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"Hey Delia, is it fixed yet?" said handywoman was bent over the privy again. Ever since the captain had acquired this flying accident…I sighed. Normally I would have expected to find Delia stroking Renegade's hull, but life just decides to suck because it's a total arsehole and enjoys it.

"No, sorry!" she handed me a bucket.

"Um…I can wait." I raised an eyebrow. Replacing the bucket, I was met at the door with the glass-shattering sound of Quinn Locke, screaming our anthem at the top of her lungs while our flag fought with the wind, rather than compromising. Below me, in the infirmary, I could hear the distinct noise of Dr. Hayes scrambling for something to muffle Quinn's racket.

Before she could begin bellowing the next verse, I pulled off my boot and threw it as hard as I could. It clocked her in the head and knocked her over with a thud.


"Whaaat?" I smirked, crossing my arms. She peeled my boot off her face and attempted to get me back, but I caught it just as smoothly.

Quinn scowled, trying to wipe the scuff mark off her face. "Damn you, Pru."

"Damn me indeed. What can I say? Insubordination comes as a polished skill."

"Evans! Locke!" we jumped, startled, and were promptly swatted by a certain Dr. Tobias Hayes, self-proclaimed king of the infirmary.

"Exactly what do you want, Dr. Hayes?" Oh. Crap. Quinn was officially very cross.

You see, when you happen to be first mate, you don't exactly appreciate being stared down by your captain's subordinates, or smacked in the back of your head, for that matter. Quinn had always had a thing against people taller than her, and since we were about the same height, I reckoned we were alright. But the combination of general tallness, grumpiness, and overall bossiness that was our resident doctor would set her off.

"Humph. I was going to question why you aren't sounding the alarms right now, because in case you haven't noticed, there's a mighty big storm brewing!" with that, the doctor stomped back to his safe haven.

The sky was turning very black very fast, the wind had picked up and the waves far below were fierce and unforgiving in the event Renegade were to go down. The temperature was dropping rapidly. Thunder rumbled, and lightning flashed from its heads.

Quinn's eyes grew large. "Pru, go pack up everything, now! I'll go alert the captain to the situation." she shimmied up the flagpole, jammed her fist down on the head of it, and slid back down with ease before disappearing into Captain Black's quarters. A long, dangerous sound emitted from the flagpole's speakers that would strike fear into the hearts of those who heard it. The war memories were packed into one frightening sound.

Within twenty minutes, everything important and movable was stowed safely away, but there was still the apprehensive feeling deep in the pits of our stomachs. Something's coming, we thought. The scary part? We didn't know if it was good or bad.

Captain Samantha Black was waiting for us on the bridge in all of her intimidating and powerful glory, wearing an artful look on her face as if she invented it. I wouldn't be surprised that nearing her old age, she did. Obedient to our captain, we sat and listened to the thunder rumbling, the wind imitating a banshee, and then the rain finally kicked in. Lovely.

"Report," she spoke calmly, knowing everyone was there anyway.

"Quinn Locke, first mate. Present!" Quinn had been adopted by the captain when she was seven years old, and at this point worshipped the ground she walked on.

"Tobias Hayes, doctor. Here." Toby's eyes were ablaze. The war veteran was shaking with anticipation, awaiting the order to strike, so to say.

"Cordelia Hayes, maintenance. Standing by." Cordelia was in all-business mode, her fingers searching for something to work on.

"Prudence Evans, cook. Awaiting orders, Captain Black." I stated. I didn't have much of a life story. I was born a tradesman's daughter and my mother had died in childbirth.

"And what is the condition of this airship and her crew?"

"Hardy and weathered." we responded, eyes ready for the action we were used to.

She paused, seeming to wait for a gunshot out of nowhere. "Alright. Someone set a course for the nearest port."We scrambled to our positions around her chair, Toby at the wheel, Quinn at the navigating station barely knowing what she was doing. The sea was the worst possible navigation scenario for her; no landmarks.

I took scoping duty, focusing more on the water. "Too close, Toby!" I yelled. "Can't you get us just a little higher?" I received a fierce growl in response. Something found its way to my telescope, a little flash of color... There. I focused in on it, and went almost ballistic. "Captain! There's someone drownin' in that death trap!"

She sprang up, "Give me that!" she seized the scope and peered through. "He doesn't exactly look conscious, Prudence. Per'aps the poor bloke's…" She trailed off.

"Permission to retrieve the body, Captain?"

"Have you gone mad?! Have you seen what hell it is out there?!" she grabbed my shoulders and shook me for extra measure.

"Affirmative, Captain Black, and if there is a chance he's still alive, then I will go down there and take it." I replied calmly, meeting her commanding gaze with a calm expression.

She eyed me before sighing and shaking her head resignedly. "Come back alive, Evans."

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