sea seemed to get faster and was getting closer. He looked back to the girl thinking what to do. He then comes to an idea which will kind of make it better to die as.

"I can help you" he said, sticking his hand out. She calms down a bit staring at the hand before moving to his face. It was then she noticed the red sea but that was not her main focus as she was memorized by his face. His dark brown eyes seemed to go with the red lighting in the background which highlighted his facial features.

"What's your name" he asked as she slowly reached for his hand.

"Nia. And yours?" she asked as she stared at his eyes

"Yen" he stated as their hands connected.

The world around them went white.

This is my fist try at my own so be gentle. feel free to say anything as long as its helpful and not mean.