Uniquely Normal

An average height girl wearing a Journey shirt, Nike shorts, and running shoes, walked peacefully down a path to the park. The birds chirped and the leaves rustled when a breeze flew by. The giant trees stood proudly, making her feel small and puny. She continued walking blindly with her copper brown hair swaying back and forth, not noticing a small jagged rock that was lying innocently yet suspiciously on the path. Her foot caught beside the rock and she fell, face planting to the ground with a yelp. She got to her hands and knees shakily and stood up a bit too quickly causing her vision to swim. She groaned and rubbed her forehead where a big ugly bruise would appear within an hour.

Tidying herself up, muttering incoherent words about harmless rocks that could eventually kill people. She heard a chuckle from not too far away. She craned her next over her shoulder to see someone that she passed by a few seconds ago. She blinked when she saw the person walk closer with an annoying smirk on their face. The person looked vaguely familiar. Dark brown hair with a gold, copper tint when it hit the sun, wise brown eyes, and tall… Her mouth literally fell to the ground when she realized who it was.

"K-K-K-K-K-Karr?" she stuttered out, eyes wide in disbelief. Her friend/rival stood in front of her with an amused smile. "You did not just see that!"

"The problem is that I did see your epic fail and it's now forever ingrained in my mind. Close your mouth before any unwanted flies fly in, Kitt," her so called friend replied, crossing her arms.

"Just forget about it."

"Lauren, you know I can't do that. That's your thing, not mine."

Lauren clenched her jaw in annoyance at the hidden insult. Her and her stupid memory… "Sasha! How many times do I have to tell you that I disremember things? I don't forget stuff!" she growled with gritted teeth.

"Whatever you say, Kitt. Whatever you say," Sasha said tiredly while rolling her eyes. "I just can't believe you didn't notice me sitting there watching you sing and make an air guitar. My God, you're so slow…"

Lauren just gave half-glared at her, but her mouth twitched until she couldn't help but give a wide smile. "You saw that?"

"I sure did. It was hilarious!" Sasha laughed. "You're just so unique…"

She scowled at her, knowing that in her book "unique" stood for crazy, insane, a lunatic, etc… "So what brings you here to the park?" Lauren asked with a suspicious look. Her friend/rival never had the time to do such things because of tennis and she bet that Sasha wouldn't even have gone to the park if she had free time. Probably the bakery or something… That would make much more sense because Sasha was obsessed with brownies like she was to Knight Rider and Journey.

Sasha yawned. "Well, my parents said I needed to get out of the house, so here I am."

"That's all, I thought you'd be playing tennis or something?"

"Already did at seven in the morning."

"In the summer?"

Sasha raised a brow. "Yeah, what's wrong with that?"

Lauren frowned at her. "It's the summer."


"So you should be sleeping in!" Lauren exclaimed, waving her hands in the air to make her point. Her friend/rival pushed herself too hard at times.

"I guess so, but today's Friday. I do that on the weekends though. I sleep till nine," Sasha explained nonchalantly. "Besides, you have reigning at nine, so you have to wake up early too."

Lauren opened her mouth to retort, but she did have a point. Her mouth opened and closed still trying to say something back but ended up sighing in defeat.

Sasha grinned. "You never can win a verbal argument against me, can you?" she asked rhetorically.

"Never can. I just can't win…" Lauren clenched her fists in irritation as she said it aloud.

"And never will," Sasha added, mysteriously cheerful.

They walked in companionable silence down the path, continuing through the park. They crossed the grassy field and came across a streetlight. While they waited patiently for the signal to turn green, Lauren happily mentioned that the signal was red. Sasha only shook her head and pointed out that the sun was yellow and it appeared ninety-five percent of the year above their heads.

The light turned green and the two walked across the street with a scowling Lauren. Sasha already crossed the street waiting for her slow friend to catch up. A car screeched a speedily zoomed by Lauren, a centimeter from hitting her and sending the poor girl flying into Heaven.

She stood there frozen in place, pale as a ghost. She collapsed on the street and just sat there for a few seconds before Sasha literally dragged her to the other side of the sidewalk. She didn't comfort the shaken girl but gave her space, so she could recollect her thought and re-dignify herself. A few minutes later, she walked up to Sasha with a frightened look.

"I almost got hit by a freaking car!" Lauren shouted, placing her hands on her head. She started pacing; wondering what would happen if she got hit by a car.

Sasha sighed, understanding that her friend was a bit shaken up. She gently patted Lauren on the back, not really sure how to comfort the girl. She was never good at that stuff, especially the sympathetic part. "You're still alive, stop thinking about the 'what ifs'."

Lauren rubbed her temples and gave a shaky sigh. "You're right." She blinked continuously, registering that her friend/rival was actually comforting her. She gave her an incredulous look.

Sasha raised a brow. "What?"

"You're being nice," Lauren said slowly, making sure this little event was actually happening.

"Well yeah, you are my frival. If you're going to get killed, I'd like to do it myself," she replied smoothly.

Lauren gaped with her eyebrow twitching. That just ruined the sweet moment. "Karr, I'm so going to kill you."

Sasha just rolled her eyes. "The thing is Lauren, you can't kill me."

"And why not?"

"Because I'll kill you first," she said darkly.

Lauren gulped and suddenly backed away a few strides.

Sasha's eyes suddenly brightened when she saw something down the street, but she was frowning at the same time.

Lauren gave a weird look. She didn't even know if that expression was possible. "What are looking at?"

"Brownies…" was all the tall brunette muttered and she immediately sprinted down the street. Lauren followed calling after the girl to stop, so she could catch up. She shrieked in horror when she saw Sasha literally tackle an innocent man that was holding a silver tray of fresh brownies for people to try. She watched with disbelieving eyes as Sasha sat on the unconscious man and ate the brownies.

"Sasha!" Lauren shouted angrily. The said girl looked up with innocent brown eyes, eating a brownie.


Lauren's anger faltered at the innocent expression. She hated when she did that. She could never stand it. "L-Let's just g-go be-before the man w-wakes up and c-c-calls the…the police," she stammered weakly.

"Good idea," Sasha said while getting up and taking the tray of brownies with her. "Where do you want to go? We can't just aimlessly walk around town."

Lauren scratched her chin in thought. "Hmm, I say we go to…to…to…" She paused and furrowed her eyebrows. Where should they go?

"Let's go to…?" Sasha prompted.

Lauren hit her fist in her open palm with a light bulb over her head. "I know! Let's go to the-"

"If you say music store to check out guitars I will literally push you in front of a car," Sasha interrupted with a threat. Lauren immediately shut up and looked to the ground, grumbling about psychic people and their stupid mind reading abilities.

"Let's go to the Apple store," she heard Sasha suggest. Her eyes widened in horror at the idea. Twenty first century technology? There was no way in hell that she would go that store. It was too…technological… She bet that if she stepped into the store the electricity would go out.

While she was in her thoughts, Sasha dragged her into the store that was only another block away. Lauren snapped out of her thoughts when she felt the AC hit her skin. She fell to her hands and knees, banging her fist on the ground and saying, "Why me?"

Sasha just gave her a "sympathetic pat" on the back and told her to stand up because people were looking at her weirdly. Not that it was new or anything, the looks were pretty common for the copper haired girl. Lauren shakily got up and looked at the pure white store with a deep scowl on her face. She looked to the left and then the right seeing every new (well…to her at least) technological thing that she didn't even know existed.

Sasha happily demoed everything out with a surprisingly quiet Lauren on her heels. She was quiet because she was comparing her old laptop that Sasha called a "dinosaur" to the Macs that had touch screens.

Half an hour later they finished. Lauren heaved a sigh of relief when they walked back out onto the street. She was never going in there ever again. Her eyes were watery looking at all the bright screens. She heard Sasha snicker and wave at some random person.

"Who are you waving at?!" Lauren asked in bewilderment. She squinted her screwed up eyes to see a familiar short figure run up to them. Dark brown hair that it was almost black with some spiked in the back, an idiot smile on her face, wearing feather earrings. Was that who she thought it was?

"Hey Lauren, Sasha," Clare greeted cheerfully, "fancy meeting you here."

"Same to you. I just made Lauren go through the Apple store with me. Her face was priceless!" Sasha said, pointing a thumb at the said girl, who was half-glaring at her.

"You did?!" Clare exclaimed then randomly laughed.

"Oh! Hey Clare," Lauren said, remembering something for once, "Sasha tackled a random employee on the street because he had a tray of brownies with him!"

Clare laughed again. "I hope she apologized." They both look at Sasha expectantly to see her give a sheepish smile in return. "Now that's just… I don't even know what to say to that…"

"Well Sasha is Sasha and you can't hide from Sasha," Lauren said.

"Okay, that's just creepy…" Clare said with a scared frown. "Isn't it supposed to be 'The truth is the truth, you can't hide from the truth'?"

Lauren frowned in thought. "Oh yeah… I forgot…"

"You forgot~" Sasha chimed with an amused grin on her face.

She growled, "At least I didn't forget that Phi said that."

"In what class?" Sasha challenged.

Lauren blinked. "Uh…"

"Exactly, it was religion class in case you want to know," Sasha finished smugly.

They glared – well Lauren half-glared – at each other. Clare swore she saw lightning in their eyes. They would never stop arguing even if it would save their lives. The short girl sighed and mentioned the Kitt and Karr jokes which immediately shut the frivals up. In comfortable silence, the trio went to Orange Leaf – to Sasha's delight – and was going to enjoy some frozen yogurt and came across Isabel and Peyton.

"Isabel! Peyton!" Clare greeted with enthusiasm, hiding the relief of being alone with Lauren and Sasha's constant arguing. The two said girls turned around in surprise about to taste their mini samples of the different flavors of frozen yogurt.

"Hey guys, gee…this is a surprise," Isabel said with a huge smile on her freckly face. She was as tall as Sasha but was the opposite of the brownie addict.

"What do you know, this is random," Peyton said. She had thick, curly brown hair and was like Sasha because she liked to hit Lauren but wasn't that into brownies. She was a bit bipolar at times to.

Lauren grinned. "Haha, we meet in Orange Leaf of all places."

"I don't see anything weird about it," Sasha replied, testing the flavor 'Brownie Batter'.

Lauren frowned. "Of course you wouldn't…"

Sasha glared. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"That you have a sweet tooth?" Lauren said in more of a question, asking herself if that was the point.

Sasha shrugged. "No point in arguing with that." She happily got a cup and filled it with 'Brownie Batter' until it reached the top.

"I swear if you didn't play tennis you would be fat," Clare remarked.

"I swear that Lauren and her siblings would be fat because their place is filled with junk food," Peyton said with wonder. She suddenly glared at Lauren for no apparent reason.

"Her place is Heaven compared to mine," Sasha said, her cup completely finished.

Lauren grinned as she watched Clare scold the tall, hungry brunette, who only looked to the side with a bored expression. She felt her collar get pulled by someone and looked up fearfully, noticing Peyton give her a threatening look. She gulped loudly. "What did I do know?"

"This is for calling me a PMSing sister on Tuesday," Peyton said with blank eyes. She smashed Lauren's head into her frozen yogurt, making it splatter all over the place. She turned to Sasha. "Same goes for you…," she directed at Sasha, who just gave her the innocent look. Her cynical look faltered and she gave a sigh of defeat. "Okay, okay, I won't hit you… You and your stupid look…"

Lauren glared at Peyton. "Really, just me?" she asked disbelievingly with some slight sarcasm.

Isabel giggled. "You might want to clean up," she suggested, handing her a napkin.

"What kind of friends are you?!"

"Your friends," Sasha retorted with a smirk. "If we're your friends, all of us are uniquely normal by default. Except you, you're normally unique."