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Chapter 1

The portal twisted around sending images of different worlds flashing past a young girl. She closed her eyes tightly as blood trailed out after her as she clutched a jar with a glowing pure white orb vibrating inside of it. Pain shivered through her body with each movement as tears streamed out from her eyes.

Her maroon hair whipped about as the portal twisted violently around sending her flying into one of the sides. Once her flesh made contact with the portal walls energy surged out, singing her skin and making sparks fly within the tube like confines.

She set her maroon streaked blue eyes behind her to see the opening she had just entered moments before crash in on itself in a blaze as a angry roar shook the whole portal. She flicked out her black wings with their maroon tipped feathers revealing a small pair of bat like wings hidden right above her hips.

As she opened her wings a strong surge of energy blasted against them only to slide off like water being blown by the wind. Although the impact was somewhat painful she kept her wings out with her back to the entrance as a bright blinding light quickly flickered towards her.

Closing her eyes the girl took a deep breath and held it as she slammed into the white mass, sinking into it. She passed through the substance which had slowed her to a near stop. It felt like millions of tiny, sticky tendrils clutched to her skin and pulled off as she moved deeper into the goop.

The young girls breath was beginning to ware thin as her lungs contrasted in protest to the lack of oxygen when she finally felt the thick mass of sticky tendrils lessen and give way. She could feel a breeze on her face as she popped out of the white mass taking a deep breath she opened her eyes.

Leaning forward the girl ripped her wings and body free as she did a summersault out of the strange substance and twisted in the air. As she rolled back to facing forward she lifted her wings out to catch her assent to the ground. She landed with ease on a floating mass of metal looking down on a fairly advanced city.

Putting pressure on the wound to her abdomen she sat down exhausted from her ordeal. Dirt caked her body as streams of sweat made skin colored groves on her face and body. She looked out over the city to see that the center most prominent building was a large shrine. She watched as spirit messengers flew in and out of the shrine on missions in the city below.

Tilting herself forward she realized the it wasn't a city below her but a collection of towns each branching from the shrine. The more prosperous points of the town were reflected against the four sides of the shrine while the slums were like groves in between each facing.

There was such an immense contrast between the rich and the poor that it took the breath right out of the girls lungs. Slowly she slid off the floating metal platform gliding down on the wind to the slums landing gracefully on a metal line that connected each house together.

As she relaxed on the metal line a surge of energy prickled through her coming from the shrine that loomed over her. She smiled as she recognized the energy of a fellow god that she grew up with along side her friend Vieta. "Looks like I made it to Tralidia." She pulled the jar containing the pure white orb from her pouch and held it up to look through it at the shrine. "This is the world you'll grow up in little one. Once we find your mother."

"You know its dangerous to stand on the energy vines." The girl jumped looking down to the streets to see a young boy looking up at her with the most striking washed out blue colored eyes. His hair was disheveled and reached a little past his shoulders and was a dark brown all except for a single tuff of silver hair that framed one side of his face.

He was wearing a simple school uniform and held a bag over his shoulder with one hand in his pocket. He looked somewhat broken down emotionally with a pained face and a bandage on his cheek right under his left eye with another one at the corner of his mouth. He was pretty short for a human probably standing around five feet four inches if he was lucky.

Yet the most striking thing to the girl wasn't his looks or his demeanor. It was the fact that the boy had a very powerful, somewhat suppressed aura and could still see her. After a moment of silence the girl gave the boy a friendly smile and nodded in agreement.

"Your right it is indeed dangerous to stand on these. That is if I was human. Now tell me what is your name boy?" The girls eyes changed into slits as her words reverberated in the boys head making him feel somewhat dizzy.

Yet no matter how much he didn't want to tell this strange woman he couldn't help but tell her his full name. It was almost as if she was manipulating him with her words that were meant for only him to hear and him alone.

"M-my name is Yuki, Yuki Radzeire. What about you? Since you got my name why can't I have yours?"

Yuki looked up at the girl his eyes clearing from the fog now that he had answer her question. The girl smiled softly seeing he had a valid point. "My name is Trist and that is all you need to know." Trist gave him one last smile as the emotions and control faded form Yuki as he left in a trance.

Trist took a deep breath smiling to herself as she looked at Yuki through the bottle. "We'll little one say hello to your mother but first we have to get permission from the gods of this world." Trist quickly replaced the bottle back in her pouch then turned to fly up to the temple only to see one of the gods there to greet her.

"It's been a long time Trist. I see you still have that usual charm about you." The young man smiled to Trist who just sighed giving a slightly defeated look. The man in front of Trist had long dark blue hair that almost looked black if it wasn't for the sun bouncing off his head. He had long pointed feathered ears with striking light green eyes that contrasted against his hair. His wings were the same color as his hair except the very tip of them were stained with the same light green of his eyes.

He stood around six foot and looked at Trist as if he knew she was up to no good. "Well it certainly has been quite some time. How have things been for you Drake?"

Drake sighed unfolding his arms as his clothes draped around him. He wore what looked like a priests robes only a dark blue with gold trim that hung loosely on his wings. It was surprisingly form fitting only falling a bit past his crotch. There was a belt adorned on the outside of the robes that kept them from blowing all over when a gust of wind hit. He had on matching leggings that clung lightly to his legs with dark blue slip on shoes with a matching gold trim to tie the whole outfit together.

"Other then the annoyance of the high priest breathing down my neck, and the curiously strong spiritual powers of the people of this world. Nothing in particular." Drake scratched his chin looking out over the city, his brow knit in thought.

Trist looked in the direction where Yuki had gone before she spoke, somewhat to herself. "Then is it normal for them to be able to see us?"

Drakes ears flicked up as he looked to Trist his hand dropping back down as he folded his arms across his chest. "No, normal people cannot see us gods unless we wish for them to see us. Some can see smaller, lesser spirits that don't know how to disguise themselves but other than that. I mean the high priest can barley see me, for the most part he just sense my presence."

Trist shot back around as she glided up to Drake her face mixed with emotions of shock and excitement as she came face to face with Drake. "You really mean that? So if I were to head up to the temple right now and dance in front of the high priest in a mocking manner he wouldn't be able to see me?"

Drake recoiled, as he stared down Trist with his usual analytical gaze that made ones skin crawl with the feeling of being watched and broken down. After a few moments of the soul searching gaze Drake finally slowly nodded confirming with Trist. "Yes, but what do you have planned Trist? If its something big you have to speak with the others who rule this planet as gods along side me. Do you understand?"

Trist grinned giving a slight nod looking up to the temple watching as sprits pored in like a collection of roads into a large city. She could sense a massive amount of energy flowing from within the walls of the temple that seemed to be the heart of this world. Drake followed Trist's gave up to the temple and gave a light chuckle.

"That's where were heading. That is where the other four gods that rule this world are, I just came out to greet you. So shale we head up and see what the wheels of fate have in store for you?" Trist gave him a "that's not funny look but fallowed him up to the Temple holding her abdominal once more.

Drake noticed her lagging behind a bit as her face twisted in pain as she tried to fly up somewhat lopsided. Quickly Drake stopped as Trist came upon him, he slipped his arms around her body to steady her. "Hey Trist are you ok?" Drake was shocked at how warm her body was as she slipped in closer to him.

He slid his hands over hers where she was putting pressure on her gut and felt a sticky, moistness on his fingers. Pulling back he was shocked to see a silvery, crimson color sticking to his finger tips. "Trist your bleeding!?"

Trist winced as Drake pulled her shirt up slightly to reveal a large gash in her gut from a demons claw. The gash itself was emanating a sickening black aura that was making Trist loose her strength and making her sick.

"I cant believe you Trist. How'd you manage to get yourself in such a predicament. There's no way you'll be able to pass through the barrier in this state. Looks like were going to have to heal you in the springs. Now just keep your wings open and I'll do all the flying. You just have to keep yourself up on the wind alright?"

Trist nodded weakly letting her wings unfurl once again. Drake waited while the wind lightly caressed the feathers on her wings to make sure she could hold them herself. When he was certain she was well enough to do that he changed their course.

Tilting his wings slightly Drake forced them to turn and glide down away from the Temple. It was then that Trist realized that she had actually landed pretty deep within the confines of the main land mass. Tralidia was composed of five large landmasses each controlled by a different god. The landmasses each had their own temple at it's center where the gods and their priests dwell like lords in a castle.

Trist snickered at the thought of these humans thinking themselves almighty when in truth they were worshiped because they could communicate with something truly almighty. The city itself was quite large but soon the building thinned giving way to thick forests with animals bounding through it.

After a few miles of nothing but trees older then snot Trist could hear a loud thundering ahead of them. As they approached Trist's eyes widened in shock at what she saw. The island itself was nothing but a large floating landmass.

Once they flew out over the edge of the land mass Trist could see that the landmass itself was connected to smaller islands through a crystal road with walls glistening high. There was probably around twenty to thirty small masses full of different types of life and environments.

Drake tilted once again spiraling down near the base of the main island where Trist was blasted by a massive amount of steam forcing her to close her eyes for a spit second. When she opened her eyes they were directly under the island were waves of energy were visibly bouncing against something hidden beneath a thick fog.

Hovering for a moment Drake beat his wings sending the fog flying everywhere to clear give a more clear view of what was below. Trist took a deep breath as she saw nothing but steaming spring water for miles around. The islands energy was bouncing off the natural, pure, untainted energy of the springs that engulfed the floor of Tralidia.

Smile Drake pulled Trist close to him so she could hear him over the crashing sound of the wall of water that fell on all sides around them from the island. "Amazing isn't it? The island were under is called Trask named after the priest family I have chosen to convey my words. Look up."

Trist did as she was told and looked up as the breath caught in her throat. Above them was a tangle of thick roots clutching onto crystal waterways that created the waterfalls. It was then that she realized that it wasn't just energy holding up the large island. In the center was a large crystal trunk that reached down into the spring pumping the warm water up to Trask.

"Each island is held up by a crystal pillar. The pillar itself maintains the livelihood of the citizens living on them. Every island world wide is connected through the crystal pathways which is just the spring water turned into a permanent solid form. If the passages were to shatter they would fall and change back into water."

Trist gave a toothy smile and wriggled in Drakes grip playfully. Her chest filled with excitement at the pure and untainted energy that ran through the heart of the world. "Drake why did you bring me out here? It is indeed amazing but we really don't have time for this."

Drake smiled and released his grip from Trist suddenly. Without his support Trist was nothing more then dead weight as she plummeted down into the spring. The wind was knocked out of her as her back hit the spring and it swallowed her like a black hole taking in the stars around it.

Trist's whole body began to tingle as the energy from the spring seeped into her. She looked up to see a thin trail of her own blood slowly disappear as she sank deeper into the crystal clear waters. The warmth from the water around her engulfed her whole body as a sudden surge of energy raked through her body.

As the energy shot out Trist used her wings to swim up to the surface of the water slicing through the glassy surface as she beat her wings. She climbed into the air to settle next to Drake, water dripping from her body as she gasped for breath.

"You could have told me the spring held healing properties!" Drake gave a hearty laugh as Trist rung out her clothes and lifted her shirt to inspect the now healed wound on her stomach. Even the scars were beginning to fad from how much energy was put into healing them. Gently she touched them as they slowly disappeared as if they were never there to begin with.

Trist quickly shot a annoyed glare in Drakes direction. "Thank you for this. Still you could have warned me before hand. Really you startled me big time Drake."

Drake laughed once more and motioned for Trist to follow as he flew threw the wall of water. Trist quickly replaced her shirt and followed after him. Once she cut through the waterfall she tilted up following Drake back to the city.

As they approached the Temple Trist could feel a force trying to push her away. It felt as if a wall of plastic wrap was tightly stretched in front of her. She stopped for a moment slowly pushing her hand forward feeling the barrier against her skin. After a moment she gave a soft smile and pushed through the barrier.

Once again she had the sense of tendrils gripping at her except in this case they released a lot quicker then the previous ones. Although no matter how many times she past through a barrier she always hated the feeling of those strange tendrils gripping at her flesh.

Soon she fell free of the barriers grip and followed after Drake who had glided down to a balcony on the upper floor of the temple. Gliding down Trist folded her wings in as she landed and began to walk after Drake.

Inside the temple there was rows of pillars carved with different views from Tralidia's past. Each pillar had a small template with dates engraved into them hooked into the lower parts of the pillars so one could easily view them.

Trist stopped at one pillar in particular that displayed an array of six families each holding an emblem of priesthood. Although each emblem was slightly different they all had one thing in common and that was the portrayal of the sun and moon somewhere within them.

Following the images they told the story of the downfall of one of the priest families and the disappearance of the bloodline of a whole. Written next to the fallen priest on the pillar was the words one who falls to darkness and one who rises with emblem carved in ones body and soul. A bloodline divided and lusted after, a bloodline brimming with true pure power.

Drake doubled back and surprised Trist by sneaking up on her and speaking loudly into her ear. "I see you found the pillar of the fallen family." Trist jumped and turned around to face Drake who was smile with eyes filled with sorrow.

After regaining her composure Trist turned her attention back to the pillar. "What happened to the family? Why did they fall?"

A sudden voice erupted from deep within the corridor echoing off the walls. "They fell because the other five families betrayed them. They feared the power that family held because it was that family that all five gods of this world confided in."

Out of the shadows walked and older looking man with a aura that flowed over the room. He had long silver hair that touched down to his waist. He wore a similar outfit to Drake's only his was white with metallic trim and he carried a fan which he fiddled with quite often. His eyes were milky with a ring of silver and he gave a feel of authority.

He quickly walked over to the pillar and gently touched its carvings as if they were the most precious piece within the room. "We have been searching for this family since their downfall but come up empty on all ends. I guess you could say that since we are so used to the energy around us we lost them within the endless torrent."

The man settled his silver eyes on Trist making her flinch back somewhat. In all her years as a death god the one thing she never liked was the eyes of the blinded. Which in purgatory terms was when the eyes on a rotting corps turned white while the pupils and iris's turned a strange gray hue. To forever be blind to anything else but ones dieing sight.

Drake moved forward and bowed in recognition to the man. "Thank you for meeting with us keeper. I'm sorry I do not pay you more visits."

Keeper shook his gray head giving a hearty laugh. "No need to apologize Drake. The gods have their own duties to attend to just like I have mine. I've been given such a gift as eternal life in exchange for keeping records of this world and advising the high priest on his next course of action. I would not have such a wondrous position if it were not for the kindness of you gods."

Keeper gave a deep bow to Drake and Trist before moving on to the next pillar, polishing it while humming. Trist looked to Drake her brow raised in question. Drake laughed shaking his head as he pushed forward deeper into the temple.

After what seemed like an eternity they finally got do a pare of large oak doors decorated with the symbols of heaven, hell, and purgatory etched into it. The etchings were filled with gold and crystal to make them stand out on the door.

"Well then are you ready to face the others?" Trist nodded her eyes hooked forward as her heart pounded in her chest. It was the first time in a long time that she would be facing a large group of her fellow gods and goddess's. It was unnerving for her to even think about how things were going to turn out but she knew she had to do it. This world is where this soul belonged and if she absolutely had to she would pull the seniority card.

Drake saw the resolve in Trist and nodded in approval. "Very well then. I with you luck and Trist. Relax many of the gods who control this world respect you." Trist smiled nervously as Drake opened the door with a loud creak. There was no turning back now.

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