:'( My laptops broken and I don't get it fixed till the weekend so I have to use my dads computer. I won't be uploading much this week. Now you can find out what the government has been doing to put the anti music law in action. If I was one of those kids I would be in a state of deep depression right now, I actually feel depressed when I write it!

I found a website today, it's called lets make some noise! It's a protest site against the anti music law, I joined it, of course. The guy who created it call himself MU51C, at least I think it's a he. There a pictures expressing love of music and he also uploaded clips from some great films without music, showing how the government have completely ruined films. New cinemas are being built all over the country specifically for over 21s so they can watch films with the music still attached, all the music channels have been deleted and now you need ID to buy music magazines.

Police randomly raid houses with children to check they're not hiding music, luckily for me it's impossible to find my MP4 player unless you know where to look. Family's are being given safes so parents can hide their music in it. My parents know I still have my MP4 player, there actually being pretty cool about the law. Sometimes they let me in there room so we can watch films with music. The other day a girl in my class was found listening to music by her parents so they told the police, that's really harsh, there are people in our school whose parents know they do drugs and the let them get away with it! I mean some of the parents actually do them with their kids. I mean talk about shit discipline. Anyway, the girl is now in Juvie for a week! The police have been breaking everyone's instruments and no one even gets compensation for it. My little sister has been in a deep state of depression since they smashed her violin. She's only ten, she was crying and screaming while they done it and one of them started laughing. I had a go at the ass-hole and said some things I probably shouldn't, but he just told me to watch my pretty little mouth or he'll watch it for me. Most of the police aren't like that, the ones who came to take away our music players where really nice but ever since the prime minister gave them more power some of them have gone mad. Their now permitted to carry pepper spray and rubber bullets

All the music teachers at our school (that equals a total of three) have been fired and they're turning the music rooms into a detention hall. I may have never done much in music class but it wasn't difficult and it was kind of a break from the other lessons, and the music teachers where really nice, and very mad, it's like there's a huge whole in the middle of the school without them three going around encouraging kids to make their own music. The only ringtone we're aloud now is a two tone beep tune, that is now the only 'music' we're aloud to listen to. At school the teachers went round deleting everyone's music from there phones. Everyone got really angry and some kids refused but when the teachers said it was either this or the police even the most troublesome kids handed in there phones, albeit reluctantly. One family from our school is moving to America, there they can listen to music freely, the whole world is laughing at us right now, and it really sucks. We're not even aloud on Youtube, I was subscribed to so many channels now I can't watch any of them!