Chapter 1

The First Request

"They did it again!" A young brunette said as she looked at her friend's worn out books "This is too much!".

"It's okay, Rin, I'm used to it", her glasses-wearing friend replied with a forced smile.

"How can it be okay, Yuuna!?, we must report this bullying to the teachers immediately!", Rin exclaimed, ignoring her friend's previous statement.

"But, even if we do that..." Yuuna's statement was cut off by another girl with blonde hair, accompanied by two other students.

"Oh my! What happened?!" , she asked with a surprised look

"Era-san.. It's nothing, my book just got... destroyed, again" , Yuuna replied.

"How sad, don't worry, I'll tell my father about it", the girl said with a dark smile as she walked away with her companions.

Yuuna and Rin stood there in silence as they watch the girls leave. Rin was aggravated by Era's facade.

"I just can't stand her!", she shouted "Well, yah, I forgot, even if we tell the teachers, it won't do any good... because the culprit is the school chairman's daughter, Suminoe Era!"

"Eh?! B-but we don't know if it's her, yet.."

"Are you an Idiot?! It's obvious that she did it!" "she's jealous of you because you're smarter than her and even if you're just a commoner, you managed to get a full scholarship in this "elite" and "for-rich-only" school!" Rin bursted out , trying to emphasize her point.

"C-calm down, Rin-chan"

"Mou, You're such a pushover" Rin sighed "But that's the main reason why I can't leave you alone, don't worry, I'm going to help you with everything I got!" She added and Yuuna smiled.

Yuuna's POV

A few days have passed and the bullying continued, but since Rin is there to support me, I thought that It's alright...

...but, one day, Rin didn't come to school... I walked alone on the corridor and I happen to hear some students murmur about something..

"Hey have you heard?, Rin-san's family got bankrupt!" The student said

"Yeah, they said Era-chan's family paid off their debts and claimed their company rights!"

"That's so sad!"

I was so shocked to hear the news, and I quickly decided to go to her house after school... but..

"It's your fault, nee, Yuuna?" Era whispered to my ear "If that girl wasn't your friend, I would've left her alone.."





And that's when it started...



As I strolled my way home, I saw a black cat...

...I was spacing out and I didn't notice that I've been following it. It lead me towards a beautiful mansion, the huge gate was closed but it opened by itself...

The mansion had some weird aura on it, it's as if it's alive and had a will of it's own.. I was enchanted by it and made my way in..

I walked past a maze of black roses, I stopped and realized that I was lost, but then, a black butterfly landed on my shoulders then it flew around in circles, like it's telling me to follow it.. Unconsciously, I let it lead the way.

I don't know what came to me, I entered the front door that mysteriously opened by itself again, I paused and stared in awe at the magnificent design of the house and the beautiful staircase at the centremost part, I followed the butterfly up to the 2nd floor. The whole time I was walking, I noticed something strange... The mansion was empty. There're a few tables, and cabinets, but other than that, there was nothing.

The butterfly stopped in front of a door, I gasped in horror as the insect turned into the black cat that I saw earlier. I stepped back, preparing to run, realizing the situation I was in, but instead, I trip myself and fell backwards. I looked at the cat and was even more surprised when it transformed into a boy about my age, He was wearing an all-black outfit, has dark purple hair and beautiful silver eyes and he was very attractive.

"What are you doing?" He asked with a stoic face "Didn't you need our help?"

`help' I thought `why would I need his help?'

"Help for your friend. Help in stopping the acts of your classmate. Help for yourself.." The boy enumerated while extending his arm towards me.

"How did he know about that, can he read my mind?" I questioned myself , looking warily at the boy, "nah, that's impossible" I assured myself as I took his hand and helped myself stand up.

"No it's not" He said, making me startle, "I can read minds… that's an ability we "devils" share.." he continued as he open the door of the room, I didn't quite understand what he said and didn't mind it at all.

The walls of the room was painted in black, there is a king-sized bed covered with black sheets and black pillows… The curtains, the cushions, the sofa, … everything is black.. It was weird but it was beautifully arranged and I admired it's elegance. I was surprised when I saw the view of the huge window at the center of the room, it displayed… our school.

"H-huh? Is that CG?" I blurted out unintentionally.

"It's my portal..", my gaze landed upon the frilly chair in front of the window, the one who spoke was sitting on it but I couldn't see it because the chair is facing the opposite direction, but then it stood up revealing a girl with long black curly hair, pure white skin, a deep black eyes and… a pair of black wings?, I found myself staring at her for the next few seconds, ignoring the fact about her weirdness and dark aura, she's very beautiful.

The girl came closer and looked at me with her dull emotionless eyes, and then she averted her attention to the boy who brought me there. The boy knelt down and kissed her hand.

"Mistress Night, I'm back" He said politely with his monotonous voice that revealed a hint of concern and... Warmth?

"I see that you've brought someone, Wind.." The girl whose name is "Night" asked with her charming yet impassive voice, with the mention of that, I immediately bowed down "U-UHMM! I'm s-sorry for intruding.. m-my name is…."

"Yuuna-san, desu nee?" Night said before I even finished stating my name.

"H-how did you.."

"My name is Night, I'm a devil from hell" She said casually as if it was something that anyone usually says "So, Yuuna-san, How may I help you?"

I was horrified with what she said, I don't want to believe her but with what I've seen and experienced in this mansion, I can't help but accept it as reality. I made up my mind. I would never accept a deal from a devil, I mean, who in their right mind would do that. For all I know, Devils always ask something in exchange, something in return for their favor, probably a soul.

"I won't do that" Night suddenly spoke in her usual calm voice.

"Oh, yeah, that boy, Wind, did say something about devils having the ability to read minds…" I thought to myself while staring at them both.

"Mistress Night is a Fallen Devil" Wind explained "Someone who goes against the will of hell".

"E-eh? Why would Miss Night do that?" I asked curiously.

"Because I…. wanted to change my fate" Night answered looking at me, I can feel her sincerity and I felt guilty with what I my mind.

"I won't ask anything in return, but I won't force you to accept my help either"

I held out my hand and smiled at her..

"Then, Miss Night, It's a deal"

The girl smiled a bit and took my hand.


Uhmm, hey there, hope you like the story, although it may seem a little gloomy..well this is just the first part and I promise that humour would be added on the next chapters. I was actually planning to make it a manga, but I got lazy and decided to just write it instead.. anyway, please review,