Chapter 1: Human

Six Years Later

Jacob was a troubled young man of eighteen. His hair was a raven black, his eyes a light brown. His older brother had disappeared when he was merely eleven and his brother twenty three. He never liked talking to his parents as that would usually lead to fights about his brother.

"It's like you don't even care!" came the scream from Jacob this night during an argument that got especially heated.

"There's nothing we could have done," came the reply from his father.

"We could have done something!"

"Jacob, honey," this coming from his mother, "he was taken by vampires. You know the police can do anything about those kinds of cases."

"How could you have that kind of attitude toward your own son?! William deserves better."

This earned Jacob a swift back handed slap from his father. His mother didn't even react. Jacob paused, tears stinging the corners of his eyes.

"I hate both of you. I'm out."

With that, he stormed out of the front door. He angrily walked down the street where he ran in to his friend, the ever loyal Chris.

"Jesus Christ Jay! What happened to your face?"

"I had an argument with the folks again."

"About your brother."

"When isn't it about him? You have a cigarette?"

"Damn. Fresh out. Want to go to the liquor store with me?"

"Yeah. God knows I need a good smoke."

They made their way to the liquor store around the corner of the kind of sleazy neighborhood. They went in and bought a few packs of cigarettes plus a few snacks. They decided to loiter on the side of the shop in an alley. They both took a cigarette each and lit them up. They stood against the wall for a few minutes as a small group of men rounded the corner which consisted of two large, muscular what look like twins and a very effeminate man leading the way. The effeminate one had scruffy brown hair atop his head and was dressed in a very tight leather piece, accented with studded belts, a bolero jacket and knee height combat style boots, all of which black. Chris was the one that noticed them first. He let out a slight gasp as he moved in to action

"Stay behind me Jay," Chris said as he pulled Jacob behind his back as in to protect the younger teen.

The group approached with an air of superiority. The leader approached the older of the two until they were face to face.

"What the hell do you want, Andy?" Chris asked the effeminate one.

"Oh my Christoph. That was very rude. That is no way to speak to your elders." At this point Jacob was confused as the effeminate one named Andy looked no older than eighteen.

"Don't call me that. What do you want?" Chris spat to the ground in a sign of defiance.

"The boy. Milord requests it."

"You can't take him."

"But milord requests it. There was a time you were loyal to him. Don't you want to get back to that time?"

"That was long ago. I thought he was different."

"Hand over the boy!"


With that both Andy and Chris bared their elongated canines, both trying to gain dominance of the situation. Chris quickly pinned Andy to the wall, Jacob frozen where he stood.

"Run Jay!" Chris shouted, gruff voice breaking.

Without another moment's thought, Jacob ran down the street trying desperately to get out of that situation. What the hell was going on? Silence and then came the command from Andy to the twins. Jacob's heart skipped a beat as he tried to run faster.

"Well? What are you waiting for? After him!"

The twins bolted after the teen. This left Andy and Chris alone in a stalemate. A sudden move, then Andy's hand is plunged deep in to Chris' chest sending the younger man to the ground without a sound. Andy looked at his hand and licked at the blood, amused grin reaching his face. He then went after his target with a renewed determination.

Jacob had been running for what seemed like forever, his body becoming exhausted. A thought crossed his mind that he had lost them when the figure of one of the twins appeared in front of him with an evil grin across his face. Jacob then turned rapidly in to an alley way where he was faced with a dead end. Mother of hell. This was bad and the young man knew very well that he was in a pickle. The twins took absolutely no time cornering the boy, one with duct tape in hand. One of them knocked Jacob to the ground with a thud as the other started binding his wrists together. Jacob struggled with all of his might, but he simply couldn't get away. He screamed but was cut off when duct tape surrounded his mouth. This was very bad. His ankles came next as the twins had no problem overpowering the teen. By this time, Jacob became too tired to struggle any further. His will just didn't match his endurance. That was when Andy approached, boot heals clacking against the concrete. The twins forced him, more or less, to a standing position to be face to face with his tormentor. Andy raised his hand and knocked Jacob unconscious with a strong blow to the shoulder where it meets the base of the neck.

Jacob woke up after God knows what time, in what seemed to be an abandoned warehouse. It was still dark out. The teen then took a look at his surroundings until he came to see a man sitting at what appeared to be a throne, legs over one of the arms of the chair. That wasn't very regal at all, Jacob thought to himself. The man's face was obscured by a silver mask in the shape of a fox head, but Jacob could see that he had brilliant eyes of blue. Standing next to the mystery man was that Andy. The twins were nowhere in sight.

"Isn't he just lovely, milord?" Andy asked, hoping it would lead to praise.

The lord, as Andy called him, said nothing, only stood and walked over to Jacob. He knelt down next to Jacob's head, his hand reaching out to the boy's chin. Jacob closed his eyes fearing the worst. The lord ripped at the tape keeping Jacob from speaking with a quick jolt.

"Wh-who are you?" Jacob whispered after he recovered from the stinging pain of where the tape was.

"You may call me lord, boy. You realize what I am I presume. I'm a bit on the hungry side. You seem to make a fine meal."

"P-please don't. I'll do anything. I-I won't say a word. P-promise."

"My appetite is calling."

"What did you do with Chris?"

"Christoph? Andy, would you like to inform him?"

"Certainly milord. I tore his heart out. He went rather peacefully." Andy said much too calmly.

"You monster!" Jacob screamed with a lilt in his voice.

"Shush, my little pet. It'll all be over soon."

The lord bit down on Jacob's neck. The noise was probably the most unbearable as the teen writhed in pain. A whimper escaped his throat as the searing hot pain of the vampire's canines dug in to his flesh. The lord took his time drinking from the boy's neck. Jacob lost consciousness after a few moments.

"That was rather satisfying. He probably won't make it."

There was a small whimper coming from Jacob's body which startled the lord. The lord and Andy stared for a bit, not knowing whether to believe the boy was still alive or not. Another whimper, this time louder.

"It seems like we have a fighter here Andy. I rather suspected."

"What will you do milord?"

"I was looking forward to this. I'll turn him."

"What? But you said-"

"I know what I said. The boy is a special case. That's why I had you follow him."

"Yes, but-"

"No buts. I'm turning him."

The lord took out a large, ornate dagger from his blood red coat. He used it to slice open the skin on his palm, then put it down beside himself. He then grabbed Jacob by the handful of raven black hair.

"Would you like to live forever, boy?" Jacob only whimpered in newly formed pain. It sounded like one who is pleading for his life. The lord brought his bloody hand next to Jacob's mouth, the liquid seeping down the teen's chin.

"Drink. It'll make you feel better."

Jacob started to suck after a moment's hesitation at the lord's palm. It was weak at first, but started to become stronger. So strong in fact, the lord was surprised the boy still had that much strength left. He hit the boy to have him release. Not hard enough to hurt his new creation, no. Just enough to have the other release his grip.

"That's enough." the lord said as he put away his dagger.

"What did you do to me?" Jacob asked as he regained his senses.

"What I should have done long ago."

The lord and Andy suddenly disappeared as if it were a magic trick. Jacob was left alone in a huge empty warehouse. He freed his wrists from their bindings with a strong tug, then he freed his ankles. The renewed strength was a mystery to Jacob. Once free, he escaped the warehouse and ran. He didn't know, or care, where. He certainly wasn't going back home, he knew that much. He ran in to the night. He just wanted to escape. To where, even he didn't know.

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