Chapter 1- Decision

"What does thou do when ones in trouble?

Why do you stand there when someone is in pain?

Do you notice you're not human if stand there?

Questions of various things echoes within you,

But do you answer them back?"

Journal of Natalie Esprit

Where: Hagerstown, Pennsylvania, USA

Time: 6:30 AM

Where: In a small house on Washington Avenue

"Come on, Margaret I want to arrive at school early so we won't be late," a girl with long black hair said, "Look, if you won't get up I will pour ice on top of you."

"Can't I get five more minutes of sleep Sara?" Margaret replied in a mumbled tone, "And I got to take a shower, eat, and get my stuff ready."

"No, you already wasted 80 minutes of your time," she sighed, "Anyway, either change quickly or we're going to arrive at school late and you're going to be in your pajamas for the rest of the day."

With that Margaret immediately jumped out of bed getting on her clothes, Sara left quietly while Margaret was getting her clothes. While looking for some socks, something in the drawer caught Margaret's attention. Quickly, Margaret pushed all of her clothes aside and found a picture of her friends in the Shadow Dimension the Olympian and Titan Council sent them to.

I guess even then we all had good times. Holding tightly to the picture, Margaret packed her book bag with the necessary material for school. Pencils, notebooks, pens, and other stuff that you need in school to survive the academics classes. When she was finally done putting the supplies in her book bag, she stuffed the picture inside her jean pocket and went downstairs, where Sara waited patiently for her.

"About time you got down," Sara said with her mouth filled with bread.

"You're the one to talk, anyway let me get my lunch ready."

"Don't worry its already packed."

With a mischievous smile from Sara, Margaret got a banana and two slices of bread. She quickly put on her shoes and walked outside, where Sara was almost a block away.

"Hey, wait up Sara!" Margaret yelled while running to catch up with her friend.

Sara turned around and waited, "C'mon even I don't want to be late."

As Margaret stuffed the banana and sliced of bread in her mouth furiously. The two of them already reached the school gate. Margaret then swallowed the food and drank water from her water bottle. Great I can't wait to get bored out of my mind, Margaret thought glancing at Sara who seems to be waving at some people at a far distance. Well, maybe hanging with some friends can lighten the mood.

"Well, finally you guys make it," Morrigan said looking at the two friends, "Let's go to the shed to gather our stuff ready for today."

Harmony, Hailey, Raven, Margaret, Sara, Clementine and Eika followed Morrigan to the field where the tool shed was. Waiting for them was Morrigan's older brother James and Jane.

But secretly that was where they would meet all the time whenever they needed something from the Agency. Sometimes whenever possible Headquarters gave them the difficult missions, sometimes it's to recruit other kids like them or sometimes it's to stop the Olympians from making the wrong decisions.

"It seems quite wrong that we have to leave and go to another school," Raven said hinting her Russian accent.

"Well, this is basically where Natalie said where there are many kids like us," Hailey replied.

"But still, don't you think it's weird that we're going to a school where people like us train? I mean we're only fifteen and we're already accepted to the most advanced school known through mankind."

Hailey replied, "But the school is run by Sparta tech and Cerebro, so I guess the teachers and staffs here are Spartan agents. Plus, don't you think it's cool that we don't get the regular schedules like some normal school?"

They walked for only ten minutes and arrived at the tool shed. The tool shed was a medium size shed that you would find in an ordinary school, but inside was a different story. Outside there was is a hidden retro scanner that blended with the wooden door. Usually people who didn't work with the Agency only see a regular tool shed that holds a lawn mower and all of the tools you would find.

Agents would scan their shield crests or identification tag to see the real tool shed. The tool shed includes replica dummies, pistols that come with a silencer, and many other things.

When Morrigan approached the hidden retro scanner she scanned her shield crest that has a dog on top of a chariot. Then she went through the door, she waited patiently while everybody else did the same. Harmony has an owl as a shield crest, Margaret has a hammer, Eika has a hawk, Hailey has a dove, Clementine a lion, James has a Python, and Jane has a deer.

Raven carried the symbol of a dragon circling around the Earth representing the Titan Council. The Titan Council is the oldest, fiercest and wisest.

"Why won't you bestow this honor to Morrigan?" Raven asked.

"We can't do that, even though Morrigan helped all of you in the Shadow Dimension. Your history is a very peculiar thing Raven, but Morrigan can't take the role since she's the one who was chosen by Ares himself. The Titans are the fiercest and wisest council, Raven you're the only person in the Centurion who isn't favored by the Olympian Council." That was what Athena said to Raven. The rest of the Council agreed to it too.

When all of them stepped inside the tool shed, they were greeted by the hologram of Natalie head of Spartan tech and Cerebro, who was sipping earl gray tea in a porcelain tea cup.

"Hello, and good morning Centurions," she said with a cheerful tone while she put the tea cup down, "I am glad you're able to wake up early."

Centurion was the name that they made up when Morrigan met her friends, the students in their old school would call them: The Rangersand their most favorite was Ancient Empire. The full title of their group was The Centurion but for short people would call them Centurions.

Stored in the weaponry shelf were 10 AK-47, a couple of throwing daggers, shurikens, gladius, spears, and a couple of katana's that some students would use when their sword got destroyed. Shields of shapes and sizes took one whole wall and tools for building took up another wall.

Natalie was explaining to them that there was an explosion last night in the east side of Sparta.

"From what some of the Spartan agents are telling me is that a group of rogue users is trying to find Headquarters and annihilate." With a sigh she stopped for a while, "Anyway, your jobs for now is to stop the rogue users and bring them to Head-"

"Wait, you're telling us to take these rogue users to Headquarter, when you specifically said that they are the ones who created that freak explosion in Sparta? Why in Hades do you want them in Headquarters when you know that they'll annihilate everyone?" Clementine said, Raven and Hailey were agreeing with her.

"Yes I know for the fact that the rogue users are trying to destroy Headquarters, but I need three people to go to the Headquarters in Sparta. But I only need three people, Morrigan, I leave the three people to you, you may choose anyone from your group." Natalie was looking at Morrigan. It was as if they could read each other's minds. "Other than that I would like all of you guys to have fun in school."

When she was done talking the hologram faded. Everyone fell silent. "Well, that's a total bummer," exclaimed Margaret, "Why couldn't we just have a normal time in school?"

Nobody even dared to answer Margaret. Morrigan was staring intently at the ceiling waiting for something to happen. With school starting, how am I supposed to concentrate on the people who would willingly go to Sparta?

Raven, Hailey, and Clementine were having a silent conversation within their mind. It was kind of like telepathy but different in many ways, they learned the trick when they were trapped in the Shadow Dimension. The conversation went like this:

Raven- Shall we go to Sparta?

Clementine- Well it depends on how we want to do with the rogues, I am thinking of bashing their heads together until they are unconscious or get an exploding soccer ball just like Eika.

Hailey- I think we should ask the others since some of them probably want to go too.

Raven- You may be right about that, but look around. Everyone here is tense, its worse enough that we have to go to a school but worrying about a mission would distract us.

Their conversation ended, and with a silent agreement Raven, Hailey, and Clementine walked up to Morrigan.

Morrigan, who was fidgeting with scratching down notes, looked up and saw that Clementine and friends were talking with themselves. I knew those three would be the ones to do this.

Giving a wan smile, Morrigan saw that Raven, Clementine and Hailey were walking up to her.

"Okay, the three of us has come to a decision to go to Sparta," Hailey said to Morrigan in a hoarse whisper, "If it's okay with you that is."

Natalie, looks like you have two trouble makers and one peacekeeper in Sparta. Morrigan thought to herself.

Standing up to get everyone's attention Morrigan announced that Raven, Clementine, and Hailey were going to Sparta. Eika was cheering them on, Jane and James were glancing toward Morrigan and Harmony, Margaret, and Sara were patting the three on the back saying either "Good luck" or "Don't get your arse kicked".

Morrigan checked her watch and was surprised that it was 8:50. Panicking Morrigan told them that they were going to be late for school.

Everybody looked at her blankly, then a few seconds later they understood what was happening. Clementine mumbled, "How are we going to be late, class doesn't start in 35 minutes."

"Well, it's better to be early than late," Harmony said happily. "I wonder what schedule we're going to have, I hope it's not gym and all of those other academics that they have in a regular school."

"No time to talk, the Legacy would depart any minute now," Morrigan said while sprinting toward the school. "Even though there is a school here, doesn't mean we go to school here."

"Wait, that makes no sense at all," Hailey said while trying to catch up to the others. "I mean, why would there even be a school here?"

"Too much talking will slow you down," Eika said, apparently she was running ahead of everybody else.

When they finally arrived at the school gates, kids at the age among eight through twelve were lined up and teenagers between the ages of thirteen through nineteen were in another line. Some of the kids that they saw were dressed in a punk Goth with a mix of old European dresses. One girl that passed them was wearing cowboy boots with a cashmere shirt and brown vest, on her head was a pair of aviator goggles.

"Wow, is this some kind of seminar that kids and teenagers go to?" Margaret said sounding unimpressed.

"I don't think these guys know the sense of fashion around here," A girl said snickering at Morrigan and her friends. "Anyway, why are you dressed like a student who goes to a public school?"

"Hey watch your tongue there kid," Clementine growled. "You're lucky to be alive even when-"

Covering her mouth with his hand James said, "I'm dreadfully sorry, my friend doesn't mean that."

The girl looked at him with a soft expression and said, "My name is Rachel Fountain. Anyway to give you guys a note, the Agency keeps everything a secret nowadays, and to answer your question about the fashion around hereā€¦ well, you'll soon learn about it soon."

Rachel then turned around and headed for the building. James then removed his hand from Clementine's mouth. "I'm going to kill you for that," she snapped.

"Yeah no problem about that," James said in a harsh tone. "Anyway we need to get moving or else we'll miss the first day of school."

Walking along with the crowd the Centurions found themselves inside of the school. It didn't look like much but, it still had the necessity of a normal school. Doors on either side of the hallways, stairs that would go on forever, but the most eerie part of all was the students in the classroom who didn't pay attention to a whole army of students walking through their hallways.

"This is a bit creepy," Harmony whispered, "Why aren't they looking at us. We're making a lot of noise to wake up the dead."

"Maybe they're not real students," Margaret said, "maybe they're androids posing as students."

"That could be possible," Raven said calmly.

When everyone stopped in a fork, the teachers up front called out groups whose been listed on their small tablet. As names were being called, the students either had to go left or right. Eika looked up she saw a sign on the left and right side.

"Guys," she whispered, "On the left side it says Olympians while on the right side it says Titans, what are we going to do? Raven will be separated from the rest of us."

"It's okay," Morrigan said, "Maybe it's only for the advanced students who go there."

"Centurions, please report to the front please," a person on the speaker said, "I repeat Centurions report to the front."

Morrigan shrugged her shoulder and lead her friends to the front where they saw a familiar face up front. His gray hair, pale face, and warm chocolate brown eyes looked at them. "Mr. Drake."

He laughed slightly, "It's good to see you children again, how long has it been since I last saw you? Probably or maybe approximately three to six months ago?"

"Sir what are we going to do?" Morrigan asked, "Raven will be going to the Titan part of school while the rest of us will be going to the Olympian side."

"Don't worry about that Morrigan," Mr. Drake said, "Raven isn't the only person who will be there. In fact so far on the list three other people are on the Titan side."

"B-but it still doesn't change the fact that Raven wouldn't be with us," Harmony said.

"You're right about that Harmony," Mr. Drake said, "But Raven will be in the same school, except for the part that she will be having a different schedule than the rest."

"I'll be alright," Raven said blankly, "It's not like you'll be having a fight during the first day of school."

"That settles that," Mr. Drake said clasping his hand, "Raven you'll go to the right while the rest of you Centurions would head to the left."

Everyone said good-bye to Raven and left her there in the fork of the hallway. "You're not telling them the whole truth are you?" she asked.

"No, it would be a shame that you have to trained by our elite assassin's and agents," Mr. Drake said, "You won't be alone though, there are other people like you who has the same condition as you but a bit or maybe slightly different from yours."

Raven nodded her head and went to the right side of the fork, decisions had to be made for the rest of the Centurions, and if Raven was going to the Olympian side she would have a hard time to fit in for the rest of the students on the Olympian side are actual descendant of demigods.