Dark Secrets

She hastily closed the wooden door and, fearing detection, she locked it. The room she hid in was nothing fancy, nor was it the place you'd ever expect to find her: it was her bathroom. This room was a haven to her, a place where she felt she could escape the horrors of her reality. Her bathroom was small, but it held all of her necessities: a toilet, a sink and located above it a medicine cabinet, a shower and a shelf containing all sorts of toiletries.

With shaking hands she opened the medicine cabinet and searched frantically for—

"Aha!" she cried holding up a small bottle triumphantly.

She unscrewed the lid with quick fingers and emptied the contents on to her hand, two small circular pills fell. She smiled an odd smile as she swallowed these pills.

She felt her sorrows fade. Reality was leaving her—she was in another world, her world. She was perfectly fine inside her small world, induced by drugs. She fell to the floor in a heap, already starting to have trouble discerning which was real and which was not. She grabbed on to the nearest thing she could reach, and was sure was real: the toilet. From the bowl she could see her reflection looking back at her with scorn. 'Weak!' it called out. Having seen this she began to regret ingesting her pills. She needed to escape. She needed to break free from its tight hold on her, she could live without it—she never finished this train of thought for reality had truly left her—the drugs had taken complete effect.

She often reflected if her life was worth living—after the drugs have worn off. It seemed far easier to just end it all, to just vanish. All it would take was one thins slice and she would be gone, just a slit. She dismissed these thoughts with a wave of her hand.

"Not yet," she told herself firmly. "I can still hold on longer, can't I?" she finished doubtfully. She gazed at the bottle in her hand and added, "With the help of my pills of course!"

Besides, she mused, no one has a picture perfect life; there's always a dark secret, hidden from the public eye, to keep those hanging on a thread sane enough to not let go.


I hope you enjoyed, oh and I think this has enough 'angst' to be labeled as such...