Tina walks home from school after its over. She stop for a moment and begins to think of what to do. The more she thought about, the more it hurts.

Tina: My head is in such of deep thought. Maybe working on some homework could get my mind of it.

Tina continues walking but then she bumps into someone, knocking her down.

Tina: Ow. Oh I'm very sorry-

As she looks at him, she recognize him quickly. He turn out to be that old man. Hank who he tried to sexually assaulted her when she was in middle school. This only made her remember of what happen which she tries to so hard to forget. Tina stands backs and gets ready to defend herself but Hank falls flat to the ground knocked out. She notice that he has a lot of bruising. Out of sympathy, she decide to help him. With a single call, the ambulance came.

Hank: Ugh.

Ambulance person: Don't move much Ok. Just lay and rest.

As they put him in the ambulance, Dan happens to be there.

Dan: I see that the sexual predator is doing well.

Tina: You know him?

Dan: I remember him being the most dangerous back in the early days of my career. I was the only person to get deep into his mind on how he works and was able to get him to rehab. If my memory is right, you were the victim.

Tina: Ok are you stalking me?

Dan: Well you can say that but I'm here to ask you if you had any info on the man named Bruce as when I was talking to Hank, he told me that he was attack by a man who has black and has red color eyes and that happens to match him.

Tina stay silent.

Dan: What you not gonna tell me?

Tina: Look I don't know anything about him.

Dan: Man you are one confusing girl. I can't even tell if you saying the truth or not because of your choice of words. Anyway looks like you don't feel like talking so I leave you alone for now. But the next time we meet, will be the moment when I solve this crime.

As he walks away, she started to feel down herself. Her mind is in chaos as many thoughts starts to come up. She started walking back to her home and to her surprise, she saw Yuki there.

Tina: Yuki?

Yuki: What? Your not happy to see me?

Tina: No its just that I didn't expect to see you here.

Yuki: Well I like to surprise the girl that I like.

Tina: Blushes. Ok that is a little to much information there don't you think.

Yuki: Really? Because don't you have something that is wanting to come out of you?

Tina changes the expression of her face.

Tina: What do you mean by that?

Yuki: Well its just that I thought you be one of those people who like the truth to come out.

Tina: Yuki your really starting to weird me out.

Yuki: Bites his lips. Please don't say that word. Well it seems that I'll have some work to do. I'll see you later then.

For some reason she felt so scared and this is coming from Yuki who she always knows that he is a calm and friendly person. The thought of him being dangerous just cross her mind but she cant see that. After all that is happen today, she went directly home and decided to sleep early and ignore her homework. As Yuki walks down the street, he met up with Dan.

Dan: So Yuki do you got something that is useful for me in the investigation?

Yuki: I just found out that Tina knows who did this to me.

Dan: Ok how would you know that? I tried talking to the girl and so far she is pretty hard to read.

Yuki: Well when you see a person who might have something important, you can pretty much open them like a book and it makes it easy if they are a woman.

Dan: ( Boy does he sound sexist. But it seems that he is very sure about this but when looking at his face, I get a strange feeling that something really bad about to happen.)

Tina begins sleeping like a log. But when its about midnight, she started to shake around as she is having a nightmare. It takes place at the nurses office in her school. She was there with her spread out and she saw Yuki close to her. But she looks down and sees that she got stab with a knife. She look to the left and see Bruce all shocked.

Yuki: You should of never have done that.

After that she have woken up. She looks at her clock and sees that is 6:00 a.m, only an hour and a half before she has to get ready to school.

Tina: What a nightmare? But what is odd is that it felt so real. What does this mean?