All I felt was the rushing wind on my face and around my body, and a desire to punch this strange man that is about to kill us both. My fear of heights was not getting any weaker at this moment. I looked at his face and he had his eyes closed, deep in thought or concentration. I couldn't tell the difference.

"What are you doing!? Why did you do that!?" I shrieked at him. he opened his eyes and smiled. "Well the easy way wasn't getting us anywhere so I decided to try out the hard way!" He shouted over the roar of the wind. He seemed like a normal person now. Not as...strange as he was before.

"The easy way and hard way for what? What are you trying to do to me?!" I no longer felt an increase in our falling speed and guessed that we must be falling pretty darn fast.

"I need you to notice something. I cannot tell you, you have to figure it out by yourself!" I looked around me and saw only dirt and rock...Rock? We must be really far down. "What is it I'm supposed to notice!?" I had nothing else to do but figure out what his intentions were as to kill us.

"Were you not listening to what I just said!? I can't tell you!" My anger grew. Well my death wish was not going to be granted as it so happened. I felt like punching in his stupid face. Why did he have to kill me over something and then not tell me what? I loosened my grip on him getting ready to punch him, but the force of the wind was too strong, I had trouble moving my hand.

"Don't let go of me. Please, I need you to trust me. You're going to be safe!" I felt completely unsafe at the moment and hearing those words left me feeling even more unstable. But I put my hand back around him. Not like I could have let go even if I wanted.

Since I couldn't punch him I might as well glare at him. So I did. He seemed to understand my rage. He laughed. "What's so funny you jerk!?" He didn't answer only increased how hysterically he laughed. I found myself chucking too. "W-whats so, ha, funny you, ha,-" I cracked up and laughed with him. I felt so mad but it felt so good to laugh. Being happy is better than being angry, I guess.

My eye's teared up from how hard I was laughing and he was too. I felt as if I knew him. But I don't so I shouldn't care that he dies. Speaking of death, I looked up to check on our progress to the bottom of the cliff and found that we were about to hit it. I closed my eyes getting ready for impact. His hands squeezed my side. "Open your eye's Mia. I want you to see this"

His voice was so soothing that I did so as if I was in a trance. The ground crumbled right before we hit it and there was a huge city underneath it. There was a contraption that caught us without hurting us. I pushed his body away from me and stood up only to fall back. The...thing that caught us was very bouncy and I found my self being flung up. I looked down and saw that he was bouncing too. He was also laughing.

"Ha! This is what was so funny! I remember my first time here, I was so scared I screamed the entire way down. But then I started crying from how fun this thing is to jump on!" He kept bouncing me and I hid any smile or enjoyment I had on my face. As fun as this is I was not going to let a kidnapper see it. I crossed my arms over my chest and glared.

He quit jumping and looked sad. "Still don't have a clue about this place huh? Well I hope you haven't forgotten about our house!" He grabbed my hand and tugged me to a slide type thing. It was made out of a rusty metal. Everything looked like it belonged in a garbage facility. No doubt this place was a garbage. I scoffed at him and gave him a stubborn look letting him know there was no way he was going to get me to go on that. He smiled and pushed me onto it.

It was like going on a very dirty water slide without the water. I found myself laughing the whole way down. A big cushion caught me at the bottom and then shortly after regaining my balance on my feet I was thrown back down by a body falling on top of mine. It was that man. I cringed and threw him off.

"Wasn't that fun!?" He laughed and gave me a playful nudge when I scoffed at him and glared again. He sighed and thought of something else to annoy me with. He grabbed my hand and I yanked it free. "Stop that!" I shouted and my echo made me realize I squeaked at the end. He flinched and frowned.

"What's the matter with you Mimi? You really don't remember any of this? Don't you remember me?" His eyes watered over when I stubbornly shook my head. I felt like I had to reassure him, and I threw my arms around him and squeezed him with a bear hug. He shoved me off and gave me a look of horror.

"Don't you dare do that again!" He shoved me to the ground and gave me a glare that could frighten a dragon. I found myself shaking. His eye's no longer held the laugh and he seemed distant again. "What are you doing? Weren't you the one that was trying to hug me earlier?"

His eyes lost a color that had glazed over them and he seemed normal again. He held out his hand. "You are going to have to remember that yourself. You should know why I do that." He didn't seem as friendly as he used to but at least he was nicer than shoving me all over the place.

I took his hand he offered me and he pulled me up with ease. I found myself enjoying the walk down the trash covered street with his hand in mine. It reminded me of when I was little. To remember being little was an extraordinary feat to me since I forgot my whole life up until two years ago. I found myself as a homeless girl walking the streets in trashy filthy clothes. I found lost posters that were in the trash and they looked like me. Or at least I thought they did. I called the people with money I stole from a rich unconscious man in an alleyway and found my parents. I had been missing for years but something told them that I was OK.

I shook my head and cleared it of any former life thoughts. I found myself no longer in a trashy city but a beautiful garden. There were flowers over every inch of grass and trees decorating everything. There were birds that flitted from tree to tree, and from flower to flower flitted butterflies and bugs that were not ordinary, as if they were some sort of cross between a bee and something else. I found myself having to look hard to find the buildings which here large tree stumps or cave type structures. Some buildings look like natural buildings but made out of natural elements instead of bricks or plastic.

The strange man lead me towards a mansion and smiled when he saw me smile in wonder at the huge structure and exquisite garden of huge flowers and exotic colored animals kept inside. He squeezed my hand gently to get my attention and led me inside."This is our house, remember?" His eye's held hope but all I could do was shake me head and explore the place.

He dropped his hand and ran down the hall into a room. 'someone has drama issues' I thought smiling at the place that I own...the house that we own. I had a shiver run up my spine and felt breath on my neck. I turned and saw a huge muscular man. He had sweat dripping off him and a bandana tied on his head. He wasn't wearing a shirt, it was tossed over his shoulder. His pants were torn and dirt covered. He sniffed at me as if he was waiting for something.

"H-hello...What are you doing here?" I nervously asked, my voice barley a whisper compared to his booming voice. "waiting for my pay madam. I know that you have forgotten many things, but I still expect pay for what I do to your city." At this point I passed out. MY city!? did he really say that I owned the whole city? The happiness I felt was too much and I fell to the floor, unconscious.

I looked around and saw I was still in the walls were all streaked with overgrown flowers and vines. The walls were cracking and destroyed, crumbling down. The house was shaking as if it was in the middle of an earth quake.

Pictures and decorations were falling to the floor and cracking spreading sharp shards everywhere. I looked up from the ground and saw that there was a boy. He had red eyes and flaming red hair. His clothes were on fire and his skin was burnt. He smiled at me and shrieked out some words that I couldn't make out.

When he finished his sentence the house burst into flames. He laughed and then fell to the floor like a rag doll. His body no longer that disgusting burnt color and his clothes were no longer aflame. He coughed out smoke and looked at me.

He had rust colored hair and green eye's that held no sign of laughter. He gave me a weak smile and whispered something to me.

I crawled closer to him and he repeated what he said as if he was in a trance.

"I will always love you. I will always love you. I will never not love you. I will always love you. Through fire and smoke, I will always love you." My face was by his and when he coughed the smoke he coughed up flew into my face.

waking me up from my dream. I was in a bed that was very soft and when I looked around I saw the strange man and the muscular man by my bed. The muscular man held out a flower towards me and gave me a friendly smile.

"I'm really sorry to have scared you like that madam. I just got tired of not being payed by your..." He looked at the strange man and he mouthed something. They had a quick conversation through silence. I was too tired to care what they were saying. He continued. "Your friend here, didn't pay me in your absence and I wanted my pay."

I smiled at him. "It's OK. That is not why I passed out though, I passed out because I was shocked that I own the whole city!" I did not hide my happiness and squealed a little. They smiled at me, or at least the muscular man did. He held out his hand, "Well then, I guess that means that I have to introduce myself to you again. I am the gardener for the whole city that you own and my name is Harold." I shook his hand and pulled me into a hug. "And I have missed my dear master for so long that I wish to welcome you with open arms! now..Were is my money that I need?" He set me down and I looked at the strange man.

"You have the money in a place that only you know. So, hop to it and find it for the man." He smiled sure that his trick would get my memory back. I thought of things that I like and looked at a sculpture of a cat. I patted its head and its mouth opened up to reveal a key. I smiled at my triumph and turned around to see the strange man with his strange presence strangling Harold who did not fight back

"What did you just say about her?! How can you say that knowing what I think, and can do!" He menacingly pulled out a knife and then fell limp the Harold's body. Harold threw him off and set him on the bed. He woke up after I put my hand on his forehead. "Sorry you had to see that. I was just, um..." Harold laughed and sat in a chair. "He was just being himself. The man that yo-" The strange man gave him a death glare. " became friends with..." Harold lamely finished. The strange man seemed pleased at that and turned to congratulate me on finding the key.

"Now all you have to do is find the chest that is unlocked by the key. I went back to the cat statue and patted its head again and ran my hands down its back as if I was petting it. The statue, if that is what it was. Stretched out and meowed. It repositioned itself in a sleeping position and became a statue again. Its tail pointing towards another statue that wasn't there before. I patted that cat's head and it jumped up to have a box appear underneath it. I put the key in the lock and it opened up to reveal so much feathers and insect wings that it exploded onto the floor.

Harold ran towards it to pick it up. "Thank you madam! I will pick out only what you owe me and nothing more!" He picked up the feathers and counted them only to pick up more feathers as if his life depended on it. I looked at the strange man and he smiled

"Well one down too many to name, more to go!"

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