Chapter 1

I'm Not Insane

They'll tear you apart, limb from limb.

Without feeling any regret. Actually...

They don't feel anything really.

The sky was filled with dark gray clouds, shielding the stars and moon from the earths vision as the wind blew gently, carrying the smell of sewers and cherry blossoms through the chilly summer airs night.

I walked down the dark side walk, the only thing making me able to see were the lampposts that littered the sides every few feet. The only sounds in the night were passing cars and small animals scurrying against the cement.

I wrapped the sweater tighter around my petite body as I waited for the cross walk light to change into the white stick person. I had just gotten off of work from Jacksons and was heading home for the night.

I have an English paper do tomorrow so I was trying to get home by taking a short cut. I quickly crossed the street and walked a little ways down the side walk before coming to an ally where I turned and began to walk through.

The sound of my sneakers walking on trash was the only sound in the ally. That is till another sound took the air around me. I came to a halt and listened. It sounded as if an animal were eating.

I looked in front of me, my eyes trying to adjust to the dark. There were two people against the building to the left. A girl and a guy. No surprise there. I would have just ignored it like I always do but this time was different.

It didn't sound like the regular making out sounds that you usually hear at school, it sounded like something soft and liquid was being torn apart.

A strong wind blew and the moon decided to take a peak from beneath the clouds, gazing upon its surrounding. The moonlight shone down into the ally and my breath caught in my throat.

Crimson red smeared over the brick building the girl was pushed against while her head lay to one side, her caramel brown eyes lifeless. My mouth opened in a silent scream as my blue/green eyes filled with horror.

The guy opened his blood covered mouth, the red dripping down his chin and onto the dirty ground. Rows of rotten teeth, covered with blood came down onto the dead girls face and tore all of the skin off.

My gut churned and I took a step back, my horror too high for me to scream. He chewed it like some kind of yummy meat and didn't stop there. He devoured her face like he had never eaten before, his claws digging into her eye sockets and pulling out what was inside.

I could feel my lunch coming up. My fingers gripped my backpack straps and I took off, fumbling for my phone in my jean pockets.

"911, what's your emergency?" A lady asked. I stopped and pressed my back against a different brick building, trying to catch my breath and not even daring to go into another ally

"I-I-I saw it!" I stammered into my phone

"You saw what?" The lady on the other line asked. I looked around, making sure that he hadn't heard me and suddenly followed me. To come devour my face.

"He...he," I felt like I had swallowed a golf ball and it was caught in the back of my throat while the tears behind my eyes burned

"Calm down! What happened?"

"He ripped off her face with his teeth," I might have sounded insane if not for how frantic and horrified I sounded. I was speed walking home, looking around.

"Could you please repeat that?" She sounded confused

"I was walking home and I went into an ally to take a short cut and he was there. Eating her. Eating her!" I cried into the phone, trying to get home as fast as I could

"Who was there?" She sounded like she didn't believe me

"I-I don't know. This guy and girl...but he was eating her," I sobbed into the phone as my house came in sight and for once in my life, I was relieved to see it

She asked me a few more questions before I gave her the address to my house and the street that it took place. A few minutes later the police showed up at my house along with some news reporters.

"So please explain to me what had happened again," For what seemed like the hundredth, I explained what happened again

"You're telling us that this man ripped off the ladies face with his bare teeth and hands?" The man police officer asked me. I nodded as I felt my stomach churn again.

"You just saw things," my oldest sister Heather told me with an eye roll

"No,I swear. It was an horrible," I wrapped my arms around my stomach and shuddered at the thought of everything that happened

"There's no way someone could do that," she stated, flipping her long auburn hair over her shoulder

"Well I did," I hissed through clenched teeth at her in anger "He did! Thereā€¦there was so much blood." I shuddered once again and took a step back, my black hair with dark blue streaks got into my eyes

"Okay," the police officer said, snapping his notepad shut and giving me a look "We'll be in touch. If you see anymore of these crazy things please contact us for yours and everyone around you safety."

Him and his partner walked out of our house and I was left with my mom, my little sister, and my big sister who were giving me very disapproving looks.

"I knew you were a loser, but I didn't know that you would actually do something that stupid," snorted Heather

"Heather!" Mom shot her a look

"What? I was just being honest," she shrugged

"Well your honesty is not needed now. And you young lady, go to your room. We will discuss your punishment later," I sighed heavily and trudged up to my room in irritation

I don't blame the officers for not believed me? Heck, even I wouldn't believe myself if I hadn't been the one to see it. There was no way I was going to get any sleep tonight so I might as well get to work on my English paper.


I trudged into school, people actually looking at me for once. I guess rumor spread about the incident last night. They were all calling me 'The Crazy Girl.' Pathetic. Don't they have better things to do then gossip about an invisible girl?

I opened my locker and placed my books inside while picking up some. A shadow appeared below my locker and I yanked my hand back right when my locker slammed shut.

My eyes looked up at the tall figure that towered over me, his coral black eyes looking as if they'd burn a hole through my head at any minute now.

"Can I help you?" I sneered at him, venom dripping from my every word. Everyone had moved to the other side of the hall, watching us glare at each other while whispering among themselves.

"Just wondering why you even bothered to show your face out in public when you're so crazy," Zeke Willingstone snapped right back at me. My fists curled into balls at my sides and my eyes hardened.

I wasn't going to hit him, if I did I'd probably have to get fake teeth and most likely end up in a coma. Zeke Willingstone used to be my best friend back in the 6th grade. That was 6 years ago. Things change.

"You're totally right!" I told him with a smile tugging on my lips "I don't understand why I came to school if I'm so freaking crazy. I should probably leave before your ugly face makes me even more crazy," I back pedaled fast as Zeke took a big step forward, his dark blue eyes ablaze in rage

"What did you say loser?" Oh. That stung. Right in the heart.

"Oh so you're not only ugly, but deaf too? You should go to the doctors to get yourself checked," and with that, I took off down the hall like my life depended on it, the thoughts about the incident completely gone from my mind

School went by in a flash and soon enough I was walking around Jacksons with trays of yummy looking foods. I walked up to a table with two young children, one boy and one girl with a mom and dad.

The boy was drawing and the girl had her head on the table as she watched her slightly older brothers red crayon make flowers on the coloring paper.

"One grilled cheese sandwich, one macaroni and cheese, one eight piece mild buffalo chicken wings, and one large steak with a side of fries." I set the foods down on the table in front of them all

The little girl sat up, her bright red curls bouncing around her face as her dull hazel eyes looked at me. Her skin was a milky pale white with dark black bags under her eyes. She looked as if she hadn't slept in days.

"You're pretty..." The little girls voice trailed off and her eyes seemed to lose focus for a moment before she came back and smiled weakly at me

"Thank you. I like your hair," I grinned at her and she giggled

"Can I please get some ranch?" the mom asked and I nodded and got her her ranch. When I was about to place it on the table, the boy asked me a question that made my hand freeze in midair.

"Why don't you have a name tag like the other waiters?" His curious light brown eyes stared at me and I only smiled at him

"My name isn't important," I placed the ranch down

"But-," the little girl was cut off by a series of coughs that racked her frail body. Her hands flew to her mouth, her eyes squeezed shut as her coughs sounded scratchier.

Once the coughing secede to a stop, her eyes popped open, now a dark bloodshot and her shaking hands pulled away from her mouth, crimson blood staining them. I didn't hesitate.

"Someone call 911!" I yelled, grabbing a napkin and helping her clean her hands, tears running down her pale face as fear coated her face like a fresh coat of paint

Not much after, the ambulance came. The put her on the stretcher and before they pulled her away, she shot my weak heart down.

"Am I going to die?" She whispered suddenly, her eyes brimming with crystal tears again

I smiled weakly at her and shook my head "No." I whispered back. I could see the faint outline of a smile behind the breathing mask before her eyes fluttered closed and the doors shut, blocking my view from the panicked family.

"Thank you," the mother told me before leaving quickly

I barley got any sleep that night.