I'm switching the pov to see if it's better.

Expect the unexpected

My head was in utter pain as I slowly woke from my dream. After my little pain I opened my eyes only to see some type of castle in ruin all around me. Chunks of concrete were everywhere that it wasn't even funny.

'What the hell happened here?' I thought to myself as I started to look around more.

The only thing that I found was a broken shard that reflected the sun. As I tilted it I got a god look at myself. I had snow white silvery hair that reached my shoulders, Red ruby eyes that seemed to give of some aura, and a little fang at the right side of my mouth. I was surprised to say nonetheless.

"I didn't know hair could spike up like that" I told myself as I set it down. I looked over myself and was slightly disgusted. Don't get me wrong I was fit for someone my age… assuming I can remember that. I wore dirty old brown rags that seemed to barely keep me decent.

"Sigh…" I was very confused. I woke up with no memory of whatever my life transpired until now and I wasn't freaking out. Instead of dwelling on it I decided I'm not going to get answers here, so why not just go where the wind blows.

"Guess there's no time like the present… since I kind of have no past" I gave a sour look to myself as I moved forward. It was really nice walking like this. The constant pain in the back of my mind seemed to go away as well.

"Inhale, exhale"

I felt at peace with myself as I continued to walk onward wherever.


My body moved on its own as I dodged a sword which would have left me headless. I backfliped out of another slash mark giving me some distance from my attacker.

"Well look at the little acrobat here" a voice said with a snarl.

I looked at him forgetting my actions from before. He looked like some lizard with armor put on him. He held the sword which he tried to kill me with in a weird stance. His tongue was just dangling there with drool just hanging there. All in all it was a gross sight.

"I Agree"

I blinked three times at the voice knowing that neither I nor the lizard said it. I shook my head ignoring what I heard but in the process I had ignored the lizard mans speech.

"-nd that's why you should just cower in fear of our race!" He yelled at me while charging.

There was a second were I stiffened before my body moved on its own again. I was surprised at how I reacted to everything. Nho matter what the lizard did he couldn't touch me. A smirk grew on my6 face as I decided to have some fun.

"I'm sorry were you doing something right now" I said in a bored tone while mentally chuckling to myself.

The lizard man just snorted before getting more violent. As this went on I decided I had enough of this and went to end it. I aimed at his head as I moved in for the kick. All of a sudden I no longer felt the sensation that I got from before.



There was now a gash on my shoulder as I fell to the ground in pain. I clutched at my shoulder in order to prevent more blood from getting out. I was so busy on the wound that I almost forgot about the reptile. I rolled away where he stabbed his sword into the ground. I brought myself up and gave a hard roundhouse to his neck with a reassuring snap to it. He fell down with a thud that gave me a moment to relax now.

"That… Hah… hah… is something I don't want to experience again" I breathed out as I clutched my wound. As I walked to find the nearest clinic from the village the voice that appeared started to become louder with each minute. I wondered if it was my… what do you call those things that tell you what's right and wrong.

'What the hell, not a moment after I awake I get attacked and now there's a voice in my head screaming baka… whatever that means"

I continued my walk as I have no idea where I'm even going. Goes to show you should expect the unexpected.

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