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Insane Obsession: Part 1 Chapter 3 - when you're obsessed

About several months later, the whispers finally died out but he was still talked about among his fellow classmates and peers. And to be quite honest, I was one of them.

I was talking to my friend the other day about Calvin. Apparently, my friend became really good friends with him over the few months. However, they only converse between classes and online through email—I've never actually seen them together. I hate to admit that I am extremely jealous because she has English with him—his forte. Ah, what I wouldn't do to see him express his intelligence regarding the subject...

"Calvin is such a jerk—did you know?" my friend ranted to me, fuming with rage.

"Why?" I inquired curiously. I wonder what he had done to her to make her think that about him. "What did he do this time?" I was thinking back to that one time where I had ran into him in the library. I cannot, for the life of me, imagine how the sweet boy could be such a jerk. Leah doesn't seem to be someone who lies about someone just to make them look bad; her statements are always concise and reasonable when she is talking badly about someone. I usually respect whatever she has to say, but this time is different.

We usually don't talk about Calvin as a pastime, but I would like it to be. I want to talk to her about him so badly, but I don't want it to seem like I like him or anything—because I don't... like him I mean. Or, it could give my friend the impression that I am obsessed with him or something equally ridiculous.

Leah, having gone out of her reverie, huffed angrily. "I told Calvin in English class today that I needed help with the organization of my notebook, since my English teacher is being super vague about it, and he just acts completely arrogant about it."

"What do you mean?" An arrogant one, eh? I don't know why, but arrogant guys turn me on quite a bit. I smile to myself, musing about how an arrogant Calvin may seem like in real life.

"He kept looking at me like I was inferior to him and he thinks he's amazing even though I fail to see anything special about him. I don't even know why girls even bother with him," she seethed. Her face was visually redder in rage. She was clearly not pleased about being looked down by him like that. "I mean, honestly... all I did was ask for clarification about the notebook."

Truthfully, I honestly could not see why she was making such a big deal about the whole thing. I think it was quite cute that Calvin was an arrogant person. It's nice to see someone be so confident about something that they knew how to do. Most people are quite insecure and uncertain about everything. He was just being confident... and I think that's a pretty attractive trait in a boy.

"... you can totally tell that he was laughing at me because he knew something I didn't. The nerve of him," Leah went on.

I nodded, encouraging her to go on. Although I didn't quite agree with the things that she was saying, it was still pretty fun hearing these things about him. I liked it when we talked about him. It was like getting to know him without directly talking to him. I guess this was my only opportunity to get to know him further.

And from then on, talking about Calvin did become a pastime. When I talk to Leah, I would try to squeeze in something about Leah and she would tell me a story about him or something interesting that happened to her during her English class.

I learned more about him while she ranted about why she hated him so much. I usually didn't start a conversation about him unless she brought him up somehow. That way, it wouldn't look like I am obsessed with him or anything.

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