The prologue is written in second person point of view. However, the rest of the story is going to be written in first person point of view.

This may be a bit confusing, but it shall progress quickly... I promise. Each paragraph is a summary of the chapters.


Insane Obsession: Prologue - when you are infatuated

When you're infatuated with someone, you're suddenly blind to everything that they've put you through and all their faults just because you're too busy trying to gain their recognition.

From afar, you watch them interact with the world. To you, it's amazing; it makes you feel admiration for this person in a way you've never felt for anyone else before. And because of this, you do everything possible to remain in their good side, no matter how idiotic it may seem. And you probably don't notice this—not yet.

It's stupid; you put yourself through so much to please one person. Sometimes, you're not even sure if you are yourself anymore. However, you still do it. Just for that one special person. And then there's also the matter of seeking their attention. Soon enough, it becomes a habit—an obsession even. Obsessing over pleasing this person, obsessing over seeing this person, and of course, obsessing over the person himself.

Slowly, he brings you under his command. His voice—entrancing and soothing—starts to order you around, forcing you to do things you never wanted to do. But you don't mind. You do it because he tells you to.

Even worse, he starts to make fun of you and make certain comments you never want to hear. He takes advantage of your vulnerability to him without his or your knowledge. It could count for bullying—him messing with you like that—but you don't mind. As long as his attention is focused on you, it's fine. He's never been nice, but you like his personality anyways.

As you become friends, you slowly start to notice him even more—sneaking glances when you think he isn't looking. If he's within eyesight, you can't help but watch him as he goes through his daily routine. Sometimes, it includes you and other times, it doesn't... but it doesn't matter to you because he finally knows who you are now.

You have always been a person with dignity. However, that dignity of yours runs out the window the moment you begin to gain his attention from his own crush. Of course, you want to be the only girl in his life. When he talks to the girl you know he likes, you begin to pull stupid stunts to gain his attention. You see him make a fool of himself, and you begin to wonder what it'd be like if he was into you instead.

Jealousy is something that you've never felt before. You've always gotten what you want and suddenly—with him—you don't anymore. He starts to notice other girls and you become nicer to him to make him like you more. You begin to succumb to his commands without complaints and impress him with the little thing you know.

You look through past conversations with him and you begin to notice all the things that he's done to you without knowing. You still worship the boy, but you start to see everything that has happened to you because of him and the person you've become. He has driven you insane and he has pushed so many buttons of yours but you let it go anyways—because you think it's fine that he treats you that way.

Then you grow up—apart from him—and you realize that everything was totally not fine at all. You miss him; you miss him a lot more than you care to admit to anyone. You miss the way he talks to you every day, teases you, compliments you, infuriates you, and impresses you. However, you begin to miss the way he makes you feel when he's around and the way you are totally messed up after a conversation with him.

Unfortunately, you are unaware of this until you begin to look back. You have looked back before, but you don't notice the bad things that he has done to you—just things that appeal to you because those were the moments that made you happy. Your friends start to tell you things about him that you never realized before, but you don't notice them until now. You look back without him besides you, and you are able to tell.

You realize that they were right all along—your friends. He did nothing but take advantage of you. Whenever you want something done by him, he doesn't do it because he doesn't have a reason to. And you accept it at first, but slowly, you get mad. You are patient with him because you know that the only reason why that friendship of yours would've worked is if you did most of the work. You start the conversations, but make sure that they're nice because he won't answer them otherwise. You do nice things for him because he wouldn't talk to you otherwise. Realizing it later is a bit too late, but it's a start. It's better to realize how stupid you are sooner rather than later.

You look through all the details and analyze your friendship overall. This time, you take in every good and bad thing he has brought to your life and you tell yourself, it's time to take action.

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