JUst so you know this chapter takes place the next morning.


I got to school early this morning, usually i ride the bus but for some reason my mom wanted to drop me off. I went to the gymnasium where everyone wait for their home room teachers to pick them up, the principal only did that so that we wouldn't be wondering the halls.

Jenna was sitting on the farthest set of bleachers. She was pretty much the only one there except for a few eight graders that I didn't know.

"Hey, Kay-Kay," Jenna said as she saw me approaching her.

"How many times do I have to tell you don't call me that."

"Come one we all have nicknames," she replied.

"Oh, really. Then what is your nickname," I said nonchalantly.


"I gotta go to the bathroom." I just had to get away from her, sometimes Jenna gets on my last nerves. She acts so stupid.

I put my bag down and walked out of the gymnasium and down the hallway which had dull gray floors that are decorated with dust, which make my allergies act up. And I hate being reminded of my allergies, they are the worst. Sometimes when I am playing soccer I start sneezing so badly that the coach as to sit me out.

Anyway, I turned the corner and was about to go through the door with the women stick figure on it when I heard voices coming from the janitors. Which is ironically right next to the bathroom. The door was cracked and I could see a light coming from in there. it sounded like two people in the janitors closet. I really wanted to know who was in their so I looked around to make sure no one was around, but of course no one was in the hallway this early in the morning. So I went up to the slightly opened door and took a peek.

I saw John in there.

john is the ugliest, most annoying boy in the entire school. I couldn't imagine why he would be in there alone.

Then I saw her, Amy in the janitors closet with John. They hugged each other and it wasn't a hug you give a friend it was more than that. HE whispered in her ear and made her laugh. It almost made me want to puke.

"John you haven't told anyone about us have you," Amy asked.

He pulled away and looked her in the eyes. "No, why would you say that. Has anyone said anything?"

Her expression changed to something sad and worried. As she turned away from John and headed to the door. I quickly backed away and stumbled into the bathroom.

I locked myself in a stall. I couldn't belive Amy was dating John, what the hell did she see in him. more importantly why didn't she tell us.

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