"Hi, Wesley." Bryana says as Wesley opened his house's door for her.

"Hey." He replies back. "Here, take a seat. Would you like anything to drink?" He offered her.

"No thank you."

As Wesley began to sit next to Bryana, she said "it was really nice of you to help tutor me in math. You didn't have to... "

"No problem. And I wanted to." Wesley said flashing that award winning, amazing smile of his.

"Umm, we should get started." Bryana said shyly while blushing.

"Yeah, we should. He replied back. Did you bring your math textbook?"

"Yeah. Well, what should we start on?" Bryana said.

"Whatever you need help on." Wesley replied back.

"Okay, umm... Solving and graphing inequalities?

"Sure." Wesley said.

"Wesley..." Bryana said with uncertainty.

"Yes?" Wesley said with concern in his eyes.

"Is it okay if I sit closer to you...? Just to see the textbook better! You don't have to if you don't want to. You see, i'm wearing contacts but they're abit blurry and it's hard to see and I don't have my glasses."

Right when Bryana was expecting Wesley to say something like no, he replied with "Of course!" And in Bryana's opinion, she thought Wesley was ALITTLE too close, but she secretely enjoyed being that close to him.

"Is that better?!" Wesley said inching closer to Bryana.

"Mhmm!" is all that Bryana managed to say.

"That's good" Wesley said self-possessed. Bryana was SO close to Wesley, she could instantly smell the manly colgne that Wesley was wearing. 'Mmm, so that what he smells like!'Bryana was thinking then, she silently told herself 'snap out of it!'

Sensing things were getting too quiet, Bryana went to grab her textbook when little did she know Wesley was also getting it and that resulted in their hands touching.

Right away, Wesley started to look away and said "i'm sorry! It's your textbook, I should have asked you first..."

"No, it's fine! You could touch my textbook-touch it all you want! My textbook would love that."

After Bryana realized what she said;her face went COMPLETELY red as it could EVER show through her dark complexion. 'I did NOT just say that?! I sounded so stupid and like a freakin pervert when I said the last part!'

"You're so funny-Bry." Wesley said chuckling.

'Awe, he has such an adorable laugh! and wait-he called me Bry! BRY. I hate when people call me that. But Wesley can call me that ALL he wants.'Bryana thought.

Interrupting her pensees', Wesley said "okay. So 5w+212. Can you explain to me what you would do to solve "w"?

Well you would subtract 5 from each side... and you get 7 and 7-2 equals 5 and 5•2=10. So you'll get w equals 2." Bryana said.

"Good job!" Wesley told her.

"Thanks" Bryana said back to him.

"Okay now, so 6+3y5 What would you do to solve "y".

"Umm... I don't know."

"Yes, Bryana. You do know. You just gotta think."

"Wesley, I don't know okay..."

"Bryana, believe in your self. Because I sure believe in you." Wesley said sounding sincere. Then he took her hands and placed it in his hands and said "You could do it."

If Bryana was nervous then, you should have seen the expression on face now! Realizing what he just did, Wesley quickly took his hands away from Bryana's hands and quickly thought of a way to change the subject when he noticed a sheet of paper that was in her textbook landed on his lap. "What's this?" He thought and well, said out loud.

Right away when Bryana saw what Wesley was talking about Bryana quickly said, "oh, it's nothing!" Sounding high pitched. She always did that when she was nervous.

Knowing Bryana was lying, Wesley felt uncertain that Bryana wasn't telling him the truth. "Can I... Umm, read it please?" Wesley said to Bryana kindly. When he saw that Bryana looked really nervous, he said "nevermind. I'm sorry-it's really none of my business."

"It's fine. You can... Read it." Bryana said quietly while looking away.

"Are you sure? It's really not a problem if you don't want me reading it." Wesley said with sympathy in his eyes wishing Bryana would at least give him eye contact.

"Yes, Wesley. Go ahead." Bryana said taking a deep breath and surprised that she's letting Wesley- Wesley Pasciak read what he was actually about to read. 'Why, Bryana;why?! I should have never wrote that poem in math class.' She thought.

Anyway, Wesley started to read the poem called "One day, Some day."

One day Some day You will see That we are mean't to be One day Some day You will see me as more than "just a friend" One day Some day You'll know this feeling was not pretend One day Some day You'll realize all this time that I love you One day Some day You'll love me back too.

As Wesley was reading the poem, Bryana's eyes were glued to Wesley's face.'Oh, great. I'll be lucky if he even wants to still tutor me after he finishes read that poem.'

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity all Wesley said was "wow! That's a really good poem. Who ever that poem is about is truely lucky that someone like you loves them."

"Oh, umm... Thank you SO much. I appriciate that Wesley." Bryana said as her cheeks started to glow. "Can I ask you something? Wesley said sounding serious. it sorta scared Bryana because she didn't know what Wesley was going to ask her.

"Sure." Bryana said hoarsely.

"So who is he?"

"what?!" Bryana said.

"That poem. You wrote it about that someone special-who is he? You could tell me. Unless you don't trust me..." Wesley said saying the last part hurt."

If I tell you who it is-then could you please promise me that you won't laugh at me?"

"I swear I won't laugh at you. But you must really like this guy." "ALOT.

He takes my breath away everything time I see him.

"Oh, wow..." Wesley said unsure of what to say when randomly Bryana said "it starts with 'y' and ends with 'u'.

Wesley then processed what Bryana said into his mind and made that funny, but cute face whenever he starts thinking.

Bryana felt sick. She just knew that telling Wesley how she felt about him wasn't such a great idea-even if she told him indirectly. So then, Bryana started ranting on to Wesley about how she didn't tell him because she knew he wouldn't feel the same way about her and how stupid she was for thinking she actually had a chance with Wesley when suddenly...

Wesley kissed Bryana-On the lips! It was a slow and passionate kiss that emerged so much emotion as the kiss went on. They stopped kissing for a moment after realizing what just went on between them. And then they started kissing again-but Bryana gently pushed Wesley away from her as he tried deepening the kiss before it went too far because she didn't know if Wesley suddenly kissing her mean't something or if it was a spur of the moment thing and they weren't going to speak about it ever again.

Wesley started licking his lips to show Bryana that he was ready to start kissing her again when he realized something was on her mind.

Breaking the silence, Wesley said "I'm sorry-if what I did made you uncomfortable."

Bryana didn't reply back to him but said to him five minutes later; "Wesley, why? Why did you suddenly, about to say 'do that' but quickly changed her mind and instead chose to say 'kiss me'? Since she didn't want Wesley to think that she was trying to avoid the subject or that she regretted kissing him back and she definitly didn't want Wesley to think that she thought the kiss was disturbing because it so was NOT disturbing. It-it felt not even words can describe how the kiss felt to Bryana. The only word she could think of was perfect.

But she couldn't stand that Wesley was just sitting there not saying anything; and just being silent about how he felt at the moment. So then she suddenly screamed "Because if your motive was to shut me up, then your plan worked perfectly! But if you tried to take advantage of me then- I can't believe you of all people would do that. I seriously thought you were different. Noticing the words she was saying impacted Wesley because he clearly looked offended at what she just said to him and that she was being hostile towards him, she felt really bad so she calmed down and took a profound, long breath before speaking to him.

"Sorry. I didn't mean it like that- I didn't mean any of the things I said." Bryana whispered regretting screaming the words she yelled at him thinking she ruined her chances with Wesley even more.

"Look, Bryana." Wesley said. "I- I didn't kiss you because I was trying to take advantage of you or even because it felt like the right thing to do at the moment. I did it because you said you were stupid! And you're not!:O You're kind, sweet, and smart. Not to mention beautiful..." Wesley said blushing while looking down.

"okay, but wait-you think i'm beautiful?! That's the sweetest thing a guy ever said to me!" Bryana said shocked that Wesley even called her that; because no guy ever called her that before.

"Look, i'm going to admit- I didn't have a crush on you for a long time, but then I realized you seemed like a really cool person and I just wanted to get to know you better.

"Aww, Wesley!" Bryana said. "How are you such an expert on kissing?! Oh, wait- i'm probably like the 50th girl you kissed. Oh my god, i'm SO sorry! That wasn't mean't to be said out loud. I was just thinking that and it came out by accident."

"That's okay! Wesley said. "But i'm not an expert at kissing because you're the first girl that I ever actually kissed..."

"Really?! Oh.

"You okay?" Wesley said fearing that Bryana was going to say something bad.

"Yeah... We should umm, you should just,umm- continue to help tutor me. So where were we..." Bryana said trying to avoid looking up at Wesley.


"Yes, Wesley!"

"Can you please look at me? Where does this leave us?!"

"I don't know Wesley, okay?!You tell me:O"Bryana said looking stressed out and looking like she was about to cry.

Next thing you knew, Bryana felt someone wrap their arms around her and hugged her. They then kissed her on her left cheek. "Hey. Come sit on my lap for a moment."

Bryana did what she was told.

"I like you alot. And I know it maybe too soon, but would you like to be my girlfriend?" Wesley said getting really nervous after Bryana was strangely being quiet.

"Does this answer your question?!" Bryana said smirking then she planted Wesley a short but fierce and romantic kiss. "I would be honored to be your girlfriend." Bryana said looking up at Wesley's warm brown eyes for the first time in the longest.

"Good." Wesley said "because i'm ready to be Your Man. And happy valentine's day!;-)"

"Happy valentine's day babe!;-)"

"I love you Wesley."

"I love you too, my super girl. I love you too".

And the story ends with the new couple holding holds and sharing a tender sweet kiss:)