The company of men has an urgency

The redhead was burned twice

She came alive again

She found her prince

She knew him well

They lived high above the serpent's tail

And the people that looked up to them

Did smile and gently seek

The people that meant the most to them

The ones who weren't weak

They hoped they'd stay

They hoped they'd listen

They always did

They always listen.

The debt can scream

The debt can flatter

The debt can cry

The debt can't matter

It would take time

And it would take patience

It would take love

Joe needs a hug

He needs a lesson

He needs the burden released

The nightmare song has ended

I worry about how much longer he has to go

Rejecting so many currents, then demanding to see it all

Tried to offer him a way out of this, he's got a harder road at night

And in that very sense of self, the lovers reunite/

Time can be rewritten

The play is just beginning

Omitted are the minor details

She can hear you don't you fear

Her love is never breaking

Don't' despair

In July

Don't despair

In your life

The passion never lingers

The world will always think

Expansion is the heart of us all

Disaster merly shrinks

So Joe…we'll lend you a hand

Cry out your worldly pours

Restore what's ours and mine