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1."Abigail! Come on! Mom says we're going to the river!" Pushing up her glasses, Abigail smiled and grabbed her two massive textbooks. She stood up and accidentally bumped her head on the shelf above her cluttered desk.

"Ow." she muttered, rubbing her chocolate brown cropped hair. Her forest green eyes widened as she looked above her shelf.

"Rexy! Are you okay?" she asked, reaching for a cage. Abigail opened it up and took out a white rat, who was chattering loudly. She sighed and kissed the top of its head.

"Sorry Rexy." she apologized, and put the rat back in its cage. Grabbing her ragged book bag, Abigail stuffed the two text books and a drawing pad in it, and walked out of her room with a pencil in her ear.

2. The moon. The moon was calling to her, calling her innermost being. The waves shifted back and forth in the pale moonlight, dancing in the darkened waters. The figure sat down on an old bench, transfixed by the simple beauty. Her callused hands pulled up the folds of her jeans, bringing the end of them to her knees. Delicately she dipped her foot into the river, hurtling rings of energy through the water.

Ignoring common sense, she stepped deeper into the water, one foot after another. The moon, the water- it was connected somehow.

3. A girl stands alone in the silent night. A river flows around her bare feet, glowing with a magic pulse, Mother Nature's gift. The girl tucks a piece of blonde hair behind her ear, pushing it away from the rest of her cropped hair. Breathing heavily, the girl collapses on the rivers side, tears threatening to fall down her face. Hugging her navy blue jeans, the girl bites her lip, which has now began to tremble.

"Natasha?" The voice is smooth, warm and caring. It carcasses her ear with a pleasant tone, but it's the same voice Natasha doesn't want to hear. Natasha glares at the shadowy trees.

"Go away Jordan!" she snarls at the intruder. Emerging from the shadows, Jordan smirks, blowing a tuff of his brown hair up.

"And why should I?" he tosses back, rolling up his black jeans and stepping into the glowing water. Natasha growls and wipes her tearstained face.

"Because- becaus- agh!" She turns, crossing her arms sourly. Jordan rolls his eyes and walks toward her, setting his firm hand on her shoulder. Natasha's face becomes crimson, but not willing to admit defeat, she stays there, the moonlight shining down on her.

"Tell me what's wrong." he whispers in her ear. Her slate blue eyes widen, and a tear threatens to escape. She doesn't stop it. She suddenly turns and weeps into Jordan's chest. His callused hands gently stroke her hair.

"Shhh...it's okay." he whispers. Natasha shakes her head, but keeps sobbing. Jordan smiles and suddenly grabs her hand, scooping her up bridal style.

"J-Jordan, what are you doing?" she yells hoarsely. All she gets in response is a grin, and Jordan carries her through the shadowy trees to a glowing campfire. He sets her down and rubs his neck sheepishly.

"I-kinda planned this out ahead of time..." he admits softly, his pale cheeks tinting red. Natasha smiles slightly.

"That's your style- always thinking ahead. But how did you know I come here when I'm-" She cuts off, and stares at the glowing embers.

"Depressed or angry?" he finishes, sitting down next to her on the log. She nods, and continues to stare at the fiery dance. Jordan sighs, and turns towards her.

"I-saw you run from your house... And I followed." he admits. She glances up, surprised at his answer.

"Why? You could've been asleep, being content..." she whispers wistfully. Jordan shakes his head, as his arms carefully snake their way around her shoulders.

"I couldn't stand you being in so much pai-" He pauses, and jets his hand back to his side.

"Pain. I'm not going to take advantage of you now." he finishes. Natasha gives him a watery smile.

"W-what do you mean, take advantage of?" she questions. Jordan laughs nervously.

"Uh, nothing! Anyways," he said, abruptly changing the subject, "Feel better?" Feeling brave, and a little tired, Natasha leans into his chest.

"Since your here..." she mumbles sleepily, drifting to sleep in his arms. Jordan, for one, is not complaining. As soon as he hears content breathing, he takes a deep breath and kisses her softly in her cropped hair.

"I'll protect you..." he whispers, and leans back on the log, cradling Natasha in the silent night.


I walk into an empty hallway of school. A single beam of light emits from the hallway window shining down on Ryan. He hears my footsteps and looks up at me, a small smile sliding across his face.

"Hey Melody!" he greets me. I smile and walk towards him.

"Hey Ryan!" I greet back, my face becoming slowly red. He chuckles as he leans against locker 157, examining me.

"What are you looking at?" I question, my eyebrows raising in confusion.

"Nothing." he says, still looking at me. A small blush begins to crawl across his face as he stares at my face. A smile finds its way across my lips as I lean against the hard wall. His hand suddenly jets out from his side as he pulls out my pony tail, releasing my hair downwards.

"Uh..." I stammer, "Wha-what are you doing?" He looks up at me, smirking at me.

"You should really put your hair down more often...it looks good on you..." he compliments. I blush as I nervously tuck my hair behind my ear.

"Really? Thanks..." I reply softly. He smiles and leans forward; tucking my hair behind my other ear.

"Don't mention it..." he says, grinning profoundly.

5. A single drop arose me from my restless slumber as I groggily opened one eye. I really wished I hadn't, since it revealed a dark gloomy cave, apparently with one bulky thug guarding the place. I also noticed with discomfort that I was gagged with an extremely smelly gag, which caused me to cough in distaste. The thug immedialty snapped to attention and pulled out his black walkie talkie.

"Boss... Boss! The girl- she woke up! And princess ain't so happy..." he said as he looked over at me. I blew a strand of brunette hair out of my face as I glared angrily at him. Now, if only I could get this gag out of my mouth... How did they do it in the movies? Oh yea.. They didn't. I groaned in agony as I realized that the only way I could get out of this mess was by...

"Brownie! How did you-?" questioned the thug as I spat the gag out of my mouth.

"First off..." I muttered angrily, "The names Rose, Rose Treed. And second..." I rose slowly from the cave floor and attempted to stomp towards him angrily, but a shackle bound to my ankle yanked me back to my imprisonment. The thug cackled with laughter as he sauntered over and tilted my chin up with his disgusting finger.

"Listen brownie, and listen good- my boss wants ya, and what my boss wants..." He pulled out a sharp rock and aimed it at my head. I gasped in fear and tried to scamper away, but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me toward him.

"AH! Someone! PLEASE SAVE ME!" I cried in despair as I struggled from his grasp. He smiled evilly and cackled.

"Now brownie... All ya got to do is call your precious little daddy and have him pay a ransom of..." He stroked his ugly chin in thought as he whispered a price. My eyes widened in shock.

"No... He'll lose everything!" I gasped as he nodded.

"That's the point, brownie. Now call!" He demanded as he shoved the phone in my face. I whimpered as I shakily dialed the first three digits.

The thug laughed at my misery."Keep going... It's easy as-" He suddenly keeled over onto the ground unconscious. I gasped as I looked to see what on earth just happened! My eyes skimmed over the ground to reveal an...arrow? Perfect! I could use that to escape! I began furiously sawing at my shackle and cheered with joy as it came off.