My mother taught me that holding grudges were of evil spawn.

Sometimes...I just cannot help feeling like a molested pawn.

A soldier in this barren and closed land of malice and hatred.

I raise my eyes and think of a time when all around me was sacred

But, that is all fantasy and is forever lost.

It was all because of a bloodied, ferocious, and evil spill that had a cost.

Our people were wrapped around the forces of the sadistic smiles and pain,

While you all watched us writhe and cry tears for the ones that were slain.

The slaughter of our faction; our blood-borne infection that you forced upon us.

They were the ones who we grew to love and began to trust...

Until you came. Until you ALL came. of have all of the blame...

You brought upon us war, poverty, hatred and death.

You forced my sister to fight until it burned out her last breath...

I can speak more and more about the pure anger I have towards you leaders of famine

But, I will hold my tongue lest, I want it cleaved off from the edge of a talon.

My Lord of Lords will bring upon your wrath, I will only watch from afar.

He will bring an end upon your corrupt ways while you all stand, mouth ajar.

He is the Tempest of quake and terror in the eyes of darkness, so tremble.

It will make you wish you had a cocked pistol held straight to your temple.

As for me, I can only wait until his arrival of redemption comes.

I lay my head on the cardboard bed I made that I found in the nearest crumbles slums.

Tears caked in my eyes, I fall asleep from praying that I will find rest from this blasted hell.

I wish I would have stayed asleep longer as I woke up from the sound of an incoming shell.

In that split moment, I knew that my life would end like I was a shaved second of time.

In that single moment...I knew that I will arrive in his heavenly and everlasting shrine.