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Adriana "Dria" Wellings has never known her father. Her mother was kidnapped shortly after finding out she was pregnant. All she knows is that her mother and father were a powerful couple when together, so she was bound to be powerful as well, and that was the reason behind the kidnapping.

Dria was raised to be a fighter, and killing is nothing new to her. Tired of how the kidnappers threat her daughter, Dria's mother devises a plan to escape, but soon someone finds out and Dria is forced to leave without her.

For the first time in eighteen years, Dria must cope without her mother. She is soon taken in by a neighbouring pack, and she meets a family who knows what it's like to lose someone.

Then she meets her mate, who is the possessive Alpha of the pack. He is everything she hates and loves at the same time.

Will she finally accept her mate and tell him the truth about her past? Will she meet her family? Will she find a way to save her mother? And most importantly, will her kidnappers let her go so easily?





I didn't know how long I was running, but I knew it must have been hours. I was bound to be away from Vinny's land by now. I was still in the forest, which was better than being out in the open.

I lay down on the hard dirt floor. I didn't shift back in case I had to make a quick get-away. My stomach growled in hunger. I ignored it and laid down on the backpack protectively, falling into a deep sleep.

I was awoken by growls all around me. My ears perked up and I immediately knew that they were from wolves, but not the ones I wanted to run into.

Rogues, my wolf whispered fearfully. I growled in response. I knew that right now, I didn't need a fight. I got up, my legs still sore from the workout I'd just had. I felt a pang in my heart when I realized that I had run away when my mother had told me to. I was such a coward.

I knew she was alright though. I would've felt something. My mother and I had a special connection, being not only mother and daughter, but from the same pack. I never really understood the -connection, but my mother said it had to do with my father not being there for my birth. My wolf had not recognized who my father was, as what is usually done when a pup is born, and my mother took up both roles, being my mother and my father, thus our bond was thicker.

I brushed away the thoughts of my mother. She wanted me to run. I was doing what she wanted. I had to keep running, because if they found me it would not be good for the both of us.

I was still sad that she couldn't come with me, but Vinny wouldn't hurt her. My father could sense when my mother was in immense pain, and he would know that she wasn't dead if she was hurt, which meant that he would be looking for her again. That was not something that Vinny wanted. Vinny had kept us for years, and I knew that everyone thought my mother was dead by now.

No one knew about me though. My mother had been pregnant when Vinny had kidnapped her. No one except Rosie, my mother's best friend, had known. And she had told Vinny in exchange for her daughter Bonnie's life. We had forgiven Rosie a long time ago though. My mother would have done the exact same thing, and even though we had forgiven her, Rosie had forever been trying to forgive herself for doing that.

I had the backpack in my mouth and I started running, my legs protesting. I had to get away before the rogues found me.

I was too late. They had surrounded me. There was only three, and I was unsure of whether I could take them or not. I was a strong wolf, but I was outnumbered.

They leapt at me. One latched onto my foot, causing pain to shoot up my leg. He tackled me to the ground, and I knew what he was trying to do. I kicked him off me, winching as he hit the tree behind him, landing painfully with a loud 'thud'. He was knocked out cold, and the two other wolves growled threateningly at me.

They both jumped onto me at the same time. I managed to dodge one while I ripped out the other one's throat. The last wolf was clawing at my stomach, and it managed to latch onto my neck. I tried to shake it off, and ended up re-opening the wound on my shoulder that Vinny had given me before I had run away. I growled, using my claws to dig into its stomach painfully, but I knew I was stuck. My vision was soon littered with black dots.

An idea popped into my head. I lay limp, holding my breath. The wolf let go of my shoulder and started to walk away. With one quick movement, I was on top of him, biting into his throat hard. He scratched at me. The tables had been turned, but I waited for a few minutes until there was no doubt that he was dead.

I noted my backpack beneath the first rogue I'd killed. His blood soaked into the fabric, and I knew the clothes inside it were useless unless I found a way to clean them. I was on the run, and it would look suspicious carrying around a backpack covered in blood. So I decided to leave it.

I ran. I knew I had to get far away from those dead rogue wolves before more came. I knew I had to get far away before I collapsed. I managed to keep running for a few minutes before my legs turned into jelly and fell from under me. My vision turned back and I saw the ground inching closer and closer. The last feeling I experienced was pain before I lost consciousness.

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