Pure Lovers Chpt 001

"Rinnnnnnnnnnn.." Today is gonna be a start of a very fun year.

Tina's Mother: Breakfast is ready dear.

Tina: Thanks mom but that's ok, All I need is toast.

Tina's Dad: Just be careful when walking on lone ok

Tina: Ok dad I will(sometime I think you worried to much =-=)

Tina: (Hello their my name is Tina lowll and I way look a lot like a boy with a girls name but I am a girl and I get that I look like a prince. Today starts my third year in Tree hills high school and I'm hoping to make it the best year yet for me as well as my friends.)

As Tina walks to school, she felt that someone is following him. She begins to get very nervous so she turn around really fast but when she did, Nobody was their.

Tina: I could of swore somebody was behind me. Maybe is just my imagination.(I can't believe I let dad allude me with his worries -_-)

Little that she knows that her assumption is true as someone is follow her.

Mysterious Person: Tina.(deep voice) I have found you

Once she has made it to her high school called Tree hill high, Tina heard her name calling and sees that here friends are waiting for her.

Mimi: Tina Hey!

Clowey: Hey Tina how is it going.

Tina: Hey there.

They are both twins but they are completely different from each other. Mime is the one with pig tails and is the hyperactive one who always act childish while Clowey is the self mature one. Like any friends they walk to class with each other and begins to talk about the latest gossip which Tina isn't interested but this is an exception to them.

Clowey: Have you heard Tina? I heard that the popular transfer Japanese student talks about you a lot.

Mimi: OOOOH I think Yuki has a crush on you.

Tina: REALLY!? I mean. I don't know what to…

Just then a shadow figure appear that is watching her. She check quickly but nothing is there.

Both: Tina is there something wrong?

Tina: No nothing.

Once they got to class, Tina could not get that feeling off of being stalk. She gaze at the window thinking who could it be as he feels that its something similar. Its like he know the person.

At the end of the day she decides to walk home to shake that feeling off.

Mimi: Uhhhh do you have to go?

Tina: Ya because I just feel like it for some reason.

Clowey: Ok take care.

Tina: I really letting this get the better of me. I hope a good night sleep wi-

Just then a bunch of guys put the jump on her.

Guy 9: Ohh what do we got here

Guy 4: Why this one, She is too much resemble of a boy.

Leader: Hey its my pick. So how about we have a little fun?

Tina never felt this afraid ever since she was a child. She close her eyes tight hoping this is over fast but when she took a peek, she sees that some one is fighting them off. He grabs the leader and put his neck on the side walk

Leader: Please let me go ugh!

Mysterious person: Don't you ever do that again and if you did, I'll kill you =)

The leader and the rest head out and run in fear.

Tina: Thank you very much =)

But as Tina got close to him, he hugs her out of nowhere acting like he have never seen her.

Mysterious person: Oh Tina I finally found you : )

Tina: I'm sorry but I'm confuse? I don't remember making older friends.

Saying that made him make a threatening face. Tina backs away from him as he leaves but before he leaves he had this to say.

Mysterious Person: It seems that I'll have to put the memories back into you =)

The very next day during class, Tina could not shake what he said. She thought long and hard if she ever made any older friends but just couldn't get any results.

History Teacher: Tina would you repeat what I just say?

Tina: OH ummmmmm?

Assistant principle: Tina could you come with me a bit.

Tina: Sure!( That really have save me from embarrassment :D)

Assistant principle: I have call you because your cousin came and he wanted to talk to you.

Tina: Really because the last time I have saw, he is living in Montana.(He could of at least told me. That idiot always like to surprise me. -_-)

Just as they have enter the room, She is shock to see that it's the same person she saw yesterday. The assistant principle left for them to talk and Tina wanted to say something but could not say a single word as he closes the day to let them talk.