She looked at him, the look of love filling her eyes.

She hates how whenever she is near him, her train of thought just comes to a complete halt.

It's like her brain stops working, she never knows what she's saying.

She would open her mouth to speak, but nothing would come out, nothing could come out.

He's looking at her with the same exact, love filled expression.

Both of their heads begin to spin out of control, and then it hits them.

They're in love.

But they're best friends; they wouldn't want to ruin their friendship by telling the other person that they love each other, so they both decided to keep quiet.

They want to tell each other how they feel, but they can't form their thoughts into any sort of dialogue.

She doesn't know that he loves her, and he doesn't know that she loves him. And they want to keep it that way.

She quickly looks down at her feet, biting her bottom lip and blushing like crazy when she realized that she was staring at him.

Every look she gives him makes him want to go crazy, but he doesn't.

He wants to tell her how he feels, but he'd rather be alone than take the chance of losing her.

She wants to tell him too, really, very badly.

She wants to be next to him, but she'd also rather be alone than lost him.

Every day, hour, minute, second, he's always on her mind, and she can't do anything to make him leave it.

She just wants to tell him how much she needs him, but he wouldn't understand.

What would happen if he just turned away from her without a second thought?

She believes that everything in her life would begin to spiral down, crushing her heart on the way.

Everything would turn to blue and grey.

She would just wish she had never told him anything,

She'd wish that she had said Nevermind when she had the chance, instead of telling him about her feelings towards him.

She could still tell him now, take the leap of faith and tell him, but she doesn't.

She just continues talking to him as if her mind wasn't always on him.

But she could never forget her feelings for him. Ever.

He says something about him having to leave, and with a wave good bye, he's gone.

Once he's out of her sight, she whispers three words, eight letters long.

"I love you."

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