To Where Do I Belong?

By: Krissie

To where do I belong? I silently ponder for some unknown reason. I own no name. No land. No purpose. No intent. No real food, save for these green leaves which sprout from the ground.

Do they own a name? Why yes, they do. I recall people calling it 'grass.' Why does this vegetation own a name? why do I not own a name? Why am I –

A new sound! A new entity! Hurry! Scurry! I shrink back. The raven hair on my back stands on its end. I press against the wall behind me. My scared blue eyes staring upward.

Brown eyes leer back. Condescending me. I shrink back even more. Ashamed of myself. For why, I do not comprehend. I am just ashamed. I who owns no name.

The being leans down towards me. Slowly and cautiously, he pulls out some bread and places it in front of me. A soft 'eat up' follows.

I comply quickly. No need to argue about food. It's delicious! The person stands up once again. He heads to the tall building where lots of people are headed. Such a kind person.

Maybe he can give me a name to own? I follow him carefully. I hear him chuckle. Am I so funny? Am I so odd?

Welcome upon other people. They're loud, but that could just be me. The guys laugh as the girls gush. It took me awhile to figure out that they were talking about me. "Here kitty, kitty!" A girl calls as she holds out some food for me.

Kitty? I wonder. Is that me? Do I finally own a name? Is kitty the name I am meant to own? I play with them on their giant stone stoop. I hear them dialing numbers – speaking to others. They're asking if they can bring me home. I'm over joyed. I have gained a name and now possibly a home.

A sharp chiming sound. A bell of sorts. They look up and rush away. Down the halls of their brick made building, they leave me behind. Once again I am alone. Left to ponder to where do I belong?