Wakare Sutekina Yoru (Farewell Lovely Night)

Warning: The following is rated MA and is intended for mature audiences over the age of 18. Contains explicit and vulgar content, including language, nudity, and sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

Dream 2: Family Affair

That night, Renta dreamed of the night of his 18th birthday. He was alone in a black void, a single birthday cake in front of him with the candles lit. It was mocking him. Laughter could be heard in the darkness. Soon after, people began to appear. They were all girls, laughing at him, knowing that he was going to die. But he didn't care. He sat down in the chair that appeared for him and smiled. He hadn't ever had this many people celebrate his birthday with him, and even if it would be the last, he was happy for the companionship.

"Happy birthday to me..." He whispered as the sound of a bell striking midnight rung. He blew the candles out and closed his eyes as he felt his heart beat slowing to a stop.

He awoke in a cold sweat, his head throbbing. The sound of his heart racing within his chest filled the silence of his room and he took several heavy breaths. Looking to his clock, he saw that he had awoken only thirty minutes before the alarm would go off. He sat for a moment, trying to shake his head clear and to forget about the nightmare. The only saving grace that he found was that his mother didn't invade his dream this time. Now that he thought about it, he could hear something else in the silence. Standing up in confusion he made his way to his door and took a step into the hallway. His mothers door was closed, but he could hear a faint sound from behind. Walking up to it slowly, he put his ear to the door. Inside, he could hear his mother sobbing...

"..." Without a word, he turned away and headed back to his room to prepare for another day of school.

"Whoa, Renta, you look like crap!" Kota called to Renta as they made their way to school. It was an understatement too. Renta looked like a dying frog with its face smashed down. The dark aura that stained the air even made birds drop from the sky. Renta grunted in response to Kota's remark. He didn't need to be told he looked like shit. He felt like shit.

"Long night...and day. I just want to die already..."

"Well you can't! Not before Otaku Unime Con!" Once again, Kota's topic change was enough to bring Renta out of his funk, even if just by a little bit. He had forgotten all about Unime Con. It was a convention showing all different types of unime and anime that would be taking place in two weeks. At least he would still be able to attend the convention before his untimely death.

He shook his head, hoping to stop thinking about that. His father had given him a way to live, albeit, not one that he was sure to work but it was a chance non-the less. As an incubus, he couldn't help but feel a bit excited to do something a bit different. "By the way, did you figure what cosplay you're going to wear yet?" Renta asked, hoping to deter his thoughts completely.

"Hm...I was thinking Lu**y from On* P**ce. But I may just do I**i from A*r G**r. That outfit is so awesome!"

Renta smiled at that. "You did Lu**y last year, go as I**i. I'm going to see if I can get Mayanaka's to make me a Kyoya cosplay from O**ran H**h Sch**l H**t Cl*b."

Kota's eyes sparkled as he got an idea. "Ooh, we should totally dye our hair orange or brown and go as the twins!"

"Nah, if I dyed my hair, it'd be orange so I can go as Ic**go from Bl**ch."

The otaku talk ensued until they made it to school. Renta had all but forgotten about the incident from yesterday and was able to focus on his studies in class. During lunch, he went to library to study alone for a bit, not wanting to make any physical contact with any of the girls in his school if he could help it. Though no matter how hard he tried, his eyes wandered to several girls every now and then. None seemed interesting to him, though he admitted some were pretty cute. He was always comparing them to his H-game and anime girls and to him, the only one that came close was Tozumi-sensei. He wasn't naïve enough to try and have sex with his teacher though so that left very few options.

"Dammit! I said I wouldn't think about that stuff...but really, I don't have a choice..." Renta sighed in defeat and stood to head back towards class. He scouted out for more girls but decided not to sense for their sexual energy until he had a better grasp on the power. By the end of the day, he was getting desperate. 'Come on! There has to be at least one girl here that I can try to talk to without sensing for sexual energy.' But there wasn't. His shallow otaku mind was far stronger than his lustful incubus one. 'Fine...if there's no other way, I'll try it as soon as school is out.'

Once school was over, he waited until most of the people had left the classroom. The only ones left were himself three other male students, a female student with long brown hair and glasses, and Tsubaki. As he decided to try sensing the sexual energy of the brown haired girl, one of the boys suddenly walked over to her and took her hand. He pulled her close and kissed her on the lips, a bit forcefully. She grimaced a bit but soon smiled and returned the kiss before both of them left the room. Renta groaned, being completely discouraged after that. There was no way he could pull that off with a girl, not in the real world. He packed his stuff up and began to head out, not noticing Tsubaki's gaze following after him. The girl blushed and suddenly began to pack up her own stuff after Renta was already halfway down the hall.

"Ah, K-Kazuki-kun!" She called as she ran out the room after him.

Renta stopped and looked back at Tsubaki as she moved through the dozens of people still in the halls trying to catch him. 'What does she want? Whatever, if she's a willing target, who am I to not oblige?' He began to concentrate his energy towards her. As soon as his mind connected to hers, he felt a warm feeling in his stomach. 'That's nice...' But his thoughts were still on his current objective. He closed his eyes and picked out only one of his sexual desires. The look of one of his anime girls laying on his bed with her school blouse wide open and her hands covering her small but perky breast. The effect was instant as he transferred his sexual energy to Tsubaki.

"KYAAAA!" Her scream echoed around the building and made his eyes snap open. Tsubaki was on her knees, hunched over and covering her chest. The other students that had seen everything saw Tsubaki running towards Renta and suddenly all the buttons on her blouse popped off, revealing her bra covered chest to them all. Renta turned away instantly, avoiding a nosebleed but the blush on his face was brighter than ever before.

'...Didn't mean to do that...' He thought as he began to quickly leave the school. Once he was out of the building (and safely out of blame range), he slowed down to walk. 'I forgot to check her sexual energy...DAMMIT!' The only thing he could remember was the bit of side boob he could see and the faint traces of white panties that he had caught a glimpse of. A nosebleed threatened to come again as his face flushed red from the images of Tsubaki revealing herself to him, saying 'I don't mind, if it's with you Renta-kun...'

"Yo, Renta, what's up!" Kota jogged up to him from the gate. "I was waiting for like ten minutes! And why are you blushing?"

"Just forget it...come on, I could use a nice hot latte at Mayanaka's."

Mayanaka's! Only one train ride and two blocks away from Mitamasa High, this building looked like any other cafe on the outside. But once you step foot inside...

"Welcome back goshujin-sama!" The chorus of girls all wearing maid outfits greeted Renta and Kota.

"Hello my beautiful darlings, your goshujin-sama has indeed returned!" Kota suddenly floated forward, a rainbow of colors splashed behind him as he threw himself into the waiting females. The maids all clapped for him and took him to his usual booth. One of the girls stayed behind, a girl with black hair in a single side pigtail. She bowed to Renta, holding a metal tray pressed against her stomach. "Are you ready to be seated goshujin-sama?"

"Please, Renta-kun is just fine." Renta said. He enjoyed Mayanaka's but he wasn't as social as Kota. It was as close as he could get to his fantasy world outside of anime and unime conventions.

"Alright. Right this way Renta-sama!" The girl lead him over to the table where Kota was surrounded by three maids, two leaned against him and one sitting on his lap. This was a full contact maid cafe and the members were treated with their utmost happiness in mind. Though there were no 'happy endings' here, things could get really hot. After their orders had been taken, Renta did what he usually did at Mayanka's. Sat back and relaxed in his own world, feeling a great sense of calmness as Kota made out with the three girls around him. He was an otaku, yes, but never would Renta say Kota had a problem getting women to fall for him.

'Might as well try it out here too...but let's not blow any clothes off this time.' Renta looked around and saw one of the maids at another table placing down a customers drinks. He channeled his energy and connected to her. Then taking only the most simple of his own sexual desires, which was nothing more than a panty shot, he sent his energy towards her. A powerful wind blew the maids skirt up, revealing her pink panties to the entire store. With another scream of 'KYAA!', the waitress threw her hands down to bring the skirt down, throwing the drinks onto the customers in the process. Renta smirked a bit at the show, having felt a natural sense of pride at getting a panty shot of the girl. 'Shit, what am I thinking. Focus, now's not the time for...beautiful silk panties with a possible camel toe...' A small trickle of blood fell from his nose.

Regardless, he saw that the girl had very little sexual energy, her glow being akin to that of a small keychain flashlight. He sighed and put his head down on the table. He didn't feel like doing that to every single girl in the shop. In truth, he was scared of having a repeat of what happened at school earlier.

'Maybe I should just give up and accept my fate...' Little did he know, Kota was looking back and forth between him and the waitress.

After spending just a few more hours at Mayanaka's, Renta and Kota began to head back to their separate homes. Kota had been silent the entire time which Renta was thankful for. He needed more time to think up a plan anyway. There was no way he could just keep sensing for sexual energy and embarrassing people in the process, or potentially hurting them. When Kota waved bye to him, gazing just a second longer, Renta sighed to himself and looked up towards the sky.

'What have I done to deserve this?'

He thought of nothing else until he made it to his home. "Mom, I'm home..."

"Welcome home, Renta-kun, nya!"

Renta paused, his back to his mother and facing the door as he was in the midst of shutting it. A chill went down his spine. 'Either she's completely naked, or worse...' What could be worse than his mother greeting him naked you ask?

"Nya, come on Renta-kun, let's play!" The feeling of his mothers ample breast pressed against his back stiffened his body and his SCEPTER!

"M-mom...please tell me you aren't..."

"But Renta-kun loves neko-mama! Don't you still love your neko-mama? She's so sorry about keeping secrets from her Renta-kun and wants to make it up to him, nya!"

The feeling of her pressing harder into his back, rubbing her body gently up and down made him shiver. Renta knew he only had one chance. If he saw his mother in this outfit, all bets were off. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. With a burst of speed he only showed on rare occasions, he spun from his mothers grip and dashed for the stairs. He didn't realize his mother had been using her succubus strength and as soon as he took a step, his body went forward while is legs went nowhere. He flipped forward, his mother yelping as she fell over him. Renta landed on his back, holding his head in pain...until he felt a weight on top of him.

"Nya, Renta-kun that hurt a bit..." His mother cooed as she sat up and straddle her sons waist. Renta's mind went blank. His mother had found his greatest weakness. She sat on top of him wearing nothing but a tight white T-shirt, cotton panties, cat ears and a waving black and white cat tail. Her eyes were teary from hurting herself and she looked exactly like the girl from the very first H-game Renta had ever played. His mother noticed the blank look on his face and shifted herself curiously, pressing her LOVELY onto his SCEPTER! She moaned loudly, her face flushing red in ecstasy.

"M-mom...stop..." Renta's own breathing was heavy. This was the worse it had ever been. The last time this happened was two years ago. His mother had done the exact same thing now, but in his room. They had went way too far and Renta's only saving grace that stopped his own mother from taking his virginity was that she was drunk and passed out before she could. This time, he could see that she was completely sober though.

"Nya, Renta-kun, don't be mean. Don't you want to taste neko-mama's milk?" Nanaya began to raise her shirt, giving Renta a clear view of her panty covered half, currently slowly grinding against his arousal. He could see how wet she was, the small nub of her clitoris showing just above where the bulge in his pants was. Her petite stomach was smooth and she rose her shirt just enough to let Renta see the bottom of her bra-less breast.

Renta could feel it. Just like two years ago, his incubus side was beginning to take over. He wouldn't be able to control himself if she kept teasing him like this. The feeling of her wetness through his school pants made it almost feel like there was nothing between them. Nanaya laid down on her son, taking a bit of pressure off of his throbbing pain below his waist and pressed her breast to his chest, her stomach still bared. She leaned to the side of his neck and gently kissed him.

"Mom, this is...dangerous..." The last piece of his sanity was slowly leaving him. Nanaya slowly traced her tongue over his collar bone, making him jolt in surprise and pressing into her wetness even more. She moaned and stopped for a second, her own face as red as her sons. The lustful look in her eyes turned to pure love as she leaned up only a bit, putting her face only a few inches from Renta's.

"Just relax." She whispered with nothing but love. "Let mommy take care of you Ren-ta-kun." That did it. Nanaya lowered her mouth to Renta's, sealing his pleas away with a heated kiss. Her tongue slid into his mouth, caressing his tongue in a sensual battle of pleasure. Renta found his arms wrapping around Nanaya's waist, his mind far too gone to realize what was happening anymore. Nanaya moaned in pleasure as she felt Renta's hands caressing her back, raising her shirt even more. She pulled away for a moment of air but Renta's mouth followed and overtook her, continuing the kiss. Nanaya's eyes widened and she was now at Renta's mercy as he leaned up, pressing her harder onto himself and pressing her body as close to his as possible. Her hands were on his chest as he enveloped her entire small body within his own, not leaving time for their lips to unlock or their tongues to stop battling.

After a few more moments, Renta finally let his mother breath and she took in deep breaths, reeling from the passion filled kiss she had been dying to have for so long now. Renta's eyes were still glossed over, a faint white glow to them showing his incubus powers stirring. Nanaya didn't seem to notice and wrapped her arms around Renta's shoulders. She gently kissed his nose and wrapped her legs around his waist as they sat on the floor right in front of the front door. "Do...whatever you like to mama..."

That statement made something click in Renta's mind. His eyes slowly stopped glowing and his breathing slowed down. Nanaya cocked her head in confusion as she could feel his sexual energy subsiding. "Stop it mom..." He whispered.


"Stop it...why do you keep doing this? Don't you realize this isn't what I want?" His hands trembled and his hair covered his eyes. She could feel his anger and it made her tense. She released herself from him and sat right in front of him, hands on his shoulders.

"But Renta-kun, mama just-"

"I DON'T CARE! IF YOU'RE MY MOTHER THEN ACT LIKE IT!" Renta snapped but paused as he saw the tears on Nanaya's face. She had flinched back when he yelled, the pain etched into her face far more real than any other time he had seen her cry. She began to sob lightly as Renta began to calm down.

"I...I just want to help you, Renta-kun. I was a bad parent, I couldn't tell you the truth because I was selfish. But I'm not just doing this for me...mama wants to make Renta-kun feel good and let him live. Mama has nothing else and no one else..."

Renta rose an eyebrow at that, the confusion being irritating. Before he could ask, a quick thought struck him. He quickly conjured energy and connected himself to his mother, than with a quick image of what had just transpired, he transferred sexual energy. His eyes widened as he saw a dim glow in the center of his mother, flickering as if it was about to go out. "What...mom?"

"I do love Renta-kun, not the way a mama is supposed to love her son. I love you enough to give you all of mama's power."

Renta couldn't believe it. All the times his mother had been seducing him and kissing him, she had been transferring sexual energy to him. Since he hadn't been with any other women, she was the only person who could give him sexual energy. He realized now that if it wasn't for his mother, he would have died a long time ago.

"But mom...what will happen if you lose all of your energy?"

"...Mama will disappear."

His eyes dilated. She was willing to give her life for his. This entire time he had been pushing her away when she had been protecting him, the way a mother was supposed to protect her children.

"I'm sorry Renta-kun. I just wanted you to be happy. If you would have taken all of mama's energy, then you wouldn't need to sleep with other people. You would take all of mama's energy and live a normal life like you wan-" She was cut short as Renta suddenly embraced his mother, pulling her into his chest. "R...Renta?"

He was crying too.

"No, I'm sorry mom. I...I should've paid more attention. I shouldn't have just shunned what I really am. I'm sorry I pushed you to go this far and that it's my fault that you're alone. But please mom...don't do this. If I lose you, then there won't be a point in living a normal life."

A silence fell as he stopped speaking for a moment, trying to gather his thoughts.

"I don't know if I can truly become the incubus that you and dad want me to become...but I know I don't want to die, and I don't want you to die either mom. If I have to sleep with one hundred women, I will. But you better be right here ready to seduce me when I'm done."

Nanaya hugged him tightly pressing her head into his chest. "I'll always be here for you Renta-kun."

He didn't know how long he held her like that. It didn't feel like the relationship between a normal mother and son. But they weren't normal. He knew this now. She was an succubus and he was an incubus. Things would never be normal for them, no matter how much he wished for it. Now he knew for sure that he would need to take an active role in preserving his own life. He would have to embrace the incubus inside him. As he made his way up stairs, carrying his mother who had fallen asleep against him, his thoughts drifted to the upcoming three months.

'No matter what happens...I won't just give up. I can't. Tomorrow...everything changes.'