In life, there is no such thing as perfection. Though this world knows that this is a fact, we want to try to be perfect, whether it's intelligence, beauty, or wealth. However, the fault is not the people around us, it's the media. Television, magazines, music, and the other ways the media is trying to manipulate us with. It also changes our state of mind of what are the simple things in life. We are all beautiful in our own way, but some feel insecure because of the models we see on billboards and magazines. Society judges on our every aspect. If we eat, we're fat. If we don't eat, we're anorexic. If we go to parties, we're called sluts. If we don't go, we're antisocial. When someone commits suicide, they say why he or she did it. They asked why, when it was their fault to begin with. Those who are strong against the negative forces of our society are the ones who don't care about it. They do what they want to do and if they're judged they wouldn't care. We need more people like this to diversify the world to be more confident in ourselves and to ensure self trust.