Life is too short but we all write books,
we're autobiographical loathsome crooks.
A short, easy answer is all I really need,
so when the page loaded I said "tl;dr."

It was refreshing to finally ignore someone's voice,
the devil on my shoulder had left by his own choice.
But I now I can freely ignore the buffoons,
the butterfly on my right shoulder has left its cocoon.

"Peace! See ya later! I don't hear you anymore!"
I don't think it's rude for you to be ignored.
When you give me a reply that's too long for my liking
I'll humiliate you acronymically. Don't bother typing.

As I was asking before, I had a very simple question.
"What can we do when we're now one less than?"
You're so cool, this time you didn't reply.
Were you mad at my answer because I didn't dot the i?

Don't make a big deal, all I said was "I don't care."
Stop giving me essays, I don't wanna think in my chair.
You took forever to respond, in fact you never did.
I decided to read your long winded big message.

...I guess I should've read it. It's my bad man.
I didn't realize you started feeling strongly again.
No wonder you never posted, you were never there to start with.
Your message was full of all that fucked up and dark shit.