Session #3
Reiko Teramatsu

"...Wake...up...up...Wake up...Miss, wake up...!"

I open my eyes immediately and see a person next to me shaking my arm gently. I wipe the drool off of my mouth and get up grabbing my carry on bag. After a few people walked by, I opened the top compartment and got my suitcase and I followed everyone else to the exit.

"Have a nice stay in Atlanta, ma'am."

I rolled my eyes and nodded to the flight attendant. I walked out of the plane and dragged my feet through the metal maze I was in. My mind was in shambles since my departure of Osaka, my home. The place I grew up in, where I smiled and played with my friends and got in trouble in class with. It was all him.

"Hey, watch it!"

"Oh, u-um, im sorry..."

I bumped into this really big and rude man which snapped me back into my senses. I rubbed my eyes and looked around the airport lobby and saw people reuniting with parents, people in the army coming back home, and some people holding signs for different people to take through the city. I think thats what they are doing...I have no idea. I never been here before and here I am; lost and alone.

"Reiko Teramatsu? Is there a Reiko Teramatsu?"

My heart jumped when I heard a man say my name to the left of me. I slowly looked at him and he was dressed in a black suit and had a sign with my name written in english characters. A Japanese man was smiling at me behind those dark, sleek clothes and walked towards me.

"Are you Reiko Teramatsu?"

I stood there, not knowing what he is saying. I know he is speaking english but, I just couldn't understand it. I was so used to the japanese on the plane that I totally forgot my english lessons I learned from school.


He looked laughed embarrassingly and put his hands up in a forgiving way.

*I'm so so sorry, I should have spoken in Japanese earlier. I forgot you had just come to the states just a few minutes ago! I underestimated the english that you were taught in Japan!*

This man sure does like to talk a lot...and he talks fast. Annoyingly fast.

*It's...It's okay. Im just nervous...*

He smiled and seemed to be amused by my immediate confusion and nervousness.

*Don't worry, you are safe with me. I am here to take you to your new school in Atlanta. Have you heard of the boarding school called Trinity Boarding School?*

I nodded and put down my backpack while I remembered my parents signing me up and transferring my transcripts to this foreign school.

*I see..Well then, come with me, miss! The school is not that far and we will make sure your entry will be smooth as possible.*

Oh joy...We started walking through the airport and after about an hour of checking out, we reached the limousine. My eyes were scoping out the nice long and shiny car and I was amazed I was going to ride in that to my new school.

*Alright, I will put your bags in the trunk and we will soon be off!*

*Okay...But, I do have a question.*

He closed the trunk and had a kind of questioning look on his face. This was actually the first time I looked at his face clearly and he was pretty cute. He sounded like he was in his late 20's but he actually looked like he was 19 or 20.

*Yes, Miss Reiko? What is it you ask?*

My stomach started grumbling and I quickly put my hand on it while I felt my cheeks flush with blood. He laughed and nodded his head.

*I understand, what do you feel like eating around here? There are many places that have great food here. Only thing is, it is not as healthy as Japan's food, of course but, it sure is tasty!*

My mouth watered the more he spoke about it so, I picked a place that had a bell on it and it had some sort of picture of a taco on the window.

*Ah, tacobell it is then!*

He opened the car door for me and I slide inside and was amazed at how big the inside was! I never been in something this fancy before, I saw a tv in front of me and the seats were a nice leather. The man went inside the driver seat and revved up the engine. He slid down a window that was between the limo and he looked back at me.

*Hey, I almost forgot to tell you my name!*

(I really don't wanna know your name, honestly.)

*I'm Ryu Harrison. I know my last name is hard to say so just call me Ryu! You know, like the video game character Ryu from Street Fighter! He's so cool, I remember when I was little, I would play him all the time I would (Are you seriously going to ramble on about your video game while I am hungry?!) go to the arcades...*

I sat there staring at him with a poker face and put my hand on my stomach.

*Oh, oh, oops. I did it again, ok, we are on our way for food!*

I sighed as he pulled out of the side-ways parking space and we started driving into massive traffic that I have never seen except in Tokyo. I couldn't help but look at the big buildings that we slowly passed by and saw so many people walking on the side-walks. It was in the middle of the day and so many things were happening all at once, it made my head dizzy. We pulled up to the tacobell and he parked the limo by the sides which seemed to anger some of the city people because they were yelling in english and one man raised a middle finger at Ryu. Ryu yelled back, of course and I think he was cursing one man out.

*Idiot...Uhh, sorry about that, Reiko. People in this city can be extremely rude sometimes. Alright, lets go!*

He went out of the limo and opened my car door for me but, I put my hand on the door trying to stop him.

*I can do it myself.*

He looked a bit confused and saw my hand on the door handle.

*But, Reiko-san, It's my duty to ensure you have a perfect experience here in Atlanta. I would be shrieking my duty if...*

I pushed the car door away and got out of the car.

*I said...I will open it...*

He jolted away and shrugged as I walked towards the door of the restaurant. (Idiot, hes trying to hard to be friends. I wont let him, I cant trust him. I dont even know him.)

*Let me at least open the door for you, please?*

He grabbed the door and pulled it before I could touch it and I gave him a sharp look. I stood there and crossed my arms as he held the door open like some pathetic guy trying to get a girl to like him.

He sighed and went inside the building finally and I walked after him. I looked around and saw people of different colors inside. A black couple, a indian family, four white friends laughing and joking around, it was so different than what I am used to. I'm not racist nor do I think that Japanese are better but, I didn't see a lot of races in my country unless, it was some vacation time or summer.

*Alright, it's our turn to order. Want me to order for you?*

I ignored him and I looked at the top menu above the cashier.


The cashier looked at me confused and looked at Ryu immediately and asked him what seemed to sound like a question.

"I'm sorry, she doesn't understand english well. She wants a number eight combo meal. And I would like a number 4 meal."

"Oh, okay. Anything to drink?"

Ryu looked at me and nodded to the cashier.

*She asked if you wanted anything to drink. What do you want?*


He sighed and looked embarrassed at the cashier and spoke to her.

"Just two sprites would be nice, thank you."

"Okay, it will all be ten fifty-nine and here are your cups."

"Thank you miss."

He handed me my cup and I walked towards to soda machines as he waited for the food. I picked this pink colored drink and tasted it, it was lemonade. As soon as I tasted it, I remembered a memory I haven't remembered since I was little.

*Reiko, lets make a lemonade stand! Like the show fairly-odd parents!*

It was when my best friend Mitsuki and I wanted to make a lemonade stand just like timmy Turner did in the show fairlyodd parents. We used to watch that show religiously, that was when we were 6 years old. We tried the lemonade stand after my dad made a wooden one for us and we actually did pretty good selling them for five yen each cup...I...I can't believe I remembered that...


I gasped and dropped my drink when Ryu said my name. It splattered all over the floor and on my jeans and I quickly ran to the bathroom to clean up the lemonade. (Ugh, what the hell is wrong with me?! I need to stop being so damn stupid when I am around that jerk. He keeps messing things up for me. I bet the Americans here think I'm some stupid idiot because of that.)

After I cleaned up the lemonade off of my pants and shoes, I rolled up my pant legs to let them dry. I walked out of the restroom and saw Ryu sitting in the booth across from me.

*Hey! I cleaned up the lemonade and got our food, let's eat up!*

As I walked to him, I felt other people's gazes and laughs pierce through me, making me sweat like crazy. I slumped in the booth and glared at him while he smiled at me.

*What, what is it? Why are you glaring at me?*

*You...ugh, nevermind.*

He looked confused and shrugged and started opening up his food. He gently pushed my food to me and I looked down at the mexican cuisine. I looked back at him and watched him eat his food to the side and I tried my best to copy him. I picked up the burrito and bit inside the warm and gooey meal.

*Mmm, ish good ishn't it?*

(Talking with your mouth full? This is how they do it here in America?)

I started biting the chunk of food I tore and had to admit, it was very good. I ate more of it and tried my best to not make a mess but, it was utterly useless as the burrito's contents were exiting the bottom of it.

He pointed to the food and laughed a bit.

*Here is a fork for that, I knew you would have a messy time eating this. And, a napkin too!*

(Why is this guy so happy?)