"What the hell is he doing back there?" Jennika asked frustrated.

Daniel smirked at her. She turned her nose up at him.

"You gonna tell me what that dude is doing or what?" She asked grinding her teeth.

"He's dialing in for Christ's sake. Do you have any culture?"

"You call it culture, I call it stuck up. How was I supposed to know that?" She said checking her make up in her compact.

Daniel sighed. He watched as Mari spoke with the barista.

"So you gonna ask her out or what?" Jennika asked when she caught Daniel watching her.

Daniel blushed lightly. "She's too young for me and besides I'm graduating this year and then who knows what I'm going to do."

"First, Mari is only sixteen and last time I checked you were eighteen and that's only a two year difference. Second, everyone and their mother know you want to move out to the City of Angels to work on your music career. Why lie?"

"Why are you so ornery?" Daniel asked.

Jennika smiled as Mari returned with their coffees.

"That's just a part of my charm, Danny boy."