AUTHOR: Aeriel Holman

ACTIVITY: In-Class Pacing Exercises

Approx. Words: 320

DATE: March 5, 2012 (created)

NOTES: Another in-class work assignment I decided to post. No particular reason. Again, I fixed it up and gave it some minor flash-plot. It's the same instant, viewed by a couple in a type of affair, based on the concepts of "fast" and "slow."

What "I" Saw


Sometimes the relationship seems to never end. I was sitting there, going about my life, with her in the back of head—even though we're both there at whatever the supposed uneventful event was (I guess an art viewing or concert or holiday thing). As it unfolded, or rather, as the other guy (wait, no, that was me) lowered himself unto bended knee and uncapped that stupid black box, I had time to muse and claw holes and worries into my heart as I debate it, us, and her. Was it the real her, or her as some kind of fantasy woman on a pedestal? I see the slide of those perfect, round eyes off to the side where I'm resting. I'm thinking she's going to say no, but then I guess she guesses what I'm thinking, because she gets engaged. I didn't say a thing because she hates him (it's obvious)… though, looking back on it now, she never hesitated; I did.


I giggled to myself. In between songs we chatted. Expounded snippets of lyrics. That sort of thing. Then, I hate to say it, but it was sudden. A flourish and a flare, during the peak of my favorite parts, he dramatically revealed that hunk of cubic zirconium. The screen switches to us. A squeal rises up in the crowd. What was I suppose to say to after the tumult and the troublesome occasion? It's an automatic response. Although I've replayed the scene a dozen times later (sometimes in my head, sometimes in the commemorative recording), that first moment is sweetest because it's a fast fall. He's more dazed than me, and I can tell all he is focusing on is an emotional conspiracy theory. It's easily missed, almost nonexistent in previous viewings, when he frowns… but that moment is also bitter because he doesn't bother to break anybody's heart... and I just don't have time for that kind of indecision.