Chapter 1: Human

Six Years Later

Jacob is a troubled young man of eighteen. His older brother had disappeared when he was merely eleven and his brother twenty three. He never liked talking to his parents as that would usually lead to fights about his brother.

"It's like you don't even care!" comes the scream from Jacob this night during an argument that got especially heated.

"There's nothing we could have done." comes the reply from his father.

"We could have done something!"

"Jacob, honey," this coming from his mother, "he was taken by vampires. You know the police can do anything about those kinds of cases."

"How could you have that kind of attitude toward your own son! William deserves better."

This earns Jacob a swift back handed slap from his father. His mother doesn't even react. Jacob pauses, tears stinging the corners of his eyes.

"I hate both of you. I'm out."

With that, he storms out of the front door. He angrily walks down the street where he runs in to his friend, Chris.

"Jesus Christ Jay! What happened to your face?"

"I had an argument with the folks again."

"About your brother."

"When isn't it about him. You have a cigarette?"

"Damn. Fresh out. Want to go to the liquor store with me?"

"Yeah. God knows I need a good smoke."

They make their way to the liquor store around the corner. They go in and by a few packs of cigarettes and a few snacks. They decide to loiter on the side of the shop in an alley. They both take a cigarette and light them up. They stay against the wall for a few minutes as a small group of men round the corner which consists of two large, muscular what look like twins and a very effeminate man leading the way. Chris is the one that notices them first.

"Stay behind me Jay," Chris says as he pulls Jacob behind.

The group approaches. The leader approaches Chris until they are face to face.

"What the hell do you want, Andy?" Chris asks the effeminate one.

"Oh my Christoph. That was very rude."

"Don't call me that. What do you want?"

"The boy. Milord requests it."

"You can't take him."

"But milord requests it. There was a time you were loyal to him."

"That was long ago. I thought he was different."

"Hand over the boy!"


With that both Andy and Chris reveal their fangs, both trying to gain dominance of the situation. Chris quickly pins Andy to the wall. Jacob is frozen where he stands.

"Run Jay!" Chris shouts.

Without another moment's thought, Jacob runs down the street trying desperately to get out of that situation. Silence and then comes the command from Andy to the twins.

"Well? What are you waiting for? After him!"

The twins bolt after Jacob. This leaves Andy and Chris alone in a stalemate. A sudden move, then Andy's hand is plunged deep in to Chris' chest sending the young man to the ground without a sound. Andy looks at his hand and licks at the blood. He then goes after his target.

Jacob has been running for what seems like forever, his body becoming exhausted. He thinks he has lost them when the figure of one of the twins appears in front of him with an evil grin across his face. Jacob then turns in to an alley way where he is faced with a dead end. The twins take absolutely no time cornering the boy, one with duct tape in hand. One of them knocks Jacob to the ground as the other starts binding his wrists together. Jacob struggles with all of his might, but he simply can't get away. He screams but is cut off when duct tape surrounds his mouth. His ankles come next. By this time, Jacob becomes too tired to struggle any further. That's when Andy approaches. The twins force him, more or less, to a standing position to be face to face with his tormentor. Andy raises his hand and knocks Jacob unconscious.

Jacob wakes up in what seems to be an abandoned warehouse. It's still dark out. He sees a man sitting at what appears to be a throne, legs over one of the arms of the chair. The man's face is obscured by a silver mask in the shape of a fox head, but he can see that he has brilliant blue eyes. Standing next to the mystery man is Andy. The twins are nowhere in sight.

"Isn't he just lovely, milord?" Andy asks, hoping it'll lead to praise.

The lord says nothing, only stands and walks over to Jacob. He kneels down next to Jacob's head, his hand reaches out to the boy's chin. Jacob closes his eyes fearing the worst. The lord rips at the tape around the mouth and removes it.

"Wh-who are you?" Jacob whispers.

"You may call me lord, boy. I'm a bit on the hungry side. You seem to make a fine meal."

"P-please don't. I'll do anything. I-I won't say a word. P-promise."

"My appetite is calling."

"What did you do with Chris?"

"Christoph? Andy, would you like to inform him?"

"Certainly milord. I tore his heart out. He went rather peacefully." Andy says calmly.

"You monster!" Jacob screams.

"Sh, my little pet. It'll all be over soon."

The lord bites down on Jacobs neck. Jacob writhes in pain and lets out a small whimper. The lord takes his time drinking from the boy's neck. Jacob loses consciousness.

"That was rather satisfying. He probably won't make it."

There is a small whimper coming from Jacob's body. The lord and Andy stare for a bit, not knowing whether to believe the boy was still alive or not. Another whimper, this time louder.

"It seems like we have a fighter here Andy. I rather suspected."

"What will you do milord?"

"I was looking forward to this. I'll turn him."

"What? But you said-"

"I know what I said. The boy is a special case. That's why I had you follow him."

"Yes, but-"

"No buts. I'm turning him."

The lord takes out a large, ornate dagger from his blood red coat. He uses it to slice open his palm, then puts it down besides himself. He grabs Jacob's head with his other hand.

"Would you like to live forever, boy?" Jacob only whimpers. It sounds like one who is pleading for his life. The lord brings his bloody hand next to Jacob's mouth.

"Drink. It'll make you feel better."

Jacob starts to suck at the lord's palm. It's weak at first, but starts to become stronger. So strong in fact, the lord tries to pull away but can't. He hit's the boy to have him release.

"That's enough." the lord says as he puts away his dagger.

"What did you do to me?" Jacob asks as he regains consciousness.

"What I should have done long ago."

The lord and Andy suddenly disappear. Jacob is left alone in a huge empty warehouse. He frees his wrists from their bindings with a strong tug, then he frees his ankles. Once free, he escapes the warehouse and runs. He doesn't know where. He certainly isn't going back home. He runs in to the night. He just wants to escape. To where, even he doesn't know.

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