Skye is not the kindest person, she does not pretend she is. She ends lives for a living, lies and pretends she's ordinary. She can lie her way through any situation, and she can laugh it off easily. Shrugging it off, letting it pass by swiftly, so subtle it can't be seen. Her feelings are eliminated from the equation, and that day is no different.

"Skye...what're ya doing? We need to get to class!"

Skye looks at her best friend, Noelle . Someone who understands her the most, even when she thinks she doesn't. Noelle can never take a life, whenever she thinks of it, she feels guilt. Her self esteem is like Skye's; a scale that can be easily tipped.

She apologizes, and walks with Noelle to class. This is another end of a lie, and she will be alone.

Before she knows it, the clock ticks, the bell rings. And she walks home, alone once again.

"Is it my fault that this happens? That I can't handle anything anymore? Every word, every comment from them. It hurts...it hurts too much."

Skye has long since stopped listening to that part of herself, she convinces herself that she's strong. But as she walks into her apartment (alone) and gets herself ready (alone), she sometimes thinks that is not the truth.

Her job is done alone too, and sometimes, she likes it.

Other times? Not so much.

But what is it she is missing? Sometimes she wonders, other times, she doesn't. But Skye has no time to think. She just has to move, flow. Be one with her inner killer, right?

She hears, feels the gun reload. Her sniper rifle is cool against her hands, and she can't quite discern where to go next. The reported target is gone, and she sighs.

"Angel, sneak attacks don't work on me."

She turns, grabbing the target by the arm and flipping him over. There is a yelp, a hiss ("Foolish human!"), but Skye smiled, smirked. She is showing off, going easy on him.

"Angel scum, do you know what I have?"

"Y-you...you humans are arrogant! Your lack of faith killed our Lord and Savior! I-it is our duty-"

Skye just shrugged, "If you have it, flaunt it. I have power, I can see you. So I swear to your precious God I'll wipe you corrupted angels off the face of the earth."

She pulls the trigger of her simple pistol. The stone bullet does not hurt the human possessed, but goes through the angel's head. Skye sighs, wondering how much she'd be paid this time.

She looks up, "Another target? This wasn't reported at all."

Skye is pleased by this though, and easy extra target. Perhaps she can get some extra money, be able to pay more rent and such. Maybe get a new fridge.

She notices this angel hasn't possessed any human, much easier to kill off. Skye doesn't mind having her dinner a bit late, if it's for more money for a better lifestyle.

Turns out she doesn't have to look, for the angel in question is right in front of her. He smiles, bright and innocent.

"If beauty were time, you'd be an eternity."

She pauses, reloading her pistol, "What did you just say?"

The angel cocks his head, still smiling, "Isn't that how males greet females in the human world?"

"Where the hell did you hear that from?"

He shrugs, "Hm, I witnessed it quite a bit. Of course, females usually don't respond like you do, right?"

Skye is slightly amused by this naive angel, "No, we usually say hi. Or something like that. I'd teach you more, but I'm a bit busy."

"What are you busy with? I can help you! After all, angels are supposed to watch over and help humans! That's what our Lord said, right?"

"God is not my Lord. And angel's new duty seems to be killing humans. So I think I'll start fighting back with you."

The angel looks surprised, and moves with incredible speed. It wasn't like anything she had seen in her usual hunts, and she turns, pointing the gun at him again. He evades, and she catches up with him once again.

"M-miss! Please don't misunderstand, I-I wasn't sent by the Archangel! A-and...I-I'm just a newbie anyways! O-only 1300 years old! P-"

Skye looked up, "So you're saying an archangel is doing this?"

The angel nods, "Yes, the Archangel said it was the humans' fault for our Lord leaving. T-that they needed to pay for their mistakes. B-but many were against this method until it was said that we would all fall to the Underworld! And lots of us went over, and the few that didn't sent me as a peace envoy. Said I was so idealistic that everything would work out fine..."

Skye cuts him off, "So if the Archangel's dead, then everything's over?"

"Um Miss, I don't think that's a very wise thing to do-"

"Don't tell me what I can or can't do angel. Now, how do I reach this Archangel?"

Anyone with sense would have tried to escape, this angel doesn't. And for once in a long time, Skye seems to believe an angel's words.

Well, only a little bit.

He pauses to think, "Well...for that you need a few things. But first and foremost, you need the halcyon."

"...the what?"

"The halcyon, the holy bird that rests on the sea."

"That doesn't make sense angel. Do you really want to be shot that badly?"

The angel smiles again, "I don't mind if you shoot me."

Skye looks at him, and he reminds her of something. She can't put her finger on it, she doesn't try to. No, she doesn't need an angel. She should kill him already, but she stops herself.

Even if it's all bullshit, she wants to hear what he has to say.

He continues in her silence, "Miss, my job is to help with obtaining peace. If I die trying, I don't mind. Miss, I know you don't trust me, but I'll tell you what I know. I have a feeling, right in my un-beating heart, that you can put a stop to this. You have a determination, even in the form of hatred and desperation. So kill me if you wish, but please listen to what I have to say."

Skye shrugs, "Go ahead angel. But know that the moment you move the wrong way, I end you."

The angel smiles again, "Thank you Miss! As I was saying, the halcyon is a holy bird that rests. Well, there are more than one. And winter is their breeding time. They're able to calm the winds and waters...and that's all I know."

Skye sighs again, "And what else do you have?"

"Well...the Archangel will probably go after them first. So if you want to follow the other angels...then you can find them!"

"Greeeeat advice Captain Obvious..."

"I heard that when someone says that, you say something like.."

Skye rolls her eyes, "Like what? 'If I were a stop light, I'd turn red every time you passed by, just so I could stare at you a bit longer?' What is with you angels being so misinformed?"

The angel shakes his head, "But that's out of context! I was going to say-"

"Please, no more pickup lines! Just...hurry up and stand still. You've given me what I need, and you seem perfectly fine with dying. So, that's the gift I'm going to give you...death."

The angel stands, still smiling, "Thank you for listening to me Miss. Please, finish this quickly, that is my only selfish request."

And Skye points her gun, wondering once more what to do. There is something about him that she wants to keep to herself. It's something...ethereally beautiful about this angel. Everything, from the way he talks to the way he moves to escape her bullets.

It was all holy, the way angels were as a little kid in a bright church on Sunday. Those kind of memories, the ones she claims to have thrown away. They come back, both subtly and harshly. And she begins to cry.

"Er...M-Miss? Are you alright? Because f you don't mind, I can heal you! Or say something helpful! Or..."

Skye drops her gun, it lands with a loud clatter, "I don't feel like killing you. So don't try and kill me, p-please. Be different and unique. Say yes. S-say you'll keep your promises, even if it's a lie. Say something stupid like 'If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put 'U' and 'I' together.', and think it's a greeting. Please...won't you do that for angel?"

The angel pauses, then smiles once again, bright and radiant, "Of course Miss! Because that's what I do, that's my duty as angel! Although I did say-"

"Don't talk angel, let's just get to my place. You can stay there for now."

"Hm, my superiors said that's a good sign! That my serendipity is working...and that I will get er...laid?"

Skye pauses.

"Your superiors are perverts, so please don't follow their advice. Ever."

The angel smiles for the umpteenth time, "They also said that if you can't beat them, join them. I'm not sure why they said that but..."

Skye cuts him off again, "So they sent you here as a spy? Angel, are you some sort of masochist? Cause it seems like you wanna get killed."

The angel turns to her, "I'm Arthinaidus. But just call me Art. It's hard to just call someone 'angel', right? What's your name Miss?"

Skye runs up ahead of him, that same confident smirk on her face, , "I'm Skye, and you Art, are my extra flame."

He did not ask what that meant, but figured she was someone who fought fire with fire. If every other angel went after humans, she would kill off the angels before they made a move. That was her drive, her motivation. Fight fire with fire, fight violence with violence.

That was the way she was, her lone self. But he was fine with being with this girl, if only for a mere moment.

He would wipe that loneliness off of her like she would the corrupt angels of the world. That was his new resolve.

DreamswithJoy from FFN

Write story based on this statement: "You fight fire with fire."

Story Requirements:

- Include these pickup lines:
1. "If beauty were time, you'd be eternity."
2. "If I were a stop light, I'd turn red everytime you passed by, just so I could stare at you a bit longer."
3. "If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put 'U' and 'I' together."
4. "Be different and unique. Say yes."

Note that each pickup line must be said by a different way. You don't necessarily have to use the pickup line as a pickup line.

- Words: "Halcyon", "Ethereal" and "Serendipity".

- Minimum of 1500 words.

- Somewhere in your story must have this: "If you can't beat them, join them." and "If you have it, flaunt it."

Other notes:

Can be any fanfiction or fiction, any genre, any pairing, any character.