I saw Amy texting someone in the hall way. I wasn't following her if that is what you're thinking… okay maybe I'm kind of following her, but I'm not some creepy stalker girl or whatever. Amy and I are best friends, it's just that she has been acting weird lately and I wanted to see what was going on.

Amy's phone beeped indicating that she has a text message. She smiled as she flipped open her old fashion phone and read the text.

"Who are you texting," I asked sneaking up behind her.

" My.. mom," Amy said obviously startled.

"Since when does your mom's texts make you smile."

" Why were you watching me," she said changing her mood from nervous to angry.

"Answer the question, Amy."

"We should just get back to lunch, Kasey, Devin, And Chloë are probably wondering what we are doing."

From that moment on I knew that Amy was hiding something, something big. Out of us five best friends-Devin, Chloë, Kasey, Amy, and I have never hid anything from each other.

"Where were you guys," Devin asked as we sat back down at our lunch table.

"Bathroom," I blurted nervously.

It was awkwardly silent. Amy was staring at me and we were all shooting each other awkward glares.

"Well, that was a long bathroom break," Kasey said breaking the silence. "What'd you eat for breakfast burritos."

Well, there's Kasey for you always trying to lighten the mood.

Lunch ended and we chatted in the hall as usually, but really we all knew something was up.