This isn't the first time.

It gets harder to ignore,

Always growing in passion.

Here it comes again.

That floating feeling in my stomach,

That sensation that only shows up when you're around.

It's so wrong.

There has to be

A reason, valid explanation.

Maybe even an excuse?

I keep the bones in the closet,

Trying to admit it isn't true.

After all,

The best kept secret,

Is one you've hid from yourself.

Are you flirting back?

What did that glance mean?

You're my dirty little secret.

No one will know.

They can't know.


I bet if you knew,

You'd distance yourself.

Explain the impossibilities.

Pull out some Scripture.

Everything would be ruined.

I suppose it's better this way,

Admiring from afar.

So for now,

And evermore,

The hugs,


And smiles,

Will be enough.

It has to suffice.

What else can you give me?

But it's your face

That I want to wake up to.

You that I want to make lunch for.

The one I want to kiss.

I want to be the one

To hold you in the storm.

Share in your laughter.

The last person you think of.

Aren't I good enough?

I feel defeated.

Too young.

Wrong gender.

I doubt you'd ever date a former youth.

What if I try in six years?

Would you approve?

Speaking of your beauty,

You just entered the room.

Oh, you just smiled at me!

Here it comes again.