Chapter 7: Andy, You're A Star

This was it. Andy had been captured by the enemy. He knows that he'd done some terrible things. He'd killed one of them, before their eyes. It's probably the most traumatizing for the mortal girl Jacob has an interest in. Why can't he escape his bindings. Were their spells honestly that strong? Jacob comes in to the dark basement where he was locked in, along with a few muscular looking men.

"Get up." Jacob demands.

"I can't you idiot. I'm strapped down, remember?" Andy spits out. Two of the other men grab Andy and easily lift him up.

"Where are you taking me, boy?"

"You'll see."

The men take Andy through the corridor and on to the outdoor stage that they do their shows. This seems familiar. They force him on to the stage floor. Now this seems really familiar. Out of the darkness, a young woman appears. She has raven black hair and striking blue eyes. Even she looks familiar. The woman gently lifts Andy's chin up so that they're looking each other in the eye.

"After all these years, I finally have you in my grasp."

"What the hell are you talking about?"


"I don't even know you. Why would you want revenge on me?"

"You don't remember. I wouldn't blame you. It was so long ago."

"Come to think of it, you do look familiar. But me oh my, I've killed so many, I can't possibly remember."

Delilah takes no time in punching Andy straight in the jaw. Andy falls on to his side, reeling in the pain.

"Jesus Christ!" Andy spits blood, "Why the hell was that so painful?"

"You think that's bad. It's nothing compared to what's coming."

Delilah grabs Andy by the hair and drags him to a corner of the stage. Andy struggles against the grip, but it's no use. The grip loosens and Andy is thrown to the ground in front of a metal tub. The two muscular men from before grab Andy by the forearms as Delilah grabs the hair once again. There is a moment of pause before Andy's head is submerged in to the tub full of freezing water. He thrashes with all of his might but he's too weak. The hand on his head pulls him up for an all too short breath before he's plunged in again. This continues for a while before Andy is thrown to the ground, trying to regain his composure.

"What did I do?" Andy gasps and coughs.

"I'll tell you what you did. Once I teach you a lesson." Delilah hisses. She motions to the two men who grab him yet again.

"What are you going to do to me?"

"Oh nothing you won't enjoy you little slut. You may proceed gentlemen."

The two men throw Andy back on to the ground where one straddles his hips and the other holds him down by the shoulders. Andy searches his memories, frantic to place the woman's face. He can't think for long when the first man, at his hips, reveals a knife and places it at the dancer's neck. His wrists are rubbing raw where the ropes tie them together. The knife drags down and makes contact with his t-shirt. Andy's breath hitches as he hears a tearing sound. He shivers as his bare chest is assaulted by the cold night air.

"Funny," Delilah muses, "I didn't think you could feel anything. Now I'll subject you to what you love you whore."

"No please."

"You should have thought about that before you killed my brother."

My brother. No. She can't be. Is that even possible? That hair and those eyes don't lie.

"You think this is bad compared to what your brother put me through?"

The man at his hips punches him hard in the jaw.

"Don't you dare speak to her like that you little-"

"Wait," Delilah interrupts, "Let's hear him out. What exactly did my brother do to you? Hm?"

"Did you tell any of these poor saps who exactly your brother is?"

"They don't need to know."

"The Master! You have no idea what-? Wait a minute. You were that little bitch on the spotlights, weren't you?"

"And so what if I was?"

"Were you even there when he took me?"

"No, I wasn't there for your first show."

"So you probably don't know that I was a human being before your brother had his way with me."

"Enough! Boys. You may continue."

Before the men could even move, Jacob steps in.

"D? Is this even right?" he asks, concern evident in his voice.

"Excuse me?"

"Is it right to torture him?"

"Have you forgotten what he did to Jenny?"

"No, but-"

"Stop right there. He killed the first girl you fell in love with, just because his precious lord told him to. Now that you have another girl you had the courage to have feelings for, don't you want this whore gone?"

"Enough!" Andy shouts, surprising everyone, "Do you know what it's like to be called a whore and a slut when the only one I had consensual sex with was with milord?"

"That's not true!" Delilah screeches back.

"Oh yes it is. People fancy me promiscuous only because of my reputation at the original show," Andy starts to tear up at the memories, "The truth is that your brother raped me nearly every night after his friends had their way with me. I was a bloody mess when he would ravage my body. He enjoyed every minute of it as I suffered."

"No! You liar!"

"It's true," he begins to full out cry, "I was just a normal eighteen year old kid fresh out of high school when your brother took me. He only turned me because he wanted to keep me forever. What kind of sick-"

Delilah runs up to the three men on the ground and shoves the two holding Andy down out of the way. She then proceeds to kick and punch the screaming Andy. He is soon covered in bruises, scrapes and cuts. Jacob the grabs Delilah from the waist and pulls her off before she could do too much damage.

"Let me go!" she screams.

"No! Stop it! He's had enough. Just look at him." Jacob tries to calm Delilah down.

"Leave me alone! Just-just leave him for the sun. He won't survive long."

With that, Delilah and the two muscular men leave, without another word. Jacob looks behind his shoulder at the whimpering frame of Andy. He kind of looked pathetic and weak all bruised up like that. The sun would kill him, but he couldn't shake the feeling that this whole thing was wrong.

The morning hours begin to strike as Andy wakes from a less than comfortable rest. The sun's rays begin to shine on the horizon. The first rays hit Andy's skin. He hisses in pain as the light dances on his pale skin. He begin to writhe and struggle against his bonds in hopes that he could get loose, but to no avail. This is how he will die. How pathetic. He's stronger than this. He lies still, ready to accept his fate when a shadow covers him from the sun. He tries to look up, but can't distinguish the shape.

"Oh my love," a familiar voice sounds, "What have they done to you?"

"M-milord?" Andy asks weakly.

"Yes. I'm here. What happened to you? Did they-?"

"No. They tried to drown me and they kicked the crap out of me, but they didn't have the chance to touch me."


The lord turns Andy on his stomach and observes the ropes.

"Looks like a strong charm there."

"Please milord. Untie me. I can't stand feeling helpless like this. Especially after-"

"Sh. Don't talk anymore. We'll be home in no time."

"Thank you. I love you."

"I love you too. Now rest my dear."

Andy's eyelids become heavy and he loses consciousness. The lord flips Andy over and lifts him like a groom would to a bride. They disappear as the sun starts to fully rise.

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