Deaths rose


I still live in the time of the great legendary king Arthur. I now find myself in places of great power and authority. I am the commanding knight. I live for my new place and I love it, doing want I am good at, killing, and for something good.

Uther died 15 long years ago. Killed, and I can't say I didn't have anything to do with it. But I now must live here, and finally in 100's of year I am happy again. But each time I see this I also know the bitter truth, pain, sadness, guilt and remorse. Because my true love is 50, and each year he aged I wept, knowing I would not follow him in death, as I stay the age, for an eternity. I now fare most the reaper as we charge into battle of Camlann. The battle if we win will bring a legend to the land, one which I know will be told for thousands of year to come. And me telling of the great heroic king of legend. I will leave me out of it, leaving the glory for Arthur alone.

I ride next to Arthur I see no horror on his face, only the solemn look. I know reservations cover mine, as worries plague my thoughts. My eyes have a slit red tint to them, as the anticipation of death is high in the air.

I can hear the charge of the enemy's horse, the Saxons. We stand a little in front of the main army of a 100 brave men. I can hear their hard, heavy breath. The cold winter morning give a fog to the surrounding land. I know the men can only see 10 yards in font unlike me; I see for miles and even if I couldn't all my other senses would stay alert in the cold wind. I know a howling storm follows the enemy, it pushes them on urges them to kill.

I am the only knight who does not were a helmet as I have no fear of death, as I know I will live long after this battle has ended. I look up to the sky hoping, praying that god will once more spare the life of the great king. But I feel in my gut that this is the last time will ride in to battle together.

"Gwen," (I had adopted this name recently, has most people felt easier for me to take on a new identity as I never aged) Arthur can see my suspicions "whatever happens I will not leave you without saying goodbye" I look deep into his solemn green eyes,

"My lord, I know you will not, but you must understand I will not see you again for many lifetimes" I drop my eyes; he moves my hair from my eyes.

"I understand, you are meant for more that this" I put his hand in mine as the horn sounds.

"Are you with me?"

"Till the death" I said with a smile, his smile matches mine "MEN READY!" I call

"ADVANCE!" Arthur shouts. I urge my black stallion on, I prefer mares but a knight is expected to ride a stallion to battle. I see the great sword draw by the king 'Excalibur'. I draw mine even though I will barely use it.

It the mist of the men and beasts I lose sight of my king. My chain mail dress feels light on my thin pale body, and my breast plain it already splatters with the blood of the enemy. My sword drips with the warm crimson. I am still mounted on my beast. And I wish to stay this way as I have a clear view over the men's heads. I cannot see Arthur anywhere; I know he has been pulled from his horse. I once more urge my steed on, as I pass enemies I swing my sword, I kill another at the stallions side. I kill numerous men, yet there always to be more.

After countless hours of blood shed the enemy has fallen and I could only see our men still standing, none of them my king. I dismount and run to the grouped of injured men blood and tears slipping down my face. "NO... ARTHUR!" I pushed them out the way. There on the muddy ground lay my king, the years had melted out and he looked like my prince once more "Arthur" I mumble "I'd be so lost if you go" my tears now pour on to his armour.

"You couldn't save me from the beginning" he said with a faint, weak smile "I love you so much it hurts my soul to think about leaving you" I could see his pain.

"I knew this was destined to go wrong," I said touching his cold face

"You'll always be mine, I know this deep inside, forgive me" I hold his hand

"What for? For so long I have tried to shield you from the world" I said tightening my grip.

"Goodbye… Guin…evere… forgive… me…" I nod I can see his life pasting. I see the shadow of the grim reaper, the essence of death.

"No, not him, not yet." I shout at the growing shadow "Arthur! You gave up the fight, you're leaving my behind. No... Please..." his grip become a little stronger, I shift on my knees, my metal dress, is brownie red with blood.

"No… Guinevere I didn't… I love you and this is why I give you Excalibur" it his hand losens on my, and with the other passes the great powerful sword Excalibur "look after her well" he say with strength. I sit in the blood lake the sky blue behind me. I know my beauty it that of a goddess, even with the blood and tears.

"You're time has passed" I stop the tears falling "I love you"

"And I love you..." I see his spirit rise and fade as the shadow starts to take him.

"Remember who I am. You will find me in the world of yesterday" I hear the winds to whisper to me.

"I will..." I whisper to nothing.

I place the last stone on the ground; I look up into the sun light. I watch the clouds drift by, but still the sun can't warm my face.

I stand holding Excalibur in my left hand. I now wear a long dress with a thick black belt and a crimson cape embroidered with the Pendragon dragons.

I raise the sword to the sky. "Hale king Arthur, may he rest in pace for evermore." The chant is taken up by the people. "Tell no one of his resting place, here in this stone circle. He will live on in the ages, in peace" I command, a spark of magic heats the stones for a second and appears to age them greatly.

"Hale Queen Guinevere, Long Live the Queen" they shout.

I walk to where my second in command stands,

"Lancelot, you are in charge; I am not permitted to rein, here." He looks shocked and scared "I have faith in you my friend" I turn to merlin who stand, his silver bear blowing in the light breezes "leave my out of the stories you tell, people should not remember me" he nods, he might be the wise of us all.

I mount my noble mare, and urge her in to a canter in two strides. Tears pour from my pale eyes, I halt her, and she skids to a stop. I risk a glance back, fearing the all too similarly seen of lose, I kick her into a gallop and leave for yet another time.

This time though I know I cannot return, even though I may what to. These people have to forget me, I must become a legend.