I never wanted to become what I am, to live forever. I wanted to go to the underworld, to be with the gods, to take my rightful place. I was the daughter of the pharaoh, the first one, but I'm not remembered because of want I became. A monster.


Whispers i dare speak

Life is like war, never know what will be around the corner.
the sun, the moon silently wait for the worlds end, but they are futile to stop their boredom.

Swords came to pass, but i still stand at the end of the city lights, waiting for my enemies, hilt in hand sword bear.
i choose not to see the changing world, i will stay in the past, hoping i stay invisible to the world which encloses me.

I fight in the silver moonlight, never letting my king down.
Yet after my eternal stand i feel the metal slice though me, and i am averted back to the time when i died.

The fatal blood hit, and warm crimson falls as i do.
my surroundings change, and i am back on the stone, where i died before.
my blood pools around me, hilt in hand.
"goddess, stone or flesh, send me where you will, i am your loyal knight, i fear death no longer."
cold crimson dries, as the sun rises on the horizon.
"You can't save me now, my time i spent"
and i die as the sun grows high.

In spite of my death, the legend lives on, in her, Isis's descendants.
The few chosen to carry the blood of the ancients.

Their life is long, so...
how long will mine be!

Moon lit destiny

3995bc Ancient Egypt

The water of the Nile gushed by my side, (this is when the desert was a beautiful oasis) birds flew around in the tall trees, and on the great hill was the temple to Isis and just below that my home, the palace. I was 16 and to be married soon, but that was not for me, I didn't want a husband. That's why I was hiding in the oasis. I heard a twig break behind me, I turned fast as a wolf, "ooo... it's only you Ramose" I said with a sigh of relief. "Princess" he said sadly. "You don't have to call me 'princess' Ramose, you are my friend not a slaves to me" he was a slave in the palace but, we'd been friends since we were babies, his mother was my mother maid, and when my mother died, (died in labour having my brother, I hate him. always have. He and my husband-to-be were best friends), she became my nanny and so me and Ramose spent much time together.
"Our father wishes you home to meet your betrothed" My brother's voice startled me. He must have followed Ramose. "No, I don't like him, in fact I hate him" I said without turning to look at my brother. I know I sounded like a child so I turned quickly to look him in the eye. Letting him know that I'm older then he is by 4 years. We were the same height, and so I held my stare unwavering with his for longer then necessary. I saw him flinch at the mental blows I was throwing at him, after a long moment he blinked and ran back to the palace. Ramose pull me to him, giving me that don't be stupid look "I know but..." I started but he shushed me hugging me close to him, he had nothing to say that would comfort me, but it felt nice just to be touched by him. "Please don't make me go back" I said, but he shook his head then released me, "I will be married in a week" he pulled me to him and kissed me, I kissed him back breathing in his scent. We had always had feeling for each other but we were too different so we pretended that we didn't like each other in that way, but we did, we were more than friends. And now with my marriage, we let all our feelings out.
"I love you" he whispered in my ear. "I lov..." snap I pulled away and looked around. "Crap" I whispered, as I saw my brother rise from behind a large rock, and run to back to the palace in the distance. I held back the tears knowing my brother would now tell my father, putting both our lives at risk. "What do we do?" I asked Ramose, my eyes held the silent hope that it would be alright, but my heart knew otherwise. "I bring you back which your father scent me to do, and when your father confronts us, we say nothing happened" I nodded, even thou I knew it was a hopeless idea.

That night, my father came charging into my room holding Ramose by his ear "No Ramose" I looked into my father's hard cold eyes "Father, want by the gods are you doing. Let him go" he did by throwing him at me. I picked him up, we looked at each other, already knowing our fate. "Narmer told me you two are in love, he is a slave" "I can't marry someone who isn't even a man yet." I screamed, I then sore my brother behind my father sneering. "Do you love this slave" I looked at Ramose, he nods his understanding, and I closed my eyes.
"Always" I Whispered, Ramose smiled.
"Put him in the dungeons. Her... In Isis's temple" I then see in my father eyes that at that moment he had disowned me. I am grabbed roughly and then it go's black as I was hit over the head. The final thoughts that went though my head was, in the dungeons of Isis's temple a monster is said to live and everyone who goes down their never comes back, ever.

My eyes opened, and I heard a dull chatter from up above in the temple courtyard. I felt pain in my neck as I sat up, my hair was sticky and my clothes were heavy with blood. Which still trickled from my open wounds, "Good... you're up" the voice echoed around the dark chamber, so I was unable to pin point it origin. I looked around, my eyes sight was not yet accustomed to the dim darkness, but I could see daylight from small creaks in the ceiling. I was puzzled as the voice asked "Do you know that man?" "W-what no... I'll have to see him" I stood on shaky legs and walked to the moving shadows to look though one of the creaks to see "Ramose..." I breathed his name, has he was pushed onto the stone used for sacrifices. "I must help him" I said before my reality of being imprisoned hit me. "You can" the voice said startling me "you are Isis," the shadow walked to where a shaft of light shined on her face. She was lovely, with long black hair and a very pale face for that of an Egyptian. However her likeness to the many statues around the temple above was uncanny. Without explaining she carried on talking "You will get all my memorise... you will be a living goddess... a deity for the people to worship and love... " "what?..." I cut in. "Here take my clothes," she grasped a pile of fabric and then throw them at me. I looked down at myself only now realising I stood naked, blood covering me. I gladly accepted the clothing and put them on. "You're now a goddess... immortal..." I looked into her darkening eyes and sore the pain for hundreds of years shadowing them. Unable to comprehend what the strange woman said, I stood transfixed just listening to her "My time is up... so you are Isis now... you will have great power, both physical and metal over the mortals." Dust began to rise around her feet and circle her lower body. Her skin started to creak like a clay vase being heated, "Save your friend" she smiled "Live a long, happy life and give your love freely" I shielded my eyes as a bright light filled the chamber and coughed as dust swirled around me.

When I opened my eyes again I was outside at the back of the crowed courtyard. Blood still coated my hair and body. People turned to stare at me as I walked past. The metallic smell of blood made them cover their mouths and noses. I stood at the front of the crowd and faced the on looking people all gathered to see Ramose's sacrificed.
The joy at seeing me alive was soon replaced by worry at the sight of my blood covered body. I couldn't tell if the shock on my father and brother's face was because of the blood or me being out of my cell. "Surprised I'm not dead" I asked the crowd, I stepped up to where I normally would sit as their princess. I could now see the clothing Isis had given me, a long piece of fabric wrapped to make a skirt and a tight leather breast plate, simple clothing for a goddess I thought. I had always been pale, and my hair huge lose down my back in blooded rat tails. I looked as if i had just finished crying over my dead husband's corps, Osiris, the living embodiment of Isis.
"Isetnofret?" My father asked rising from his dais "By the gods, look at you. They will curse you for such insolence. You cannot wear the face of the great goddess Isis" I shook my head and turned to the growing crowd of people. "I am Isis" My shout rose over the crowd of people. Loud footstep echoed behind me. My eyes went scarlet, as I turned faster than humanly possibly, and then placed my nails in the man's neck. I held him there as I let his life blood flow from his body. I felt an itch on my neck as my wombs started to close, "I am the goddess incarnated" Turning to Ramose I ripped the ropes from his hands. I jumped from the stone and pushed a guard from his horse. I mounted the bay mere and pulled Ramose up behind me. I kicked the horse into a flat out gallop. I weaved the mere in and out of the crowd, once we were free of the obstacles I pushed her onto the stone columns that lead out into the desert beyond. My father's voice resonating behind us, "You will regret this". "No, I will not" I whispered to myself. And the mere quickened her gait to move us further from the city and out into the desert.