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Cold hazel eyes stare at me with obvious doubt and contempt. I don't think I blame her either. It's three in the morning and to be awake at such a time is unfavorable. The woman that is surveying me with drowsy gaze is in her mid-thirties and has coffee brown hair that is secured into a tight bun. Her office attire consists of a mauve colored skirt reaching her knees with a matching over jacket, a white blouse hidden beneath it. Black heels creak against the wooden floor of the cabin, my current prison.

After lying down for what seem to be three hours in the car that was driven by two ruffians, the trail came to a halt at a desolate log cabin. I remember being hauled roughly by a pair of hands and shoved passed the cabin's door without a single word. Then I was thrown onto the only piece of furniture that existed in the room and had my hands tied behind the rickety chair.

Rick and Rio are leaning against the back wall the room near the solitary candle that is releasing a dim glow. There facial expressions are hidden and I can't tell whether they trust this person or not. If they did then I shouldn't; but if they didn't trust her, I might have the chance to gain an ally. I probably wouldn't though because the way her eyes scan me as if I am likely to carry a contagious disease.

"She appears healthy except for the bruise on her shoulder. I believe that would be your handy work, Rick. I'm glad you restrained yourself from striking her too much this time around. The last one couldn't even talk let alone open his mouth. Are you going soft?" She asked with a curled smile.

'This time? Last one? What's going on? Has he done this before? If so, who was his victim?' Possibilities began to swarm into my mind, carrying along unanswered questions. With a newly formed headache, I hadn't even noticed Rick move from his spot and walk behind me, my instinct screaming for me to run away from him.

He forced out a chuckle and I knew instantly he was trying to be casual. Rick must be trying to win over her trust. I flinched when a cold hand patted my long tangled ebony hair and then began to rake through it, unraveling small snags that had developed.

"You wish. I thought that she would sell for more if she looked halfway decent." He said lightly.

For some reason, I despise how comfortable those two are. Whether it was casual banter or something else, I do not know. One thing is for sure though, he already had a wife even if she is six feet under the ground. For a particular reason my thoughts pulled out a lost memory one that is actually true or I had dreamt of.

It was when Mom would come into my room, check my closet for scary "monsters", and pull a book off the shelf. I was four years old at the time, yet I remember my pastel blue walls covered with posters of general fairies and the shelf that held more stuff animals than a toy store. My mom would sit on my woven afghan and slip her fingers through the loose holes as she asked about my day in preschool.

"Today was great! Mrs. Lily let us color and play with the toys."

That was my usual response. Mom would ask other meaningless questions as she rubbed my eyebrows and soon after started to hum "Hush Little Baby" to me. Before long, I would be asleep and nothing could have disturbed except the morning jays casual chatter at sunrise.

I shake the memory off before my mind wanders to more emotional experiences that will take gross amount of will power that I don't possess.

Rio's voice brings me back to the cruel reality. "So how much is she worth?"

The woman took a deep breath and spoke uncertainly. "It's hard to say. She is a teenager and female, so there are numerous people in search of those characteristics. However, she stands out too much with her violet eyes. I have never seen anyone with that eye color, its almost a neon color! Besides that, she's to stubborn. Nobody is going to buy someone who is going to refuse discipline. In her case, the past should have weaken her spirit, but it did the opposite. I'd say between $34,000 to $78,000. The latter being the highest."

"What!" Rio shouts as I take the excruciating torment with Rick's nails digging into my scalp.

"That is just enough to pay back the debt. We can't get anymore alias_"

"Rio! Don't talk about that here." Rick demanded, his eyes glaring at Rio.

The said man froze and produce a simple nod before heading to the door with Marcie, I believe Rick had called her. The man that I had removed the title "father" wasn't far behind. The men left first without a word but Marcie turned around at the last second and I thought pity had flashed in her eyes. Swiftly facing away from the door was pulled from behind her and closed. On the other side, I hear clicks and clings, assuming they are locks.

Then I notice one major aspect. There are no windows, the door is locked, and my only source of light just burned out.

~ "Dear, please wait! It was only a hug. Parks is a close friend of mine. He didn't mean an-"

"Shut up! I know what I saw. That man meant more than a simple hug! I'll be dam-

"Rick! Watch your language! Scarlet is upstairs sleeping. I don't know what has gotten into you lately. Whether it has do with your friend's influence or drinking, I don't know. What I do know is is that it needs to stop. You yelled at Manel today. You never yell at him."

"That boy deserves discipline. He was told to wash every dish and that includes silverware."

"You are being unreasonable! Why are you acting like this-"


"W-what was that for!"

"You disgusting-"

The conversation continued and sounds that more hits were occurring echoed throughout the house, trailing up the stairs, and into the open bedroom door, drilling itself into a frightened, tear-faced child's memory permanently.~

I woke up with my voice caught in my throat, willing myself to restrain the flood of tears that were starting to let force. 'I can't let that get to me now. That's the past and it should stay there.' My breathing uneven I try to count the faint outlines of the wooden panels...and failing miserably. I didn't get to the number seven before flashes of more violent beatings and louder yelling zipped through my mind.

Still sitting in chair, I notice by hands are no longer tied and they hang as if they were full of lead. If my hands were untied, then someone had come in here to do it which means someone had to come near me and I wasn't awaken. My nightmares are getting wirst and are having a tighter grasp on my dreams. I am defenseless if I am no longer able to maintain my light sleeping. There's too many possiblities if I am unable to respond. I realize that this situation has gotten far more deadly.

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