Chloe arrived for Ms. Anticosti's sixth period Art II class a little late. She had run into her boyfriend on the way and he had insisted on walking her to class, which turned into a mini make out session outside the classroom.

She was flushed when she opened the door to the studio. Everyone had out their easels and were listening to Ms. Anticosti explain something.

Chloe looked around. Her usual place was taken and the only empty seat was next to the refugee. She smiled ruefully before sitting down next to her.

"Hey Chloe," Jennifer said.

"Hey," Chloe said.

Ms. Anticosti turned to the class.

"Today we are going to try out oil painting!"

The rest of the class groaned, but Chloe was excited. She had been practicing using oils and she had gotten pretty good at it, if she did say so herself.

"I take it; you aren't upset about using oils?" Jennifer asked reaching for the box of paints Ms. Anticosti was passing around.

Chloe looked at her surprised.

"I see you aren't visibly distressed about this news either," Chloe teased.

Jennifer smiled widely.

"Nope, I've been painting with oils since I was six."

"Really?" Chloe asked intrigued.

"Yup, my mom likes for my brothers and I to experiment with different types of arts and crafts to enhance our creative mind or so she says," Jennifer said dipping her brush.

Chloe turned toward her easel. She had to literally fight her parents to let her take art as an elective at all. She wondered what it would be like to have parents that supported your endeavors.

She sighed. She supposed she would never know, but at least she could pursue it as a hobby. That would have to do for now.