You had me with your smile
And the way your eyes sparkled
Man, you had me in a mile
To bad I didn't notice the sky start to crackle

Each day, I fell harder
But you didn't care
You made my sky darker
And I started to get scared
Why did you start to draw on my heart with a marker?
As the days went on, I finally declared
You would no longer make me feel smaller

'Cause, I'm stronger than this
I know where I stand
I no longer crave your kiss
'Cause, I know now you are no fairyland
I can't resist
The day you finally land
In your own abyss

I used to think you were different
Nothing like the others who claim to be players
But now you are absent
From my mind and heart, you gained a hater
You seem so proud of your stunt
Pulling me around like I'm your back up skater

Tell me where's your heart?
Did you lose it while looking for someone better?
'Cause I think you need to go back to, "Start"

And retrace the steps you took
I hope you realize I'm no game
But a person who won't be hooked
On something like you, who no longer is the same

-Shine Always, JJ

(c) Copyright. 2012 26 August J. L Johnson