Underlined portions of lyrics adapted from Three Days Grace One-X album. © Three Days Grace.

It's All Over

"How much are you going to drink?!" She demanded.

"As much as I fucking want!" He snapped back. He threw a dirty look at His wifE.

"Your bottle's almost empty," replied She. The look She gave Him was a desperate, pleading look; angry yet miserable in one go. "And you know this can't go on anymore. Because of you—all this shit you've done—my mind is always racing, worrying about what you're going to do next." Her eyes were locked fervently on His.

He scoffed, knocking back the dregs of His vodka in one hit. "Tough cojones."

Tears filled Her eyes; both hurt and angry; both hot and cold. Turning sharply, She stomped to Their room, livid thoughts writhing, tormenting in Her mind. As She threw Herself onto Their bed, She turned Her blurry eyes toward Her husbanD. Now, instead of a bottle, He held a syringe in His hands.

'The needle's breaking you skin,' murmured Her dark thoughts, 'and later, when the scar is sinking in, you won't have memories to bear your sin into the open air.' Her eyes narrowed, watching as He threw His head back in ecstasy. 'And now your trip begins. But you don't know that it's all over forIt's all over for youFor you…' Her thoughts echoed themselves in a sing-song tone. 'When you're on the edge and you're falling off, don't come crying to me, because it's all over for you. For you! Well, you're on the edge and falling off and—guess what?!—it's all over!'

A grin split Her lips. She fingered the pistol under Her pillow. "I know what runs through your blood," She called to Him, raising Her voice enough that He could hear it over the roaring television. "I hope you realize that you do this all in vain. Like I said, because of you my mind is always racing. And it gets under my skin to see you giving in. And, sure, now your trip begins, but it's all over for—"

She stopped when He looked at Her, eyes glazed from the heroin, but threateningly alert. "What the fuck are you rambling about?" He growled, slamming His finger onto the 'Mute' button.

She laughed—giggled. "It's all over for you."

"You sayin' it's over for you?" He barked a harsh laugh, snapping the cap off His beer bottle. "Fuckin' sucks, don't it?"

"No. For you. When you're on the edge and almost falling off, then it's all over for you. Yes, husbanD, for you. Well, you're on the edge, and you're falling off. And it's all over." Her grin downgraded to a smirk as She sat up, still with Her hand under the pillow. "And now you're dead inside. Still, you wonder why I say it's all over…" She barely managed to stifle a laugh that was caused by the look on Her angry husbanD's face. "And now you're dead inside; and still you wonder why it's all over." She hummed lightly before repeating, "And now you're dead inside. Yet still you wonder why…"

"What is your damn problem?!" He yelled, throwing the remote across the room. His eyes burned with His high and His rage, giving Him the image of a psychotic killer.

"When you're on the edge and falling off, it's all over for you, for you," She sang, pulling Her hand from under the pillow and placing it behind Her back. "When you're on the edge and falling off, husbanD. Then it's all over for you. Not me. For you.

"And now you're dead inside, yet still you wonder why…" She pulled the pistol out from behind Her back, aiming it directly between His eyes.

"Guess what, dear? It's all over."