"I don't know you," I whisper softly, crossing my arms self-consciously.

I purse my lips in waiting, my fists clenching and releasing in my armpits. I snag my bottom lip in between my teeth and chew it hesitantly, salty water building up behind my dark iris's.

His face remains expressionless as his broad shoulders stiffen when my words circle his tan head. His murky, brown eyes bare down on me, searing a hole into my soul as I meet his gaze steady.

I raise an eyebrow in question for his response, but his tight jaw and set lips remain closed. I swallow hard trying not to blink to fast and show him how close I am to breaking inside.

"You know me," he says, his voice dipping drastically.

I sniffle and defiantly shake my head, my muddy curls falling loose and carefully bouncing around my square jaw. My arms fall with it and hang uselessly by my hips.

His Adam's apple bobs slightly as he takes a small step forward. A cry gets stuck in my throat as he opens his mouth to speak, "You know my favorite color."

A lone tear slips and crawls down the length of my face, reflecting the night's sun and falls to the midnight floor.

"Kiss me," I blurt out suddenly, my fingers twitching at my side restlessly.

His face transforms from nothing to confusion within a blink of an eye.

"Kiss me if you want to stay or turn back and go home," I ramble, my eyes dropping to his shoes.

They shift uncomfortably as I glance back to his face. He licks his full lips hesitantly as he raises his long arm toward my hand.

"Decide," I snap, my voice cracking like a whip.

His arm freezes in mid-air as he looks taken aback. His eyes flash with uncertainty as he tries to search my face.

I take a deep, calming breath and let my lids sink. The breeze rushes through and surrounds my body like a blanket, bringing the leaves rustling lullaby with it.

A reluctant smile breaks out from my tense mask as the air lifts from my chest and flows to the trees with a lasting gust. The wind dances away and leaves my springing curls to float back down to my round shoulders.

I take another reassuring breath and raise my led with one fluid motion to find only a shadow oc the clouds and a lone wolf howling.